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Published by Karrie Vlahos

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Published by: Karrie Vlahos on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Play Cad
Karrie Vlahos
November 8, 2012English 202CSection 0202 
Many parents are constantly looking for new ways to entertain and spend time withtheir children. They may do things with them such as crafting, playinggames orsports, or reading 
to them. While they want to keep the child’s attention, parents
also aim to teach the child something along the way. Through games, it is easier andmore fun for a kid to learn something than through a lesson at school.Card games in particular are a good way to teach a child math and counting without them even realizing it. The game of Cad, or sometimes known as 31,is a great beginners math game. While the game is enjoyablefor someoneto play, it also testssome basic addition skills and strategy skills.
This game can be played withanywhere from2-8 people andwitha whole range of  ages, from first graders to adults. This means a mom or dad can play with his or herchild,or if they have multiple children, entertain them all at the same time.This instruction set will explain the rules of the card game, as well as go over a step-by-step set up.
Then, a detailed description of how the game is played and how towin is included. Helpful hints and pointers are strewn throughout the process also.
What you will need
You do not need many materials for this game, only:
A standard deck of cards (all 52, with each of the 4 suits)
Players: 2- 6 people who know basic addition and the names of thesuits and cards
Values of the Cards
A standard deck of cards has 52 cards. There are 4 different suits:
HeartsDiamondsSpadesClubsEach of these suits has 13 different cards: the whole numbers 2 through 10,andthen the face cards. The face cards includeajack that is represented by a J,aqueen that is represented by a Q,aking that is represented by a K, and finally the ace that is represented by an A.Post pictures of J of spadesQ of heartsK of diamondsA of clubsThe value of the number cards is in fact just that number. However, the face cardshave a value in numbers also. The jack, queen, and king areeachworth 10, and theace is worththe most, which is11.
The Name of the Game
The game is called 31 for a reason. The goal of the game is to be the player to have31 points before any of the other players, or the player with the most points in their
hand.The catch is, you can only add up points on cards of the same suit. At one time, youcan only have 3 playing cards in your hand. Therefore, your first goal is to collect cards of the same suit, either all hearts, diamonds, spades, or clubs.
Comment [KW1]:
Slightly awkward, mybefind a way to reword this.
Comment [KW2]:
Take out the “you”
Comment [KW3]:
This is unnecessary, youcan just take it out completely
Comment [KW4]:
I really like the picturesof the suits with the corresponding word
Comment [KW5]:
Maybe title thisObjective, you already told us the name
Comment [KW6]:
Maybe put the name 31in your title as well, because it is confusingthat you call in Cad in your title and then 31in the instructions.
Comment [KW7]:
This is slightlyconfusing, after reading further I
understand it more, but maybe put “if 31 is
not reached by any player, the player with
the most points in their hand wins.”
The secondary objective is to get the most points from those 3 cards in your hand.The maximum amount of points one could have in their hand at a time is 31.For example, a winning hand would be a 10 of spades, a queen of spades, and an aceof spades which all add up to 31 points, or Cad.
Dealing out the Cards
Designate someone as the dealer. You can take turns being the dealer, or just havethe parent deal the cards if the other players are young.The dealer must make sure the deck is shuffled; this means that the cards are nolonger in numerical order, but a random order. This can be done by taking a few top
cards from the deck, and placing them back in the deck at random places. This stepis repeated approximately 15 more times to assure a good shuffle.The dealer then passes out one card at a time to each player starting with the person
to the dealer’s left and continuing in a clockwise manner.
Hint: The last person to be dealt should be the dealer.The dealer continues dealing out one card per person until each player has 3 cardstotal.The rest of the cards in the deck are then placed face down in averticalpile in themiddle of the circle of players. The top card from the deck is taken and placed next to the deck face up.
Comment [KW8]:
This might beunnecessary because a majority of peopleknow how to shuffle cards.
Comment [KW9]:
Nice picture, shows thesetup well

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