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As Days Go By - Chapter 6

As Days Go By - Chapter 6

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Published by davidsnuggs19878086
Chapter six of my story As Days Go By that takes place after the ninth season of Family Matters
Chapter six of my story As Days Go By that takes place after the ninth season of Family Matters

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Published by: davidsnuggs19878086 on Feb 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter Six
Stirring out of his sleep from the loud buzzing blaring from his alarm clockplaced conveniently on the nightstand next to the bed, Edward “Eddie” Winslow reached over with one arm at the clock to slap the large silversnooze button on top of it, sensibly labeled “snooze” in large black writing.Acting as if it were the first time he had been brought to life from sleeping, itwas actually the third time this morning, and the final time due to having towake up now or else he would be late for the lunch he planned to have withGreta McClure: his main squeeze. Eddie loved her with all of his heart andshe was the first woman he actually had genuine and deep feelings for. Likethat classic Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell song, there was no mountainhigh, valley low, or river wide to keep him away from her. Dressed in his bluesweats and loose white shirt, Eddie took a few minutes to get out of bed anddo his usual morning warm-up consisting of stretches, sit-ups and a fewbouts of jump rope. Afterwards he ran into the shower, brushed his teeth,brushed his hair and got dressed into some casual clothes. He figured sinceit was his day off why not just wear some black pants, some black casualshoes and a few sweaters with his Chicago Bulls sweater on top and relax.Eddie remembered that today was not just an ordinary day off. He plannedon surprising Greta with something he had been saving his money for yearsto buy for her. His relationship with Greta had its ups and downs, yet he feltthat the time was right to give his gift to her since it was their fourthanniversary of the first day they went out on a real official date, having tonearly wrestle his way past her overprotective father Mr. McClure in order totake Greta out. Plus, the gift wouldn’t hurt as also acting as a peace offeringto close the conflicting gap between the two due to the misunderstandingEddie had those months ago about the relationship of Greta and Stefan. Itwas the best time to offer his gift to Greta, as not only did he have time off but she would be home at this time of the day and that would be the perfectopportunity to take Greta out to lunch and surprise her. Picking the smallblack leather box off of his nightstand next to his alarm clock, Eddie walkedout to the living room to pick up his black coat, which had been thrownnonchalantly onto his sofa last night, before leaving the apartment andclosed the door behind him, ready to give Greta some great news.Greta McClure lay nervously in her bed, squirming as if something terriblewas about to happen or would happen to her. It was something about beingalone in her apartment that always kept her on pins and needles and she
wanted it to stop, yet she knew thinking about it so much or telling someoneabout it wouldn’t help. She just couldn’t give up the agreement she hadmade but was forced to regret. She had an education to finish, an apartmentto live in and a life to live. She forcefully shut her eyes, almost as if shedidn’t want to close them, nonetheless she wanted to. Greta did not want togo on with what was going to happen today. She wished she was sixteen allover again when she first met Eddie Winslow, her first true love. Back then,she had no credit scores, rent, utilities or tuition to pay and take care of – itwas all paid for by her father. But sacrificing his support for sticking with theman she loved was a price she had to pay. In a perfect world, she would stillhave her father’s support and belong in a great relationship with EddieWinslow. Yet, in reality it was almost the complete opposite. Greta and herfather did not speak much unless he called her to know how she was doingin school or to see if she wanted to come by for the holidays. Other thanthat, there was no real communication between the two. As for Eddie, theycontinued their little game of “break up to make up”, fighting over somethingso small that they would look back and laugh about it later on. Nevertheless,it took a little strain on her and she wished that they would not fight oversuch petty things. Greta looked at her alarm clock and swallowed a lumpthat was tickling her throat, nervous about what time it was. 8:20 am. Tenminutes left until he arrives. She shuddered at the thought of him coming byon his usual Monday morning and tried to think of other things.Remembering that last Friday was her last day of school, she felt relievedthat since finals were over, waking up early was no longer on her prioritieslist for a month. But paying for school and her place of residence was alwaysgoing to be number one, no matter how it would be paid, and the way shewas paying for it now caused Greta to feel a large wave of nausea run itscourse through her stomach. She asked herself over and over why she hadto do it like this instead of asking her father or even Eddie’s parents, but thatopportunity to do so was in the past and there was nothing she could do tochange it now. Sighing, Greta slowly dragged her feet out of bed and lookedaround her large, plush bedroom. On her own, she knew she could not evenafford to buy an apartment that was even the size of her bedroom closetwhich was outrageously huge and was comparable to the size of half of aone bedroom apartment. She slipped her feet into her pink, comfortableslippers Greta wrapped her matching pink robe a little tighter to bring morewarmth to her body and lazily meandered out into the living room, staring atthe front door. She knew that he was about to step inside any second. ‘When
he gets here,’ Greta thought to herself, her hands gradually balling up intofists. ‘We need to talk. We need to end this once and for all.’ Her instinctsproved her right, as she heard the keys on the other side of the door jangling and bumping against the door knob before it swung open to revealwho she was thinking about. “Speak of the devil…” Greta muttered low under her breath, staring at theman who leisurely walked in with great panache. “You know what time it is…” The man smiled, straightening the collar of hiswhite button up shirt, matching perfectly with his black dress pants andblack and white casual shoes. He was now only a few feet away from Gretaas he put his key to the apartment in his pants pocket. “No I don’t…and I don’t want to know because it’s over…I’m through withyou…” Greta turned her back towards him, crossing her arms. She sighedand looked down at the ground, patting her right foot on the ground. “Are you sure, baby?” He asked, sticking his arm out to touch her shoulder.Jerking it away from him a split second after he felt the soft, warm materialfrom her robe that was covering her shoulder, the gentleman sighed andshook his head, feeling almost as if he should laugh at how silly she wasacting, but instead he smirked and turned around. Leaving, he dropped thekey belonging to the apartment on the ground. Stopping in front of the door,he turned around to look and see if Greta had turned around, yet sheremained with her back turned to him. “Greta…after one more month, youcan kiss this apartment and your education goodbye…well, onto the nextcustomer,” He finished, closing the door behind him. Even though he closedit quietly, Greta shuddered from the sound as it felt as it had been magnifieda hundred times louder than normal. Feeling the effects from what justtranspired before her eyes, Greta felt her knees buckle from under her asshe fell to her hands and knees. Her body began to shake from her suddenoutburst of sobs. Tears began to run down her face and chin, dripping downonto the white carpet underneath her. “Why meeeeeeeee, Lord? Why meeeeee?” Greta let out in almost a growl,slamming her fists onto the floor in frustration. She didn’t care if the peopleliving under her heard her. She just wanted to let her pain and sadness outanyway that she could. Knowing that she only had a month left to live in thisapartment in the great part of Chicago, she couldn’t take it anymore. She

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