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Published by Gerald J Downing

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Published by: Gerald J Downing on Dec 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Contact: Socialist Fight: PO Box 59188, London, NW2 9LJ. Email: Socialist_Fight@yahoo.co.uk
n the good old tradition of KenJackson, Roger Lyons and DerekSimpson Len McCluskey has soughtto extend his term of office in asnap election, three years early and withthe shortest possible timetable; nomina-tions from
January 2013 to 15
Feb-ruary 2013, Ballot period
March2013 till 12
April 2013, Declaration
April 2013.
This is obviously an appalling undemo-cratic manoeuvre to use the apparatusto ensure the re-election with all oppo-nents at the obvious disadvantage of not possessing the resources of the in-cumbent. As ever the stooge UnitedLeft front provide a cover
they met onthe 8
following McCluskey’s declara-
tion on the 7
with no other possiblecandidate given the chance to addressthe meeting
no need for the secondplaced candidate in the last Gen Secelection Jerry Hicks to walk out this time
he was not even invited. The SocialistParty and the NSSN has decided to sup-port Len McCluskey without giving anyother candidate a hearing.Apparently McCluskey does not want hisre-election campaign to coincide withthe General Election in 2015 to avoidembarrassment to the Labour party. Butit is here that Unite would have the op-portunity to put the maximum pressureon Labour, surely now the next govern-
ment. But as Jerry Hicks said “
I guessthis all goes hand in hand/glove with
Unites’ political ‘strategy’ of reclaimingLabour, or the ‘one way relationship’ as
would be a better description. Unite inthe last 2 years alone has handed over £6 million of its members money to La-bour, as well as the £10s of millions over 
the years”.
According to Jerry Hicks it is about timethat stopped. He argues that a novel
method of ‘payment by results’
would offer much better value formoney for Unite members. He addedthat in his view Unite should only
fund those MP’s that support Unite’s
policies.Why has the SP, a self-declared Trot-skyist party, decided to support thebureaucrat McCluskey without givingthe rank-and-file second-placed can-didate in the last election a hearing?
Is it, in the words of the AWL’s apolo-
gist for the bureaucracy Jim Denham,
ensuring the continuity of left pro-gressive leadership in the labour 
movement’s leading organisation” and to “reaffirm its present dynamic, progressive course” 
 Remember what Trotsky had to sayabout the British TU bureaucracy,
“ In the capitalist states, the most mon-
strous forms of bureaucratism are to be
observed precisely in the trade unions…It 
is thanks to it that the whole structure of capitalism now stands upright, above all in Europe and especially in Britain. If there were not a bureaucracy of thetrade unions, then the police, the army,the courts, the lords, the monarchy would appear before the proletarianmasses as nothing but pitiful ridiculous playthings.
The bureaucracy of thetrade unions is the backbone of British
The Marxist will say to the British work-
ers: “ 
The trade union bureaucracy is thechief instrument for your oppression by the bourgeois state
. Power must bewrested from the hands of the bourgeoi-sie and for that its principal agent, thetrade union bureaucracy, must be over-
thrown”. Parenthetically, it is especially 
 for this reason that the bloc of Stalinwith the strike-breaker Purcell was so
Purcell, Hicks and Cook were the
‘Lefts’ at the time of the 1926 GeneralStrike, in fact a lot more ‘left’ than the
present squad of Crow, Serwotka andMcCluskey. Trotsky did not make anyqualitative differentiation betweenthem and the Rights, in fact it was the
‘Lefts’ who dealt the fatal body blow to
the General Strike in the end.It is no secret that the main aim of theSP/NSSN is to recruit Unite to its pan-theon of Left unions/Gen Secs to com-plete its line up of RMT, PCS, CWU,NUM, POA, NUJ, BFAWU. Unite spon-sored its Jarrow Crusade and relationsseem to be developing. Unlike Trotskythe SP/NSSN makes a qualitative differ-
ences between the ‘Lefts’ and the‘Rights’ in the TU, see NSSN statement
of 30 November 2012 anniversary of 2011:
“But some of the union leaders settled 
and killed the momentum (in 2011),despite the best efforts of those like PCS,POA, RMT, Unite, ISU, NIPSA and UCUwho tried to salvage the dispute this
But there is a seeming insurmountableproblem for the SP/NSSN. As Jerry Hickshas pointed out above McCluskey is themain supporter of the Labour partyleadership. The SP/NSSN are for stand-ing as TUSC against Labour, making rela-tionships very difficult, no matter howopportunist they have become on othermatters like supporting undemocratic
The disgraceful Miliband slogan which Len
McCluskey had Unite’s stewards sporting ontheir hi viz vests on the first 500, 000 ‘GrandOld Duke of York’ demo on 26 March 2011.
McCluskey champions two-tier workforce in Ellesmere Port
Duncan Aldred, chairman, Vauxhall Motors welcomed the deal that instituted a two-
tier workforce at Ellesmere Port. He hailed the “groundbreaking” levels of flexibility
and could require workers to work round the clock to meet production targets if necessary. Wages have been cut by almost half for new starters. Pension and health
plans have been abolished. Unite’s Len McCluskey was unrepentant:
“From a position
of uncertainty earlier this year, there is now a potential for a future at the plant until 2020 and beyond. Importantly this move will also bring component supplier plants
back into the UK, a development that strengthens our manufacturing base generally.” 
However, he said he recognised that Ellesmere Port's good news could spell badnews for other GM operations in Europe. But still British jobs for British workers atany cost is his chauvinist anti-internationalist class-collaborationist outlook!
Build GRL rank-and-file in Unite!No support for sell-out McCluskey!
No cuts, fight for ‘needs budgets’!

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