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PSM: St. Peter Alcantara and CC Rockville Centre Financial Assessment Form

PSM: St. Peter Alcantara and CC Rockville Centre Financial Assessment Form

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PSM: St. Peter Alcantara and CC Rockville Centre Financial Assessment Form
PSM: St. Peter Alcantara and CC Rockville Centre Financial Assessment Form

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Published by: Catholic Charities USA on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catholic Charities Rockville Centre Steps for Assessing Requests for Financial Assistance1.
Listen to the story without writing anything down at first.2. Ask questions to clarify sequence and details.How did individual/family get behind on bill(s)?What was unforeseen circumstance? Can this be documented?Is shelter/utility in arrears? How much?How did they manage their monthly expenses before?Continue asking questions until the story makes sense.3.
Be sure that client understands that this conversation BEGINS a process of evaluation thatmay take several days or more.4. After you have a sense of the circumstances, the sequence of events that led to the need foremergency financial assistance, ask: “If financial assistance is provided to bring the arrearsup to date, how will you manage your monthly expenses in the future?” “Can this bedocumented?”5.
If the answer to #4 makes sense, explain to client that you will need to write down specificdetails related to income and expenses.6. Review financial carefully (use pencil so corrections can be easily made). Go over each lineof income sources on the intake form (for all household members) and each line of expenses.Ask if there are regular monthly income/expenses that were not mentioned. Add anyadditional information.7. Add up both columns. If the expenses exceed the income, ask how family has beenmanaging. Adjust figures if more information is provided. Continue with this conversationuntil you feel that you have a complete understanding of the situation--past, present, andfuture.
Do not proceed until this makes sense.
8. Ask to see current (within the last two months) documentation to verify income andexpenses. Make copies for client file (highlight dates on bills and income statements). Ask for documentation of emergency (threat of eviction, mortgage notice, etc.) If individual doesnot have documentation with him/her, inform client that this will be necessary in order tocomplete the intake process. If documentation has been misplaced, explore how client canget a duplicate copy. The process cannot continue until all information related to thecircumstances is verified.9. If the expenses exceed the income, ask: how has family been managing? Adjust figures if more information is provided.
Do not proceed until this makes sense.
 It is possible that the family/individual is unable to sustain their current situation. Casemanagement, budget counseling, re-examining priorities may be required to develop a new

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