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Burke, Edmund - Of the Sublime and Beautiful

Burke, Edmund - Of the Sublime and Beautiful

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Published by Ethan Hunt

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Published by: Ethan Hunt on Dec 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Philosophical Inquiry Into The Origin Of Our IdeasOf The Sublime And BeautifulWith Several Other AdditionsbyEdmund Burke[New York, P.F. Collier & Son Company, 1909–14] 
Part I.1. Novelty2. Pain and Pleasure3. The Difference Between the Removal of Pain, andPositive Pleasure4. Of Delight and Pleasure as Opposed to Each Other5. Joy and Grief 6. Of the Passions Which Belong to Self-Preservation7. Of the Sublime8. Of the Passions Which Belong to Society
9. The Final Cause of the Difference Between thePassions Belonging to Self-Preservation and ThoseWhich Regard the Society of the Sexes10. Of Beauty11. Society and Solitude12. Sympathy, Imitation, and Ambition13. Sympathy14. The Effects of Sympathy in the Distresses of Others15. Of the Effects of Tragedy16. Imitation17. Ambition18. The Recapitulation19. The ConclusionPart II.1. Of the Passion Caused by the Sublime2. Terror3. Obscurity4. Of the Difference Between Clearness and Obscuritywith Regard to the Passions5. The Same Subject Continued6. Power7. Privation
8. Vastness9. Infinity10. Succession and Uniformity11. Magnitude in Building 12. Infinity in Pleasing Objects13. Difficulty14. Magnificence15. Light16. Light in Building 17. Colour Considered as Productive of the Sublime18. Sound and Loudness19. Suddenness20. Intermitting 21. The Cries of Animals22. Smell and Taste. Bitters and Stenches23. Feeling. PainPart III.1. Of Beauty2. Proportion not the Cause of Beauty in Vegetables3. Proportion not the Cause of Beauty in Animals

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