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Tech Talk 12.13.12

Tech Talk 12.13.12

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Published by TheTechTalk
Tech Talk 12.13.12
Tech Talk 12.13.12

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Published by: TheTechTalk on Dec 13, 2012
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The student voice of Louisiana Tech University
December 13, 2012 www.thetechtalk.org 
Volume 87Number 10
Staff Reporter
In the digital age, websitessuch as Yahoo, Twitter andFacebook are constantly chang-ing to appeal to users, and theTech website is no dierent.The new website was de-signed to create a better lookingwebsite or students and a web-site that unctions better, saidDave Guerin, executive directoro university communications.Tom Soto, assistant Web-master, designed the website,Guerin said.“It’s based on a good bal-ance o unctionality and aes-thetibility,” Guerin said. “Tomdid a really good job o tryingto blend those two elements.”Soto said he and his webteam worked on the websiteor 13 months, researching, de-signing, coding templates andtesting the site at the LouisianaTech University-Shreveport/Bossier location.“Once we tested it, we pilot-ed it with Shreveport/Bossierrst because it was a small site,”Soto said.Soto said over the next twomonths, they will be convert-ing more pages to the new de-sign and the site will continueto change in the uture. Dier-ent colleges could customizetheir site by changing the back-ground to something else ratherthan the background o themain page.“Each site can have its ownlook,” Soto said. “For LouisianaTech at Shreveport/Bossier, weput a big @ symbol in the back.”Soto said this is part o thedynamic o unctionality tobe able to go and change thebackground o one page or thewhole site.Soto said most eedback about the site has been positive.“We have received com-ments rom students, aculty,sta, alumni and other univer-sities about how awesome thesite looks,” he said.Guerin also said most o theeedback or the new site has
Staff Reporter
Dan Reneau was a student or 3 1/2 years and served inthe proessional capacity or 47 years, resulting in a total o 50 1/2 years o dedication and service to Tech.Les Guice was as a student or 10 years and served as aaculty member or 30 years, resulting in a total o 40 yearso service and dedication to Tech.Guice, executive vice president and vice president orresearch and development, was unanimously approved bythe University o Louisiana System Board as Tech’s 14thpresident on Tuesday, Dec. 4.“I had the opportunity to teach here and have a realpassion or the university,” he said. “To have the opportu-nity to lead it as its next president and shape the uture is just incredible.”Will Dearmon, Student Government Association presi-dent, said the search committee selected Guice as thenalist or the position o president over Duane Hrncir,acting president o South Dakota School o Mines andTechnology.As a board member, a member o the search com-mittee and SGA President o Tech, I can wholeheartedlysay that this was a great decision,” he said. “From the mo-ment the search began, the search committee received anoutpouring o support rom students, aculty and sta o Louisiana Tech, as well as community members support-ing the candidacy o Guice.”
Senior Reporter
Yesterday’s 11 a.m. classes began with more than a knock on the desk or a “Good morn-ing, class” rom the teacher. In-stead, they began with one long beep.Students received an emailrom Tech police Chie RandallHermes last Thursday warningthem that the city’s new Siren/Alert Warning System would be tested or the rst time thataternoon. Public utilities man-ager Darrell Caraway said thesystem will now be tested everyWednesday at 11 a.m.“Tech is kind o surrounded,”he said. “There are none oncampus, but there are aroundour near it––north, east, southand west. The way the soundpropagates it’s better i you’re alittle away. You can hear it bet-ter.”Caraway said the system issomething the city has beenworking toward or the lastthree years.“It’s mainly or severe weath-er events, but it can also be usedor any other type o dangerousevents like chemical spills,” hesaid.With the railroad passingthrough Ruston, chemical spillsare events the city should beprepared or, he said.The system comprises 13towers scattered throughoutRuston and can be tailored tospecic areas or dierent uses.“The way we set the systemup we don’t have to activate allthe towers at once,” Carawaysaid. “We chose to put in a sys-tem that has a voice commandso that i we required evacua-tion just in one area we can ver- bally give them commands.Hermes said he exploredthe option o a siren systemon campus a ew years ago butdecided to wait to see the city’s
Staff Reporter
Though the holiday season is in ull blast, Tech stu-dents are still studying away as winter quarter has justbegun.However, there is no ear o letting the Grinch stealTech’s cheer because Tuesday night Union Boardhosted Tech the Halls.Heather Hefin, a junior accounting major, saidTech the Halls helped her relax and clear her head asthe heat and stress o winter quarter piles on.“Tech the Halls is just a great idea,” she said. “It is aphenomenal way to get students’ minds o their stud-ies or a while and be put in the holiday spirit.”This year’s Tech the Halls theme was “How theGrinch Stole Christmas” so as students and Rustoncommunity members entered “Whoville,” holiday mu-sic blared overhead.Hefin said she loved the theme because everyonedressed up as Whoville community members or thecelebration, and Santa, Mrs. Clause and the Grincheven came out to party.However the costumes were not the only entertain-ment; there was an ice skating rink, photo booth, Cam-pus skins booth, photo dry erase board booth and livemusic all inside the Tonk.I that was not enough, upstairs guests could en- joy building a stued animal, decorating a gingerbreadman, making an ornament or even watching the movie“How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”Tom Stringer, a reshman business major, said heliked the gingerbread booth the best because the cook-ies tasted delicious.“Everything is really creative,” he said. “It is de-nitely a un way to get the students involved, out o their rooms and into the holiday spirit.”I there were not enough sweet Christmas treats in-side, guests could take their newly-made bear outside
Photo by Donny Crowe
ULS board approves Les Guice tocontinue Tech’s traditions as president
Sirensinstalledto alertRustonresidents
Photo by Derek J. Amaya
Students enjoy s’mores and talk by the bonfre outside o the student center at Tech theHalls.
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Union Board presentsannual Tech the Halls
LA Tech’s ormer headcoach, Sonny Dykes, headswest or Cal Golden Bearsater three years o coaching
Check out the historicalaccuracy behindSpielberg’s flm
An inside look at some oTech’s own twins
The Tech Talk
December 13, 2012
Graduationregistrationdeadline Friday
Any degree candidate needsto make sure they have regis-tered or winter graduation be-ore 4:45 p.m. Friday.Students must complete anapplication or graduation andturn it in to the Registrar’s O-fce beore the deadline.In the event o missing thedeadline, see your academicdean to determine late additionto degree candidate list.The deadline is no later thanFriday o the fth week o thequarter.Students can order their capand gowns in the bookstore.Winter graduation is set orMarch 2, 2013.For more inormation con-tact the Registrar at 318-257-2176 or registrar@latech.edu.
Couseling center tohold workshop
Counseling and Career Ser-vices will host a test taking andtest anxiety workshop rom 3-4p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 18.It will be an opportunity orstudents who are anxious abouttaking tests to meet peers whostruggle with this same prob-lem.The workshop will help stu-dents overcome their anxietyand perorm to the best o theirability.It is ree o charge or stu-dents and open to all majors.For more inormation con-tact Ron Cathey, director o Counseling and Career Ser-vices, at 318-257-4336 orrcathey@latech.edu.
Student recruiterapplications due
Student recruiter applica-tions are due at 5 p.m. Friday,Dec. 21 to the admissions o-fce located in Hale Hall.Student recruiters are re-quired to give a minimum o two campus tours a month, at-tend weekly meetings and work each Time Out or Tech duringthe school year.To apply, students must havea 2.75 GPA.The organization is lookingor potential members who areinterested in giving tours to po-tential students and amilies.Interviews will be held onthe evenings o Tuesday, Jan. 8and Wednesday, Jan. 9.For more inormation, con-tact Kate Perot, assistant direc-tor o admissions, at 318-257-3036 or kperot@latech.edu.
 Wesley Foundationhosts dance party
The Wesley Foundation willhold “The End o The WorldDance Party” at 8 p.m. Friday.Everyone is invited to comeout and take part in the end o the year or the end o the worldcelebration at the Wesley Foun-dation.There will be snacksserved, but the main event will be dancing.For more inormation con-tact Becky Clark at the WesleyFoundation at 318-255-3112 orat wesleyatlatech@gmail.com.
Phi Alpha Thetaholds food drive
The history honor society,Phi Alpha Theta, is holding aholiday ood drive to beneft theChristian Community Actionood bank.The ood bank is low on 1pound bags o rice and dried beans as well as all kinds o canned beans and oods.Any non-perishable ooditem is also acceptable.Donations should be de-livered to the donations boxlocated outside o the depart-ment’s main ofce, Room 111in George T. Madison.For additional inormationcontact Phi Alpha Theta Presi-dent Heather Parker by emailat hdp009@latech.edu, or visitGTM 111.
Lady Techsters tohost Oral Roberts
Louisiana Tech Lady Tech-ster ans are encouraged to showtheir holiday spirit this week bydonating new or slightly usedtoys or the Toys or Tots drive.Toys can be delivered at themain entrance o the ThomasAssembly Center or LA Tech’sgame against Oral Roberts Dec.14. Fans may also drop o toysat the ticket oce during nor-mal operating hours leading upto Friday as well.Fans who bring a toy or do-nation will be given a rafe ticketand be automatically entered ora chance to win a throwback Teresa Weatherspoon jerseysigned by the entire Lady Tech-ster squad.Jolly St. Nick will also beon the main concourse rom5:30 till tip-o to take pictures(please bring your own camera),and during haltime, kids willhave a chance to play “SantaSays” and other reindeer games.
For more inormation, con-tact Leah Beasley, associateathletics director or marketingand game promotions, at 318-257-5332 or lbeasley@latech.edu.
Skip Russells
Campus WashateriaWesleyHomer St.
   L  o  u   i  s   i  a  n  a   A  v  e .   T  e  x  a  s   A   l  a   b  a  m  a
Keeny HallWyly Tower
 Just East of Tech Campus
Next to University Apartments behind Wesley Foundation 
• Open 24 hours / 7 days a week • Cleanest in town• New machines• Air Conditioned
 been positive, but or some itmay take time to get use to.“There are those naturalgrowing pains, but all in all theeedback we have gotten ispositive,” Guerin said.Soto said they were able towork through issues ater pilot-ing the site, and with the launcho the website, there have beenvery ew problems.“The problems we haveaced or that we have hadphone calls or emails about areuser-specic, meaning it’s thesetting in their browser theyhave to change,” Soto said.He said another issue peo-ple have told them about arethe navigation links at the topo the page do not work. Thiswas an issue because somepeople were using an old ver-sion o Internet Explorer, andan upgrade will x the prob-lem.However, some students saythe problem is not so muchwith the unction o the web-site as it is with the navigationo the website.Mikaela Fitzwater, a resh-man English secondary educa-tion major, said it is hard or herto navigate the site.“Moodle and webmail arehard enough to navigate andnow you have to search or iton the website,” Fitzwater said.“I eel like it is so much harderto nd everything.”Darrell Turner, a sopho-more animal science major,said he eels the same aboutthe new website.“For one, I think it lacks alot,” Turner said. “For instance,the drop down menu shouldalready come down, but youhave to click on it.”Turner said he would preerit i webmail and Moodle werealready on the site because itmakes it more convenient.Though the news site may be conusing to navigate, Sotosaid the new website was basedon research done on how otherTier One universities designedtheir websites.Soto said he and his webteam really wanted to step upwith this design and rival peers.“I want a site that has theunctionality or the look andeel o a major university,which I believe we are,” Sotosaid. “We’re a Tier One uni-versity, so I wanted a site thatwould refect that.”
Email comments to rcj008@latech.edu.
Ryan Joseph, a reshmanmechanical engineering ma- jor, said he thinks Guice isthe perect man to succeedReneau.“It is sad to see Reneau go, but Guice has the experienceand spirit to continue Tech inthe right direction,” he said.Reaneau said it takesstrong and dedicated com-mitment to excellence in allaspects o the university tosucceed in the presidentialposition, and he knows Guicehas it.“Guice is very bright andcertainly mentally capableo handling the job,” he said.“He has been part o Techor many years and has thevision and determination tolead the university to greaterheights.”Dearmon said Guice notonly has high credentials andqualications, but he also hasmoral integrity and an out-standing personal reputationwith Tech aliates across thestate and region.“Dr. Hrncir has greatqualications and is an out-standing academic, however,given Dr. Guice’s experienceat Louisiana Tech, I believehe had the edge on Dr. Hrn-cir,” he said.Guice said he learnedmuch about every position,student and aculty, at Techas he acted in every position,and he believes that put himover the top against the othercandidates.He said experience hashelped him better understandthe needs o aculty and stu-dents.He graduated rom Techwith a degree in architecture,and he worked his way romstudent to vice president o research.Since F. Jay Taylor servedas president or 25 yearsand Dan Reneau served aspresident or 26 years, Guicesaid he does not plan to setany records there. However,he does see his presidentialservice time as more than anumber.“When the search commit-tee asked how long I plannedto serve as Tech’s president,I told them we developed astrategic plan,” Guice said.“Tech 20/20 has high goalswe wanted to achieve or theuniversity, and I would at leastlike to remain in this positionuntil we have met and ex-ceeded those goals.”Reneau said during hispresidency, an excellent stu-dent body, research labora-tories, Research Park andthe doctorial program weredeveloped. Also, Tech movedto selective admissions andwas reclassied as a tier oneuniversity.“To see it all come true isheart-warming,” Reneau said.Dearmon said he ex-pects Guice to urtherTech as a premier researchinstitution, advance theuniversity’s unique edu-cational oerings and putmuch o his ocus on ex-panding external revenuesources, while diversiyingand growing Tech’s appealon the national level.Joseph, mechanical en-gineering student, said hethinks Guice will do greatthings or Tech.“As the university con-tinues to rapidly grow,Guice will bring resh ideasto the table without threat-ening any traditions,” hesaid.Guice said though sometraditions ade over time,he would like to make sureTech’s tradition o excellencein the classroom remains as ahallmark.“In my opinion he is theright man in the right placeat the right time or the presi-dency o Louisiana Tech Uni-versity,” Reneau said. “He willdo well.”
Email comments to alm085@latech.edu.
“In my opinion he isthe right man in theright place at the righttime or the presiden-cy o Louisiana TechUniversity.”
Dan Reneau
University President
Don’t let the new setup intimidate you.Here are some quick tips on where to fnd some important links.
“Find It Here”
What you’ll nd: Financial Aid, Moodle, Webmail, B.O.S.S., Help Desk and Directories.Accessing one of these resources is not quite as easy as it used to be, but if you click on this linkon the upper right hand corner of the page, you can jump right to where you need to go.
What you’ll nd: Library, college webpages and degree program information.Navigating to the library home page is as simple as clicking on this link in the upper left handcorner of the page. If you need to check out what’s going on in your college, or if you need detailson your graduate or honors program, this is where you’ll nd what you need.
What you’ll nd: Tech athletics website, tickets and facilities.Want to know how your Bulldogs and Techsters are doing? This is where you’ll nd all that youneed to know. The menu also has links to purchase tickets to athletic events, facility details and the Tech online store.
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from pg. 1
Staff Reporter
Shirley Wright hums to hersel ev-ery Wednesday as she fxes chickenbowl ater chicken bowl or a line o students winding out o the StudentCenter ood court.Wright, a server or Kickin’ Cajun,has been in Tech ood services orseven years and has just started serv-ing the chicken bowls this year in theall quarter.The chicken bowl has not been adish served during Wright’s ull sevenyears.Robert Lubbert, resident districtmanager or ood services, said thechicken bowl was added to the menuabout two years ago.“It took about six months or it tocatch on and become popular,” Lub-bert said. “Once it caught on though,we just couldn’t take it o the menu.”He said on Wednesdays, Kickin’Cajun sells about 400 chicken bowlscompared to the 100 plates that aresold when pork chops are being servedon a dierent day. Chicken bowls aretheir highest seller, he added.“There’s just no comparison,” hesaid. “Although the other dishes tasteust as good, there is just somethingabout the chicken bowls that the stu-dents really like. It’s the combinationo spices that really makes it yummy.”Lubbert said the cooks, CynthiaGrifn and Eric Osha Brantley, arevery experienced which producesthe perect combination o spices inthe dish. He said the two have beencooks or Tech or six to eight yearsbut have both been in ood services or15 years.“They truly understand what theCajun ood is all about,” he said. “Theydo have a recipe that they adhere by, but Cynthia puts her love into it.”Grifn adds extra seasonings aswell which just make it perect, he said.“People who don’t normally comehere will come on Wednesdays just orthat dish,” Lubbert said. “It’s amazing.”The people who do come here andeat in the student center regularly,whether at Kickin’ Cajun or some-where else, will usually choose Kickin’Cajun on Wednesdays, he said.Drake Doumit, a sophomore psy-chology major, is one o those people.“I eat the chicken bowl everyWednesday,” he said. “Everyoneknows it is Monday, Tuesday, chicken- bowl day.”Doumit said he thinks the chicken bowl is the best dish the student cen-ter has to oer.“It’s the perect mix o the chicken,the corn and the potatoes that tie it alltogether,” he said. “It’s basically awe-some in a bowl.”The chicken bowl is good or allstudents, Doumit said. Even his veg-etarian riend gets one, just withoutthe chicken, he added.“Everyone loves chicken bowls,” hesaid. “I actually did not try the chicken bowl until about midway through lastquarter, but I was hooked right away.”Doumit said he thinks one reasonthe chicken bowl is so popular is be-cause it is only served once a week.“People can go get sushi or a burg-er every day,” he said. “The chicken bowl is like southern comort, it’s spe-cial and overall delicious.”The warm customer service thatthe workers provide enhances thegreat taste, Lubbert said. He andWright both said great service is one big component to the bowl’s success.“We’re giving students ood theylove with a riendly smile,” Wright said.The students do love the chicken bowl, Lubbert said. Surveys have beenconducted and in those he said thechicken bowl is the avorite.“I’ve always been a frm believerthat a place becomes expensive themoment you don’t get good service,a good atmosphere or good ood,” hesaid. “Since all o our workers con-tinue to do their job, the circle is com-plete and the students are happy.”
Email comments to kjk016@latech.edu.
December 13, 2012
The Tech Talk
Sign and get a low rate of $420
Staff Reporter
The Student Government Asso-ciation Senate approved nine new ap-pointments made by President WillDearmon to serve the student body atthe Dec. 4 meeting. The appointmentsincluded two executive positions andseven legislative positions.Je Boudreaux, a senior account-ing major selected to fll the ofce o executive treasurer, was the frst ap-pointee introduced.Dearmon said he appointed Bou-dreaux to fll the position because o Boudreaux’s academic background inaccounting and his experience withUnion Board as treasurer.“I applied or this position becauseo the duties it entails,” Boudreauxsaid. “I am an accounting major, so Ihave a lot o background in budget-ing.”Boudreaux said he is excited orthe opportunity and can’t wait to getstarted.“I want to help the whole executive branch with anything else that comesup because the past quarter they hadto fll our positions with three people,”he said.Boudreaux said because the otherthree executive members had to do allour positions, they had less time to dotheir individual jobs.Boudreaux said as treasurer o SGA he would like to start by creatinga fnance committee and integratingSGA’s budget and budget report orgreater member awareness and com-mittee.The senate also approved Emman-uel Umejesi, an industrial engineeringgraduate student, who was appointed by Dearmon to fll the position o graduate school senator. Umejesi saidhe is looking orward to making stand-ing contributions to the university inorder to help the growth o researchat Tech.“Research is one thing that im-proves a university’s ranking,” he said.“Tech is known or research, and that isgood or any student at Tech. Employ-ers want students rom good researchuniversities.”The senate then approved EphraimFields, a junior architectural studiesmajor, and Leo Gourrier, a senior com-puter science major, as co-heads o thedepartment o technology. Fields wasappointed to the position last spring;however, the senate did not approve o him ater being appointed by Dearmonand was selected back to the positionthis quarter.“My co-head, Leo, and I are lookingorward to a lot o new improvementsand a new site revamp that will be pre-miered in the next quarter,” Fields said.Fields and Gourrier presented thenew website ideas to all SGA membersat the meeting.“We’ve been working on this sincethe beginning o the year,” Fields said.“SGA is very excited about the presen-tation o the site.”The senators appointed and ap-proved or the College o Engineeringand Science were Matthew Tarver, asenior mechanical engineering major,
Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay
Drake Doumit, sophomore psychology major, enjoys his chicken bowl from Kickin’ Cajun in the student center.
SGA approves nine new appointments
Kickin’ Cajun churning out the chick
pg. 8

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