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Dec 8

Dec 8

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Published by Danny Drachsler

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Published by: Danny Drachsler on Dec 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 8, 2012
We were very lucky to have expertlatke-makers visit our class: Felicia’sdad, David and stepmom, Jen! They showed us how to make the bestlatkes we have ever eaten in ourlives. On Hanukkah we fry latkes inoil to remember the miracle of theoil that burned for eight days insteadof just one.Here’s how to make these greatHanukkah treats
Latke Recipe
Ingredients:5 pounds of potatoes2 large Vidalia OnionsAbout 1.5 cups of matzah meal2 eggsKosher SaltWhite pepper Canola Oil1)Preheat oil in frying pan or in electric frying pan to400 degrees.2)Wash and grate potatoes (peeling them is optional)3)Take skin off and grate onions4)Squeeze all the water out of the potatoes and onions5)Combine in large mixing bowl6)Sprinkle 1 cup of matzah meal around the bowl7)Add 2 scrambled eggs into bowl8)Depending on the mixture’s moisture, add morematzah meal so that you can form latkes9)Season with Kosher salt and white pepper to taste10) Pat latkes into shape11) Fry each side until golden brown12) Enjoy with apple sauce, sour cream, and ketchup!
It’s Latke Time
We Continue Building Our Torah...
Today we assembled our Class Torah. Herewe are attaching different sheets of paper together into one scroll. So far our Torahincludes our artistic responses to the storyof Creation and Noah’s Ark. Everyonecooperated to put together the big pieces of  paper.We had to make some finishing touches tothe Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden! Infuture classes, we will add prints of the pictures of the Temple we built (see below)in order to represent the story of Hanukkahin our Class Torah.Once the papers were taped together, weattached to the ends to the shafts we had madeout of paper towel rolls and rolled up our Torah. Eventually we will make the “clothes”of the Torah and add other decorative touches.We are excited to continue adding to our Torahas we learn more Jewish stories.
We were so excited that our Torahfinally looks like a real Torah thatwe gave each other celebratoryhigh fives and hugs!

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