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The Shining

The Shining

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Published by NadiaYadallee

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Published by: NadiaYadallee on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Mise en scene: Secret Lairs
The Shining
 Mise en scene: Secret Lairs
The shining was made in 1980 and directed by Stanley Kubrick, it is an adaptation of anovel of the same name. The film is a psychological horror film which follows the storyof a small family who move to a hotel where strange and mysterious events happen.Fig. 2 Fig. 3In terms of production, the shining contrasts against the typically use of space and set design that horror/thriller films would use.
“Instead of the cramped darkness and
panicky quick editing of the standard-issue scary movie, Kubrick gives us the eerie,colossal, brilliantly lit spaces of the Overlook Hotel, shot with amplitude and
(Bradshaw, 2012) The hotel has large and empty rooms, giving the audience the senseof curiosity and suspense. The large scale of the rooms makes the characters and theviewer almost consumed by it, which gets you sucked into the psychological tragediesthat happen.
In Fig 3, you see the use of patterned carpets, an element of which seems peculiar and it suggests that it has significance. As Kenber suggests, the strange setting has relevance tothe film. "This hotel this movie takes place in looks and feels so immense, and it is amajor character in this movie" (Kenber, 2007) the bright colours of the doors and thebright intense lighting all seems a bit too surreal and unordinary which makes theaudience intimidated and cautious to what this bizarre hotel has hidden behind itsdoors.
 Mise en scene: Secret Lairs
Tension is expressed through the camera angles and the sound design. The use of musicis eerie and terrifying however the sound effects accentuate the madness of whichhappens in the hotel. This can be seen when you see Danny riding around on histricycle, the echoing of the of tricycle rumbling on the ground gives the sense of space,the camera which follows him makes the audience look a bit closer waiting forsomething to happen, as he repeatedly rides around the overwhelming place.The film ends with a picture of Jack appeared in a picture from the past. The storyreflects upon the history of the hotel and how a caretaker suspiciously murdered his
wife and children’ the madness from the past of the hotel seems to be seeping throug
hthe lives of the living characters. The large proportion of the hotel and the story which issaid to have occurred in the past suggests the impact on its characters. Te movie is not about ghosts but about madness and the energies it sets loose in an isolated
situationprimed to magnify them.” (Ebert, 2006)

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