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Murdo Coyote, December 13, 2012

Murdo Coyote, December 13, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Dec 11, 2012
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Lions Club Reminder 
The Elementary ChristmasConcert will be held on Monday,December 17, at 7:00 p.m. at theMurdo Auditorium. Aspecialguest will make an appearanceat the end of the concert.
KIDS:Be sure to look in your bag of goodies from Santa.
If youfind an egg, it’s worth $10 inMurdo Bucks, sponsored by theLions Club. If you should hap-pen to find the onion, then youwill receive a savings bond spon-sored by Kenny Vollmer. Fiveeggs and one onion will be givenout. The Murdo Coyote will alsotake your picture and put it in afuture edition of the paper. Goodluck, kids!
For Al–Anon meetings call669-2596 for time and place.
Open AAmeetings
Thursdays 8:00 p.m. at theEast Commons. Call 530-0371or 280-7642.
Christmas lighting contest
Remember to get your housesdecorated for the annual Christ-mas lighting contest sponsoredby the Murdo Chamber of Com-merce. The categories are: Win-ter Wonderland (Most Beauti-ful); Santa Claus is Coming toTown (In a Child’s Eye); O’HolyNight (Religious); Deck theHalls (Best Use of Lights); Spir-it of Christmas (Business); andCountry Christmas. Judgingwill take place mid-December.
Sports events rides
The Jones County School Dis-trict is offering free in-townrides to any of our home activi-ties (sporting events, music con-certs etc.) for senior citizens liv-ing in Murdo. For more informa-tion or to request a ride, call thehigh school at 669-2258 no laterthan 3 p.m. on the day of theevent.
Trading Pages Library
Thank you to Ella Fuhrerfor donating her time to getthe Trading Pages librarycleaned up and organized. Anyone who would like tovolunteer to assist Ella withthis task, please call her at669-2636.
The Trading Pageslibrary at the Murdo Coyote isopen Monday through Wednes-day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. andThursday as open. There aremany new books available. Stopin and check one out.
EMT training February 1
The Jones County Ambulanceis looking to expand their EMTmembers and would like to haveanyone who might be interestedin becoming an EMT to let themknow. They have set a date forFebruary 1, 2013 for the firstEMT training. Watch the CoyoteBriefs in the future for moreinformation regarding the train-ing. Anyone with an interest oranyone with questions that theambulance crew could answerare asked to call and leave amessage at 669-3125 or to callTammy Van Dam at 530-7553.
JC Booster Club
The Jones County Boosterclub will hold a meeting Thurs-day, December 20 at 7:30 p.m.(between boys JV & Varsitygame) in the school lunchroom.The public is encouraged toattend.
St. Mary’s Hospice
The St. Mary's Hospice Memo-rial Service will be held on Sun-day, December 16 at 4:00 p.m. inthe Maryhouse Chapel honoringhospice patients who have diedin the past year.The Ss. Peter& Paul Folk Group will providemusic. Friends and family mem-bers are invited to attend.Please join us for refreshmentsfollowing the ceremony.
Includes tax
Number 50Volume 106December 13, 2012
 C o
County commissioners discussdisposal of old culverts in county
by Karlee Barnes
The December county commis-sioners meeting was held Tuesday,December 4. Those present includ-ed: John Brunskill, Jewell Bork,Sam Seymour, Bruce Royer, HelenLouder, Monte Anker and KarleeBarnes.The commissioners opened themeeting at 9:00 a.m. discussingthe recent 4-H meeting held inKadoka. Anker shared his opinionof trying to co-op with the othercounties for one more year.Next, Brunskill informed thecommissioners of a December 12South Dakota Central SouthDakota Enhancement Districtmeeting, which will focus on eco-nomic development. He asked theboard if anyone wanted to go.The commissioners then brieflytouched on a lawsuit beingbrought against the county as aresult of a road sign being down,which led to a vehicle accident.Two liquor licenses wereapproved during the meeting. Onefor the Busted Nut and one for BadRiver Bucks and Birds.The commissioners set a datefor the end of the year meeting. Itwill be held Thursday, December27 at 1:30 p.m.Discussion then turned to thehiring of Angie Kinsley part timeas the 4-H secretary as well as thepart time emergency manager.They would offer her benefits. Anker proposed putting togetheran offer for Kinsley, which wouldleave room for negotiation. Thecommissioners agreed to offer $12per hour, plus full benefits. Sey-mour questioned about a startingdate, and the commissionersagreed on after the first of theyear, if Kinsley accepts the offer.The commissioners then signedand approved vouchers while dis-cussing recently sold land in Stan-ley County.Royer entered the meeting at10:50 a.m. and spoke with thecommissioners about the currentcondition of rural roads. With thelack of moisture, the roads arerough, but nothing can be done toimprove them.Executive session was calledfrom 11:20 a.m. to 11:25 a.m.The commissioners then ques-tioned again about whether or notthey will make a proposal on Kins-ley’s position with 4-H and emer-gency management.They then spoke with Royeragain, this time discussing old cul-verts that are currently layingaround the county. Brunskill votedto bid them out. The commission-ers brought up the option of junk-ing the culverts and taking themto Pierre, however it was decidedthat if the county didn’t have timeto do this, they would just putthem up for bid. The buyer wouldpay by the ton, and also have theresponsibility of transportingthem.Kinsley then called and told thecommissioners that she wouldtake the 4-H and emergency man-agement positions for $12.50 perhour, but she did not give them afinal decision.The meeting was thenadjourned at 12:00 p.m.
4-H members share campBob Marshall experiences
This year there were severalJones County 4-Hers that attend-ed Camp Bob Marshall nearCuster.While Camp Bob is labeled 4-Hcamp, you do not have to be a 4-Hmember to attend. Here is whatMolly and Jake Dowling had to sayabout summer camp.
Molly Dowling:
This was my 4thyear going toCamp Bob. My favorite thingsabout camp are meeting newfriends, canoeing, swimming andthe scavenger hunt. The thing Idisliked about camp is the campfood, becauseit’snot as good asmom’s. If I had to pick a favoritecampfood, it would be thespaghetti.This year, camp had a Greektheme. I learned about differentGreek stories and myths. I tasteddifferent kinds of olives: black,green andkalamata. Idon’treal-ly think I learned a new skill atcamp because I have been there somany times.I would encourage other kids togo to camp because you get to meetnew people and you get out of townand away from you family for awhile.Because Molly is 13, she cannowattend Teen Camp Bob.2013 Teen Camp is called 4-HCampwreckedand will focus onoutdoor survival skills.
Jake Dowling:
This was my second yearattending Camp Bob. My favoritethings about camp istetherball. Ialso liked the camp dance andmeeting new friends. My leastfavorite thing was the camp food,but I did like the pancakes forbreakfast.Somenew things I tried atcamp werearchery andIalsotried Feta cheese. I learned to beoutgoing and made new friends.Other kids should go to campbecause it gets you away from yourparents for a few days. It is alsofun if you go to camp with a friend.Jake says he wants to go to campagain this summer.Camp dates for Jones Countyare June 25 – 28.The 2013 campis dubbed“CampSurviveABoband kids will learn about outdoorsurvival.Some of the tentativeactivities are archery, shelter andtent building, fire starting andcampfire cooking, building a solarstill, tracking, edible plants, andrope making.By sharing their Camp BobMarshall experience, theDowl-ings are eligible for a $25 CampScholarship sponsored by theSouth Dakota 4-H Leader’s Associ-ation. The fee for attending CampBob is $40, plus any mileagefeesif traveling with the county car-pool.Remember, youth do not have tobe 4-H members to attend CampBob. If you are interested inattending Camp Bob, contact the4-H office at605-669-7101.There are three sessions of camp(ages 8 – 13) scheduled for 2013:June 17 – 20, 21 – 24, and 25 – 28.Teen camp is June 11 – 14. Adultchaperones are always welcome,too. f you are at least 16, and areinterested in being a teen chaper-one at Camp Bob, contact theoffice about requirements and pos-sible scholarships.
Target practice 
Jake Dowling, left, practices archery whileolder sister Molly observes.
Courtesy photo 
Murdo 4-H members at Camp Bob Marshall from left to right: Molly Dowling, Greg Boni, ChaseBarnes, Ty Fuoss and Jake Dowling.
Courtesy photo 
Church Christmas Schedules
United Methodist Church
Friday, Dec. 21: Murdo Christmas ProgramPotluck 6 p.m. • Program 7 p.m.Monday, Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Service5 p.m. Murdo • 7 p.m. Draper 
Community Bible Church
Sunday, Dec. 16: 7 p.m. Christmas Program & RefreshmentsMonday, Dec. 24: 5 p.m.Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
Messiah/St. Paul’s Lutheran Churches
Sunday, Dec. 23: 5:00 p.m. Children’s Service at Messiah(all children from both congregations)Monday, Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Service5 p.m. Draper • 7 p.m. MurdoTuesday, Dec. 25: Christmas Worship Service9 a.m. Murdo • 11 a.m. Draper 
Okaton Evangelical Free Church
Sunday, Dec. 23: 9 a.m. Regular Worship ServiceSunday, Dec. 23: 6:30 p.m. Children’s Christmas ProgramRefreshments will be served following the Christmas program
Catholic Church of St. Martin, Murdo
Monday, Dec. 24: 4:30 p.m. Christmas Eve Service
St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Draper 
Tuesday, Dec. 25: 9 a.m. Christmas Worship Service
For unto us a child is bornand you shall call hisname Jesus, for He willsave His people fromtheir sins.
School board discusses renewingmembership in Three Rivers Coop
by Karlee Barnes
The Jones County school boardheld their December meeting Mon-day, December 10 at 7:00 p.m.Those present included: LarryBall, Tami Schreiber, LorrieEsmay, Mike Hunt, Chad Whitney,Carrie Lolley, Brett Nix, GaryKnispel, Scott Mathews, PaulKnispel and Karlee Barnes.The agenda, minutes and billswere approved, then Gary Knispelpresented the financial report,which was later approved as well.Hunt then gave Paul Knispelthe opportunity to introduce him-self and address the board. Knis-pel explained that he was at themeeting to speak about the Fridaynight boys basketball match upbetween Jones County and WhiteRiver.“The play in the first quarterwas as flagrant as it gets,” Knispelsaid. It is assumed that he wasreferring to a play in which aJones County player received anintentional foul. “I hope I don’tever see it again, I’ve never seenanything like it,” he said.Knispel told the board that hecame to the meeting on his own,that he wasn’t representing any-body’s opinions but his own, andnobody else was aware that he wasat the meeting. At this time, coachand board member Scott Mathewswas still in basketball practice.Upon Knispel’s departure, theboard discussed the gas rite. Balltold the board that gas was cur-rently $3.23 and diesel was $3.43.The board agreed that they didn’twant to lock in a price right now.Next on the agenda was JonesCounty’s membership in ThreeRivers Coop. Ball told the boardthat they had to make a decisionas to whether or not they will berenewing their membership, byJanuary.Three Rivers Coop is a legallocal entity formed to provide spe-cial assistance to schools and toimprove educational programs andservices for students with disabili-ties in the member districts.School districts currently in theCooperative include: BennettCounty, Jones County, Kadoka Area, Lyman, and White River.The school board did not make adecision on renewing the member-ship.Ball then went over importantdates for school activities inDecember. They include:•December 13: 7-12 Christmasconcert, 7:00 p.m.•December 17: ElementaryChristmas concert, 7:00 p.m.•December 18-20: Semestertests•December 22-January 7:Christmas break, with classesresuming on January 7.Mathews then motioned toadjourn the meeting, Lolley sec-onded and the meeting wasadjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Jones County News
Murdo Coyote • December 13, 2012 •
Page 2
East Side News
by Janet Louder •
Bill and Ellen Valburg attendedmemorial services for Curt FaberFriday afternoon. They enjoyedthe fellowship supper at Dean andDeb Fabers’afterward. Saturdayevening they drove to Vivian forthe businessmen’s appreciationsupper. After all our nice weather,Mother Nature whipped up a bliz-zard that hit in the night on Sat-urday. Churches were canceled.By late afternoon, the sun cameout but stayed very cold.The UMC PHLChristmasparty that was to be held Sundayafternoon had to be postponed. Wewill try again on Saturday,December 15 at 2:00 p.m. at thehall annex. In lieu of gifts, bringnon-perishable items for theJones County food bank. All arewelcome to attend.Ellouise Ellwanger is great(!),great-grandma that is, again.Granddaughter Bridgett andMatt Roeckes became the proudparents of a five pound, 18 and ahalf inches long baby girl, ShayleeMae, December 5 in Wakonia,Minn. Proud grandma is Twila(Ellwanger) Remund of Minneso-ta. Congratulations to all.Lila Mae Christian, Shirley Vik, Helen Louder and Lill Sea-mans listened to the first and sec-ond graders read to them lastThursday. From there the groupwent to a cafe for refreshments.Nelva and Janet Louder spentThursday in Pierre and called on Alex and Jean Freier. Thatevening they attended a Christ-mas party at the Investment Cen-ter of America. They report lots of very good food, and they madenew friends.Casey and Gavin Miller visitedgrandparents Nelva and JanetLouder Monday afternoon.The community extends theirsympathy to the family of HarleyHenderson. Services were heldSaturday at the Lutheran churchin Murdo.The Murdo UMW held theirChristmas party in the fellowshiphall last Wednesday evening.Draper gals attending were: Ardith Miller, Marcie Schmidt,Rosa Lee Styles, Velma Scott andJanet Louder. The entertainmentwas good and the table full of goodies was wonderful. There aresome creative good cooks overthere. I, for one, was led to believeall calories had been removed!Hmm, maybe not?David and Lill Seamansattended the memorial serviceheld for Curtis Faber at theLutheran church in Murdo lastFriday.Rosa Lee Styles and MargieBoyle attended the craft showheld at the Pierre senior center onSaturday. They took in pie day atthe capitol, listened to some of theentertainment and viewed thetrees.Nelva and Janet Louder alsospent Saturday in Pierre and tookin the senior center craft fair andtheir soup and sandwich. After,they went to the capitol for pieday, the entertainment and lookedat the trees. There was some verybeautiful ones; some very differ-ent ideas. Many of them camefrom great distances. No, thatwasn't the end of our day. Westopped in Vivian and took in thebusiness appreciation supper heldat the fire hall – good crowd and avery good supper. Got in visitswith friends and relatives.David and Lill Seamans
Murdo Coyote – Murdo, SD
P.O.Box 465Murdo, SD 57559-0465Phone: (605) 669-2271FAX: (605) 669-2744E-mail: mcoyote@gwtc.netUSPS No.: 368300Don Ravellette, Publisher Karlee Barnes,Reporter/Photographer/SalesLonna JacksonTypesetter/OfficeSUBSCRIPTION RATES:Local … $34.00 + Tax
Local subscriptions include the towns and ruralroutes of Murdo, Draper, Vivian, Presho,WhiteRiver, Okaton, Belvidere, Kadoka and Midland
In-State … $39.00 + taxOut-of-State … $39.00Periodicals Postage Paid atMurdo, SD 57559Postmaster:Send address changes to:Murdo CoyoteP.O. Box 465Murdo, SD 57559-0465Deadlines for articles and letters isThursdays at 5:00 p.m. (CT)
Items received after that time will beheld over until the next week’s issue.
LEGALDEADLINE:Fridays at 4:00 p.m. (CT)ADVERTISING DEADLINE:Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. (CT)
Published Every Thursday 
Local News
by Jody Lebeda • 669-2526• jody1945@gmail.com
Only in South Dakota, we wereall enjoying our late fall temps of 50-60 degrees plus, and overnightwinter got here with blizzardconditions and very cold temps.Thanks be to God, we have nicewarm homes and winter clothingto keep us safe and warm. Maybea white Christmas is in store forus this year.Our sympathy to the HarleyHenderson family; Harley was avery special man, and he will bemissed by us in the community.Our sympathy extended also toCurt Faber’s family, Dean andDeb Faber and all his relativesand friends. Curt‘s memorial serv-ice was held on Friday at the Mes-siah Lutheran Church. Intermentwill be later in Kennebec.Mick Penticoff was visiting inMurdo and while here, he saw BobBrost, who he beat in three gamesof cribbage; not an easy thing todo.Patti Greenseth and Colleenattended the Ag appreciation ban-quet in Rapid City at the Ramko-ta. The “Ageeie” Award for Pro-moting Agriculture this year wasawarded to Bernice and GradyCrew.The 4-H fruit arrived on Tues-day and was unloaded and deliv-ered around town.LWMLmeeting is going to bemoved to Tuesday, December 18,because of the elementary Christ-mas program on Monday, Decem-ber 17.Julia Broecher says that shegot ‘snowed-in” and Ronnie Lebe-da had to shovel her out beforeshe could get to the town house forthe Lebeda Christmas party,where she celebrated Christmaswith brother Tom Lebeda, sistersLeone Kreager of Valley, Nebras-ka, and Betty Beck of Pierre andseveral other family membersthat were able to make the snowytrip. They finished up the daywith cards and desserts and a lotof visiting.Many of the old gang fromschool was here to attend thememorial service for Curt Faber,who later in the day enjoyedshooting some pool in Faber’sbasement, where many storieswere shared.They then went tothe first basketball game of theCoyotes and got in much more vis-iting.Rusty and Barb Rust traveledto Berthold, North Dakota, lastweek for several days to celebratean early Christmas with daughterand son-in-law Nichole and RandyKunz andfamily. They alsoenjoyed watching14 year-oldLanie play in a basketball game.Their other three children, 16year-old Taylor, nine year-oldJackson, and seven year-old Con-nor were busy with school andfriends.Jackie Fosheim hosted theBook and Thimble club Christmasparty on Monday evening Decem-ber 10. The supper was superb,the food and entertainment com-mittee did a wonderful job, thegames much fun and the companyof nearly all the members wasvery uplifting.attended the Vivian appreciationsupper Saturday evening.Ray and Janice Pike spent acouple of days in the hills. LastWednesday evening they attendedthe Midwest Outdoor ResortsChristmas party held in Key-stone; was a good time. As the sun came out later Sun-day, Nelva and Janet Louder trav-eled out to Eldon and Esther Mag-nuson's for supper and an eveningof visiting.Nelva and Janet Louder visitedEllouise Ellwanger over coffeeTuesday morning.The Jones County junior highgirls basketball game with WhiteRiver drew a good crowd Mondayevening in Draper. The DraperUMC ran the concession stand.They came with good appetites,which was good. It takes lots of popcorn, pizza and rice krispybars; then, of course, you need popor water. The girls came awaywith a one-point win over WhiteRiver. Good job, girls!Things seemed to have calmeddown since Thanksgiving, asthere isn't much news this week. Imissed some of you today – willtry next week.
Jones CountySheriff’s Report
The Sheriff’s report is printedas received by Jones County Sher-iff’s Office. It may or may not con-tain every call received by thedepartment.Sheriff and Deputy calls:
Nov. 29
Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,westbound, mm191, to the
reportof debris on the roadway
. Itwas found to be a horse drawnplow and was removed by theDOT.Deputy Sylva to a
report of agas drive off 
eastbound on I-90from Murdo. Unable to locate.
Nov. 30
Deputy Sylva responded to a
report of a dead deer in theroadway
on I-90, westbound,mm181.The deer was removed.Deputy Sylva responded to a
possible gas drive off inMurdo
.The person that did notpay for the gas was known andcontacted to come back and payfor gas.Deputy Sylva received a reportofa
car vs. deer accident on I-90
, eastbound, mm191. The SDHighway Patrol was near the areaand wrote the accident.Deputy Sylva received a reportof a vehicle traveling eastboundon I-90, near mm191, that was
dragging its safety chains.
The SD Highway Patrol attempt-ed to, but did notlocate the vehi-cle.Deputy Sylva responded to I-90,westbound, mm218, to a
reportof an erratic driver
. Unable tolocate.
Dec. 2
Sheriff Weber responded to I-90, westbound, mm189, to areport of 
several square balesof hay blocking both lanes of travel.
The hay was removedfrom the roadway and attemptedto locate vehicle that had lost thebales.Unable to locate vehicle.Sheriff Weber
responded to avehicle that a pheasant hadsmashed its windshield
on I-90,westbound, mm175.Sheriff Weber responded to I-90, westbound, mm204, to a
report of a pickup and trailerswerving all over the road
. Itwas found to have been due tohigh winds.
Dec. 7
Sheriff Weber responded to I-90, westbound, mm197 to the
report of debris in the passinglane.
 Alarge piece of metal wasremoved.
Holley Kristen Boyles and Cole Weston Stoner would like to announcetheir engagement and upcoming wedding.They will exchange vows at a small family wedding set for December22, 2012 in Murdo. Areception will be held at a later date.Holley is the daughter of Cathy Masilko of Norfolk, Neb. and Cole isthe son of Kenny and Robin Stoner of Murdo.
Another S.D. saddle bronc rider making name for himself atWrangler National Finals Rodeo
South Dakota is known for hav-ing great saddle bronc riders and ayoung one is making a name forhimself in the rodeo arena.Cole Elshere from Faith, S.D.,won the fifth round of the Wran-gler National Finals Rodeo in theThomas and Mack Arena on Mon-day night with an 83-point effortaboard the Burch Rodeo horsenamed Lunatic Fringe. Out of the15-horse field, that was the one hewanted and coincidentally, the onethat was randomly drawn for himto ride.“I wanted that horse because Iknew I could ride him and he fitmy style,” Elshere said. “My planthe whole time was to just keepspurring him and seeing whathappened in the end.”What happened earned the 24-year-old $18,257bringing hisearnings here so far to $28,848.The former Gillette College rodeostandout used his National Inter-collegiate Rodeo Association expe-rience to prepare him for the nextlevel of competition.“I learned a lot through collegerodeo,” he said. “I competedagainst some great guys on goodhorses and it definitely helped meget to this level.”
Recipe for Christmas All Year Long
Take a heap of child like wonder that opens up our eyesTo the unexpected gifts in life–each day a sweet surprise. Mix in fond appreciation for the people whom we know; Like festive Christmas candles; each one has a special glow. Add some giggles and some laughter, a dash of Christmas food,(Amazing how a piece of pie improves our attitude!)Stir it all with human kindness; wrap it up in love and peace,Decorate with optimism, and our joy will never cease. If we use this healthy recipe, we know we will rememberTo be in the Christmas spirit, even when it’s not December.
~by Joanna Fuchs~
Pre-registration is open for the 2013Black Hills Stock Show youth day
The Black Hills Stock Show willkick-off South Dakota youth inaction events in 2013 at theirannual Youth Day on January 26.This free event is coordinatedby SDSU Extension and the BlackHills Stock Show. It is open to allyouth ages 8 to 18 (as of January1, 2013) and offers a wide range of activities for youth to participatein and learn from.Contests will be hosted at theCentral States Fairgrounds and 4-H/Extension Building in RapidCity. The free Beef Bust lunch issponsored by area businesses andis available to all youth partici-pants and their families.New this year, every youth whopre-registers by December 31 for Youth Day activities will receive afree T-shirt donated by FarmCredit Service. Registrations aredue by January 10. Youth may participate in twoevents. The events they can choosefrom include: Beef Cook-Off, HorseBowl, Hippology, Livestockology,Livestock Judging, and the DogShow. Atraining will be availablefor youth who need to become Youth Pork Quality AssurancePlus certified.Scholarship applications aredue December 31.Six scholarships will be award-ed during youth day for 2012 and2013 graduating seniors. Theyinclude four $1,000 scholarshipsfor formal instruction in any SouthDakota accredited post-secondarylearning institution preparingyoung people for careers in agri-culture and natural resourcesrelated fields; and two $500 schol-arships for Western Dakota Tech-nical Institute. All scholarshipapplications are due by December31.To learn more about theseevents and for rules and registra-tion forms contact the PenningtonCounty 4-H Extension Office at605-394-2188 or go online athttp://www.sdstate.edu/updates/loader.cfm?csModule=security/get-file&pageid=1450467. For ques-tions, contact Megan Nielson,SDSU Extension Youth LivestockField Specialist at 605.995.7378 ormegan.nielson@sdstate.edu.
Mobile dental program providesdental care to its 20,000th patient
Delta Dental of South Dakota’smobile dental program, DakotaSmiles, will reach a milestone thisweek by providing care to its20,000th patient.Since 2004, theprogram has provided nearly $9million in dental care to under-served children in 73 differentSouth Dakota communities.Dakota Smiles is a statewideprogram providing preventive andrestorative dental care and oralhealth education to children whodo not otherwise have access tocare. The program serves childrenages 0-21 who do not have a localdentist, have not seen a dentist intwo years, or who travel over 85miles to see a dentist.Dental problems and disease, if left untreated, can have profoundeffects on children and their abili-ty to learn and lead healthy lives.“Dental disease is painful, affectsa child’s overall health and oftenleads to poor school performance,”said Carrie Mikkonen, DakotaSmiles program manager. “In fact,dental decay is the single mostcommon chronic disease of earlychildhood.”The program began with onetruck, the Ronald McDonald CareMobile, in 2004.Asecond truck,the Delta Dental Smile Mobile,was added in 2008 to meet thedemand for services. Groups likeservice clubs, local churches,schools, Head Start agencies andsocial service agencies act as localsite partners who help identifychildren in need of care and coordi-nate the program’s visit to theircommunity.“While Delta Dental managesthe Dakota Smiles program andprovides most of the financial sup-port, we have many valuable part-ners,” said Scott Jones, presidentand CEO of Delta Dental.In addi-tion to our local community part-ners, we are pleased to share anongoing partnership with RonaldMcDonald House Charities of South Dakota and the SouthDakota McDonald’s restaurantowners.Many other organizationslike the SD Department of Healthand more than 275 volunteer den-tal professionals have also con-tributed to the program’s success.”
At the Murdo Coyote thereis no charge for obituaries,engagements orwedding announcements!Call us at 669-2271 for details.
Murdo Coyote
Murdo Coyote • December 13, 2012 •
Page 3
AMSOILChampionship Snocross comes to Deadwood Feb. 1-2
 AMSOILChampionshipSnocross will race into the BlackHills in February. Deadwood’sDays of ’76 Rodeo Grounds will behome to two days of high-speed,high-flying, high-octane snocrossracing February 1-2. Tickets forthe inaugural Deadwood SnocrossShootout, hosted by the DeadwoodChamber of Commerce, are on salenow. AMSOILChampionshipSnocross, presented by Traxxas,features snowmobile racing in astadium setting, complete withmassive jumps, berms and bumps – a man-made snow track identicalto what you’d see dirt bikes raceacross. The Deadwood SnocrossShootout will feature 150 of theworld’s top snowmobile racersfrom the United States, Canadaand Europe, many of which com-pete at the annual X Games com-petition.Custom sleds that produceauto-like horsepower will ripacross the grounds of the Days of ’76 venue. It's an apt venue,because these machines cornerlike barrel racers, jump high intothe air and sometimes buck theirunlucky riders off into the snow.AMSOILChampionshipSnocross is pumped with theopportunity to line up and race atthe historic Days of ’76 RodeoGrounds. We’ve heard nothing butgreat stories about the famousrodeo held in Deadwood over thesummer and look forward to givingthe good people of South Dakotaan equally electrifying show inFebruary,” said Carl Schubitzke, ACS President/Race Director.The event is sponsored locallyby First Gold Hotel, RecreationalSprings Resort, Cadillac Jack’s,Silverado-Franklin Hotel andGaming Complex and the Lodge atDeadwood – and more sponsorshipopportunities are available. Con-tact the Deadwood Chamber at800-999-1876 for information onsponsorships.The AMSOILChampionshipSnocross round at Days of ’76Rodeo Grounds features the threemain snowmobile manufacturers –  Arctic Cat, Polaris and Ski-Doo – and their factory teams of racers.The lineup includes defending ProOpen class champion Tim Trem-blay (Ski-Doo), the winningestsnocross racer of all-time. ArcticCat’s Tucker Hibbert and Polaris’top racer Ross Martin will competeas well. Racing will also includeamateurs and top women racers,featuring numerous local snocrossracers from the Deadwood areaand Dakotas region.“These are the highest caliberracers in the world, and we areexcited to host them in Deadwood.Snowmobiling is quite the popularwinter activity in Deadwood andthe Black Hills, so these guys andgals will fit right in,” said GeorgeMilos, executive director of theDeadwood Chamber of Commerce.“The Deadwood Snocross Shootoutis a perfect match for a Deadwoodwinter, and it’s our hope this fami-ly friendly event will land on thetop of many must-see lists.”General admission advancetickets are $10 for Friday and $15for Saturday and $20 for a two-daypass. Children 5 and under arefree, kids 5-12 are $5. Gate pricesare $15/$20/$30. Advancedreserved seats are $15 for Friday,$20 for Saturday, and $30 for atwo-day pass. Gate prices are$20/$25/$30.Tickets are availableby calling 1-800-344-8826; atwww.deadwood.com/events or atthe gate.For more more information,visit www.isocracing.com. The AMSOILChampionship Snocrossevents air on the CBS Sports Net-work on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.EST. AMSOILChampionshipSnocross - as an added bonus – will also air in an evening repeatof each show during the week.
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