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Published by Lance McGrath

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Published by: Lance McGrath on Dec 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technology Survey of Curious University
Brief Overview of Curious University
Curious University is a comprehensive private liberal arts university located in thePacific Northwest of the United States. The University enrolls students in bothundergraduate and graduate courses. The undergraduate courses are taught primarilyon the University’s 86-acre residential campus. Conversely, the majority of graduatecourses are taught online or in hybrid model courses. Two colleges comprise theUniversity: the Undergraduate College and the Graduate College. The University offersundergraduate degrees in over 60 areas of study including Nursing, Religion andBusiness. The University also offers graduate degrees in Business, Religion, Nursing,Education, Social Work and Counseling. Enrollment for the 2012-2013 academic year is 1,322 undergraduate students and 698 graduate students. The majority of theundergraduate students are in the traditional age range of 18-22 years old and live oncampus in residential student housing. Very few undergraduate students are older than22 years old. The age range of the graduate student population is more extended andrepresents a greater amount of diversity. The vast majority of students (80.5%) arebelow 30 years old.Technological preferences exist between students in the Undergraduate College andthe Graduate College. Students in the Undergraduate College are generally younger and have a keen preference for technologically progress education. They expect their professors to connect with them not only via email but through social media outlets suchas Facebook. The students in the Graduate College are older, generally above 30, andnot necessarily demanding when it comes to use of technology in their courses. Theinteresting bit of technologically related trivia here is that most graduate courses areoffered in online only or blended formats and most undergraduate courses are in a face-to-face environment with an online component tacked on to the end, if at all. In manycases, the course management system is used in undergraduate courses only for course announcements, attendance, and the posting of syllabi.
Student Description: Undergraduate and Graduate students
Enrollment for the 2012-2013 academic year is 1,322 undergraduate students and 698graduate students. The majority of the undergraduate students are in the traditional agerange of 18-22 years old and live on campus in residential student housing. Very fewundergraduate students are older than 22 years old. The age range of the
graduate student population is more extended and represents a greater amount of diversity. The vast majority of students (80.5%) are below 30 years old.
Description of Faculty and Staff 
The faculty and staff at Curious University represent a wide range of educationalbackground, age and tolerance for technological change. Since CU is an institution of higher education most of the faculty are over the age of 30, having completed at least aMaster’s degree. Over 57% of the faculty are over the age of 50. This is in markedcontrast to the much younger undergraduate students which account for 65% of thestudents matriculated at the University. 97 of the 112 full-time faculty members (85%)have an earned doctorate.
Support staff of the University vary in age from 18-year old students at the University toretirement age individuals. Level of education varies greatly among support staff.Some employees have multiple graduate degrees and others have a GED. The needfor technology on the job varies depending on the specific job duties. Some employeesneed to conduct complex financial and data analysis as this group includes thoseemployed in the Financial Affairs office as well as Admissions. Others only need to usea computer to clock in and clock out of their shift and take part in infrequent trainingsessions. The age of all employees at CU remains, however, skewed to older ages.This is due in part to the fact that people tend to come to CU and stay there for a verylong time and that the younger employees stay until they earn a degree and then moveon to more gainful employment.

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