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184.2 BeX_009

184.2 BeX_009

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Published by Neeraj Sinha

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Published by: Neeraj Sinha on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sales documentSO LineSales documentVerticalPlants 749774979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned 749774979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned749774979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned74974074979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned74975074979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned749774979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned74977074979Inter/Intra Company#Not assigned
Backlog ValueBacklog QtyBacklog Days$ 89.24 EA1 EAX$ 285.04 EA4 EAX$ 137.20 EA1 EAX$ 73.59 EA1 EAX$ 368.96 EA2 EAX$ 28.64 EA1 EAX$ 28.64 EA1 EAX
Sales docuVerticalPlantsBacklog Value389Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 3349Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 523,024.04 EA 4099Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 4209Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 EA 4449Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 5059Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA 6602Process1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 6749Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 7639Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 2.01 EA 8552Process1104West Little York$ 0.46 '' 9479Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 14.00 EA 10019Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 10189Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 10639Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA 11079Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 68.07 EA 11999Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA 12369Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 EA 13702Process1102Reno-$ 718.59 EA 14929Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 EA 15362Process1102Reno$ 0.00 EA 15709Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA 16419Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA 16732Process1102Reno$ 682,977.04 EA 17434Oil & Gas1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA17519Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA18019Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 26,888.00 EA18379Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA18849Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA19209Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA19659Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 EA20022Process1103Pelham$ 0.00 EA20069Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 EA20139Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 42.30 EA20699Inter/Intra Company1103Pelham$ 5,114.00 EA21129Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA21189Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 433.64 EA21249Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 FT21289Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 0.00 EA22542Process1102Reno$ 0.00 EA23702Process1102Reno$ 0.01 EA23819Inter/Intra Company1102Reno$ 0.00 EA24692Process1102Reno$ 0.00 EA24789Inter/Intra Company1104West Little York$ 8.70 EA24902Process1102Reno$ 0.00 EA25622Process1102Reno$ 0.00 EA25792Process1102Reno$ 0.00 EA

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