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Have you been Introduced?

Have you been Introduced?

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Published by Yousuf M Islam

The Creator introduces Himself in Scriptures. Who is He?

The Creator introduces Himself in Scriptures. Who is He?

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Published by: Yousuf M Islam on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Article appeared Friday, December 14th, 2012 in The News Today, Bangladesh
The Revelation (257)yousuf mahbubul Islam, PhD
 All around us we see things that are made or fabricated. Examples can be paintings, buildings,cars and computers. Without having an understanding of what they are doing, these thingsgenerally fulfill the purpose for which they are made. None of these things has the capacity tounderstand what it is doing nor of appreciating the fact that it is made.Now imagine that these objects are given intelligence to appreciate the fact they are made. Inaddition, imagine that these things are given a free-will to decide whether or not to fulfill their purpose. If so, what might happen? Given free-will, would every made thing willingly fulfill itspurpose? If not, how would a manufacturer look upon products that do not fulfill their purpose?Let us take our imagination and logic a step further. Given intelligence, the products would be ina position to work out that they are purposefully and specifically made. Also, would it makesense for a product to claim that a
product is either a ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ of its maker, i.e.it is physically related? Can the manufacturer and his product be equal? For example, should apainting claim that another painting is a son of the painter? In addition, that this
 physically related painting 
should be demolished so that other paintings do not have to account for the sinof not fulfilling their individual purpose? Are you and I created? If yes, how different are we from the products mentioned above? Foexample, should we equally have a purpose? Or has the Creator gone to all the trouble of making everything
without a purpose in mind?
If not, what could the purpose be? Also, shouldthe purpose be a matter of concern? Can the Creator destroy us if we do not fulfill His Purpose?Looking through the most recent Revelation, the Qur’an, we find the following purpose:
O you people!
 Adore your Guardian-Lord 
who created you and those who came beforeyou so that you may have the chance to learn righteousness.
[2.21]Our Creator enlightens what He has done for us and gives a warning:
Who has made the earth your couch and the heaven your canopy; and sent down rainfrom the heavens; and brought forth fruits for your sustenance;
then set not up
to Allah when you know (the truth).
[2.22]Who or what can be a competing
to the Creator? Anything that we assume has power over our lives is a potential rival. Some of us assume that besides the Creator our ‘luck’ determineswhat has and will come about, some think that lucky charms have power over our lives, as wellas stones, other human beings, wealth, political power, etc. To help understand the differencebetween the Creator and assumed rivals, the Creator introduces Himself in the Qur’an andclarifies the Role He plays:
It is Allah Who causes the seed-grain and the date-stone to split and sprout. He causesthe living to arise from the dead (lifeless) and He is the one to cause the dead to issuefrom the living.
That is
; then how are you deluded away from the truth?
[6.95]The term ‘Allah’ is a contraction of the Arabic definite article
or ‘the’ and
or ‘deity, god’together simply meaning
the sole deity, god 
. To allay any doubts, our Creator evenenlightens the purpose of the individual facilities He has created for us,
6.96 “He it is that cleaves the daybreak (from the dark): He makes the night for rest and tranquility and the sun and moon for the reckoning of time:
such is the judgment and ordering of the Exalted in Power, the Omniscient.” 

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Yousuf M Islam added this note
Jazak Allah, Prio. Most of all, Allah has created someone we like - ourselves.
Mahabub Islam Prio added this note
SIGNS ..... well ... there is a lot ..... with respect .... it's good
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