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The Annotated Zullo

The Annotated Zullo

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Published by Frank Arduini

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Published by: Frank Arduini on Dec 13, 2012
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The Annotated Zullo
The Annotated Zullo
 On November 9
, 2012 erstwhile Maricopa County Cold Case Posse (MCCCP)
“Investigator” Mike Zullo
 signed a massively expanded and updated second
concerning his alleged investigation intothe identity documents of President Barack Obama.
I refer to it as an “alleged investigation” because
there is very little investigative work to be found within the pages of the affidavit. To the extent itrecounts lines of enquiry, they without exception all end in futility. To the extent it purports to recount
“facts,” they are all recounted second hand, most of them ruthlessly plagiarized from the “work” o
other birthers.
To the extent that anyone appears to be the principal investigator here, it is certainlynot Mike Zullo but instead a person who is not even officially a posse member; b
irther “journalist”
Jerome Corsi of the right-wing website
World Net Daily (WND)
. And to the extent this affidavitrepresents a statement from Mike Zullo, it represents the near complete abandonment of even the
that he is an unbiased investigator instead of an ordinary, run-of-the-mill birther.The affidavit appears to serve three purposes:First, it is an opportunity for Zullo to vent his personal frustration with how badly he believes he wastreated by officials from the State of 
. His complaints to that effect show blissful ignorance of thefact that Zullo was entirely responsible for setting the tone and tenor of that adversarial relationship.Genuine law enforcement investigations generally commence with the presumption that other agenciesof government will extend their willing cooperation. Zullo instead approached the HawaiianDepartment of Health under the presumption that they were already the enemy, engaging in a sort of 
bush investigation”
more characteristic of 
the O’Reilly Factor
than any workmanlike pursuit of evidence. Arriving unannounced and unconvincingly pretending to be a real police officer rather than acivilian volunteer, Zullo quickly managed to antagonize just about every non-birther with whom he camein contact during the course of his two visits to
.Second, the affidavit attempts to mask the general failure of the
by hiding it behind asmoke
screen of other people’s “work.”
Certainly were it to reflect only that of the MCCCP it would be avery short document indeed. Of the
68 numbered paragraphs in Zullo’s affidavit,
only three of themactually offer any new information or sources uncovered as a result of the MCCCP investigation. Everyother item of information (real or fabricated) is lifted often verbatim and never with attribution frompreexisting accusations found in the birt
her blogosphere long before this “investigation” was even
conceived. Though the affidavit is notarized to be
Zullo’s, at
least seven paragraphs (more than 10% of the total) are demonstrably not even authored by him, but instead by Jerome Corsi.Of the
22 paragraphs that contain anything Zullo can honesty consider his “personal knowledge,”
morethan a third of them (9) are vacuous narrative filler. Another 8 of them are either speculation or
As used in this review, “birther” refers to any individual who has promoted as true the theory that Barack Obama
is not a natural-born citizen of the United States, and therefore not eligible for the presidency. It fully encompassesany and all of the theories relating to place of birth, citizenship of parents or loss of citizenship via naturalization byother nations.
The Annotated Zullo
 2arguments owning no legitimate reason for inclusion in what is supposed to be a factual affidavit. Theremaining five paragraphs
consist of Zullo’s extended whine regarding
how everything he tried to
accomplish in Hawai‘i completely failed
. They are more or less accounts of different people slammingtheir doors in his face.Third (and probably the primary reason for drafting the affidavit at all),
World Net Daily 
needs toperiodically blow the dog whistle, and in the absence of anything vaguely resembling real news on thebirther front, the MCCCP has served as a useful tool with which to manufacture fake news to fill thecolumns of 
Joe Farah’s cash cow.
There can be very little doubt by any serious observer that the entireMCCCP birther investigation was initiated by, driven by, supported by, marketed by and primarily servedthe purposes of 
. Birtherism has proven profitable to Farah and Corsi, with unknown amounts of money already skimmed from flaccid billboard campaigns, letter writing scams and solicitations forpromised rewards on which they ultimately reneged. The birthers are a flock that
is not finishedshearing. The MCCCP has proven to be a really nice set of clippers.
 This review was originally intended as a sober, paragraph by paragraph critique
of this latest “affidavit
Confronted with the magnitude of its dishonesty and incompetence, a purely professorial tone becameimpossible to maintain.
affidavit does not deserve to be merely exposed; it also deserves to belaughed at. I will try to keep the chuckling down for the most part.
Paragraph 1:
: The very first paragraph reveals the first and most important problem with this affidavit. Zullo asserts
that the contents of this affidavit are based upon his “own personal knowledge.” Legally, “
personalknowledge means knowledge of a circumstance or fact gained through firsthand observation or
experience,” i.e. something that the witness saw or hea
rd, not something they learned about from a
This does not appear to be the first “affidavit” that WND and Corsi have drafted for the signature of a third party
birther and on which they went on to base manufa
ctured “news articles.” In January of 2011, WND began
promoting a similar document signed by a man named Tim Adams (see:
World Net Daily 
, January 24, 2011 “Hawaiiofficial now swears: No Obama birth certificate,” 
interview on the Reality Check Radio Show Adams admitted that “
I had been willing to do an affidavit last June. But
I’m po’
[sic], so this past year, some of the folks at World Net Daily, or affiliated with World Net Daily, they paid forsomeone to draw the thing up. They sent it up here and I had it notarized and signed and swore out the statementand sent it back.
” (see: Reality Check Radio Blog, March 31, 2011, 
“I am over the age of 18 and a resident of Arizona. The information contained in this affidavit is based
upon my own personal knowledge and, if called upon as a witness, I could testify competently thereto. Iam a former sworn law enforcement officer and criminal investigator. Since 2007, I have been dulyappointed by the elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Joseph Arpaio, as the chief investigator of his ColdCase Posse.
The Annotated Zullo
 3third party or read on the Internet.
As will be repeatedly
seen, Zullo’s assertion that the contents of theaffidavit are “
based upon
(his) own personal knowledge”
is almost entirely false. As already noted, a full60% of the affidavit has been told to him by Jerome Corsi or gleaned from other sources on the Web.
And as Orly Taitz was recently reminded by a judge in one of her legion of court cases, “(E)
vidence is notstuff printed from the Internet.
In those few sections where he
have personal knowledge, it isprimarily personal knowledge of people telling him to go away. In short, Zullo fails to get past his secondsentence without telling a lie.Curiously, in this affidavit, Zullo also uncharacteristically downplays his law enforcement experience.This is almost certainly as a result of being previously pilloried in the press and online for padding hisresume. At the second MCCCP press conference held on July 17, 2012
Zullo claimed that during his five
years as a police officer in Demarest, New Jersey, he had been a detective “almost the entire time.” But
the Demarest police
force consists of three sergeants, nine patrolmen, five “special police,” thirteen
crossing guards and exactly zero
He also claimed “six and a half, seven years as a licensed
investigator in the State of New Jersey, owning (his) own corporation before (he) moved out here (toArizona)
in 1993.” In fact, according to the State of New Jersey he was only a licensed invest
igator fortwo years. When confronted with this discrepancy at the second MCCCP press conference, hebackpedaled and attempted to claim that those were only the years he worked for himself;
an excusethat still does not square with New Jersey licensure records.In actuality since leaving New Jersey,
Zullo’s occupation has been primarily associated with used auto
 Paragraph 2:
:While the number five has been asserted repeatedly as the membership of the MCCCP, the only actualmembers who have ever been formally identified are Zullo himself, and Phoenix attorney Denise
MCCCP Press Conference, July 17, 2012. An unofficial transcript can be found here:http://www.scribd.com/doc/100805605/Unofficial-Transcript-of-the-Arpaio-Maricopa-County-Cold-Case-Posse-Press-Conference-July-17-2012.A video of the press conference can be found here: http://youtu.be/alVzyfptF80 
MCCCP Press Conference
, July 17, 2012, Transcript page 21.
Jun. 23, 2012, “
Cold Case Posse lacks law enforcement experience
Under the Arizona Constitution and Arizona Revised Statutes, the Sheriff has the authority to request
special assistance from a volunteer posse (‘the Cold Case Posse’), a special five
-member team of experienced investigators located in the county, to assist him in the execution of his duties. Theindividually-selected team deputized by the Sheriff includes former police detectives and attorneys whowork voluntarily and at virtually no expense to the taxpayer whenever the sheriff authorizes aninvestigation to address any issue as the Sheriff deems appropriate.

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