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Creative Partnership Archive

Creative Partnership Archive

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Published by George Hind

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Published by: George Hind on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creative Partnership Archive
GeorgeHind29 October 2012 15:25 (Comment to Vikki)
this is looking cool I got Sumatran Super Hero so mines based in rainforests and swamps so our kindof lairs seem similar in a way :)
GeorgeHind4 November 2012 15:58 (Comment to Victoria Hatton)
Hey I love this Idea and the thought of a 1960's female bot spy sounds amazing that time period isone of my favourites, just the whole groovyness of it all sounds like it's going to be fun!Can't wait to see your influence maps!
GeorgeHind4 November 2012 08:04 (Comment to Vikki)
ohhh I love the images you've used her especially the different variety of styles and the amphibiansthat you've used the top left one seems to have some kind of alien look, very cool :)
GeorgeHind4 November 2012 18:23 (Comment to Shannon)
I really like 11 the way you've done a birds eye view and the perspective looks nice it shows howdeep it is, if I'm seeing it correctly ha
shannon mason5 November 2012 01:56
Cheers George, I was liking the birds-eye view aswell but i'm not to sure if it will limit the details of the work and what will eventually be my hero prop: a ring of giant rocks as a shrine. So although thebirds eye view looks pretty cool I'm not 100% it's going to be the best choice for this unit
Hey Vikki I really like 7 as it has an entrance to a pond is that a statue on top of a Lilly pad or thegod itself? I also have something in one of my concept art books at home that I will have toshow you on friday to maybe give you some more ideas if it's helpful! :)
Ah thank you George, yeah that'll be helpful :) its supposed to be the god, just to get a roughidea of size. :)
GeorgeHind8 November 2012 21:13 (comment to Victoria Hatton)
hey I like this. maybe of you're still doing the whole 60s thing she could have some groovyprints?
GeorgeHind8 November 2012 17:56 (comment to Shannon)
*Red indicates a reply to the comment above
Hey Shan I'm really loving 22 the lighting it gives off is quite ominous especially those spikescoming out the ground, very good.
GeorgeHind10 November 2012 11:11 (comment to Vikki)
That seems like a really cool way to do things a great way to get ideas out!like Victoria said number 4 looks like a good one for a lair, I can just imagine at the bottom of the stairs or under the bridge are the eggs of your god.looking good keep them coming!!7
GeorgeHind11 November 2012 18:18 (comment to Kym)
Hey the book idea looks awesome I love your ideas and the design you've done for the corners!
GeorgeHind11 November 2012 13:56 (comment to Shannon)
The lighting you've done is really effective Shan especially 27 maybe you could put more in theforeground, like spiked rocks like you've done in 25 but looking awesome dude
GeorgeHind12 November 2012 23:51 (comment to Victoria)
these look really cool I love the design for the chair seems futuristic yet 60s obviously you'regetting the style right! :) keep them coming!
GeorgeHind13 November 2012 20:17 (Comment to Victoria)
Interesting she is a strong sounding character I like that. S-FEA i like how it sounds like Sophianot sure if that was intentional most probably was haha but it's cool
GeorgeHind13 November 2012 22:20 (Comment to Victoria)
3 looks interesting feel like I'm looking at a disco ball like every light would reflect off it gainingloads of attention! :)
GeorgeHind13 November 2012 16:13 (Comment to Vikki)
8 seems to stand out to me most as i can see there but visually i like 3
GeorgeHind14 November 2012 07:45 (Comment to Vikki)
it would be interesting to do it based on the characters attitude towards the eggs? so say if thecharacter cares for the eggs she places them carefully in rows trying to nurture them but if she is just someone who doesn't care and is just like oh another egg lets just chuck it onto the egg pilewith the other hundred eggs. I hope that makes sense :)
*Red indicates a reply to the comment above
GeorgeHind14 November 2012 22:38 (Comment to Kym)
very interesting bible on how your character turned undead and the way the casino could workis if they die and lose their money they get taken and killed or kept in some kind of chamberuntil the moon comes
Kymberly Mumford14 November 2012 22:40
Thats an awsum idea thanks :)
GeorgeHind14 November 2012 17:22 (Comment to Shannon)
ah this is looking better it feels like a space has been filled a lot now that you have put your propinto the scene.
GeorgeHind15 November 2012 17:51 (Comment to Kym)
4 seems most interesting and I can see it in maya the environment behind the door way couldbe a matte painting! looking good kym keep them coming
GeorgeHind23 November 2012 12:41 (Comment to Vikki)
haha yeah exactly what jake said I love how you've made it some kind of nest to keep the eggsin and it's looking more clear and clean. A good piece of work coming along!
GeorgeHind26 November 2012 13:23 (Comment to Vikki)
looking good cant wait till its complete
GeorgeHind27 November 2012 12:55 (Comment to Shannon)
this is looking amazing keep going shan :)
shannon mason5 November 2012 02:03
Hey George, I'm looking forward to seeing how the wild feel to your environment develops into yourthumbnails as you progress. Also the tiger mask is a great idea as a hero prop, you could look intothe props for the lion king theatre performance if you wanted some more ideas towards the heroprop. Great stuff :)
shannon mason14 November 2012 14:39
i think the hollow tree is a great idea (left hand corner of no.2) cool stuff George!
Vikki30 October 2012 04:36

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