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Tarpley Report

Tarpley Report

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Published by Peggy Satterfield

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Published by: Peggy Satterfield on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pota Rport to t Untd Front Aant Autrty
New York City, October 27, 2012
Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.Washington DCOctober 27, 2012
Over the next several months, the Wall Street ruling class and its controlled politicians inthe Republican and Democratic parties will attempt to inict a series o savage and brutalausterity measures on the American people – measures which will add up to the initiationo domestic genocide on an unprecedented scale. This will occur irrespective o whetherObama or Romney has won the November presidential election.The reason we are gathered here is to hammer out a strategy to attack, harass, disrupt, anddeeat the orces o austerity, and – by breaking the power o the Wall Street fnanciers, thehated 1% – to prepare the political ground or an economic recovery program.
The FiscAl cliFF is A Big lie
You have heard the buzz words o this austerity campaign. We are told that we are approaching a horrendousfscal cli which must be addressed during the lame-duck session o Congress. In reality, there is no fscal cli –it is a myth invented by reactionaries and proto-ascists. The lame-duck session suits Wall Street because many congressmen will be deeated or retiring, and looking to Wall Street or uture jobs and lucrative consultancies.We are told we need a Grand Bargain. In reality, the Grand Bargain will be orders o magnitude worse than theSatan sandwich embraced by Obama and the Republicans in August 2011, on the brink o a totally unnecessarUS national bankruptcy.While many victims o the current system fx their attention on the presidential contest, the preparations ormurderous austerity are in ull swing behind the scenes in Washington. Leading the charge is the so-called Gang o Eight in the United States Senate, more accurately known as the Crapo Commission in honor o Republican SenatorMike Crapo o Idaho, the reactionary Mormon who is one o its leading fgures. Other gangsters o the Gang o Eightinclude Saxby Chambliss o Georgia, Lamar Alexander o the prison industrial complex, and Dick Durbin o thecorrupt Illinois bipartisan combine. These political gangsters are now colluding with Obama to shred the economicrights acquired by the American people over centuries o political, labor, and civil rights struggles.Backing up the Gang o Eight is the so-called Simpson-Bowles commission, known more accurately as theCatood Commission, since this is what senior citizens will be reduced to living on i their demands go through.Former Senator Alan Simpson o Wyoming is a decrepit misanthrope who has let little doubt that he thinkssenior citizens should be exterminated to relieve the pressures on the ederal budget and open the door to biggerand better bailouts o the Wall Street zombie banks in the near uture. Erskine Bowles is a ormer MorganStanley zombie banker himsel who joined with Newt Gingrich to wreck Social Security during the secondClinton administration when he was White House Chie o Sta, and would have succeeded – until MissLewinsky came along.
WAll sTReeT AUsTeRiT ghUls RU Wil
Halloween will soon be upon us, and the austerity ghouls are running wild in the Witches’ Sabbath o class warareagainst working people. The Satanic orchestrator o much o this has over recent decades been Peter Peterson, theormer head o Lehman Brothers, the bank whose orgy o derivatives speculation blew apart the world bankingsystem our years ago. But, against all evidence, Peterson and the Wall Street action he speaks or continue to arguethat the current depression has been caused by excessive spending on entitlements and the social saety net, and not
Wbtr Tarpy
Political Report to the United Front Against Austerity, New York City, October 27, 2012 2
by hot money speculation, derivatives, and hedge unds – which is what actually happened our years ago.
These are the forces with whom Obama has said he is “eager” to reach a grand bargain on the backs of theAmerican people.
These will be killer cuts, ollowing on years o bipartisan gouging, chiseling, and shredding. Manual laborers willhave to work many extra years beore they can get their pensions. The cost o living mechanism will be tamperedwith to guarantee that monthly benefts or retirees will dwindle rapidly over coming years. Be it by a death panelor by the alleged “market,” Medicare will be rationed and denied. Medicaid will be block granted to the states,meaning that more and more middle-class amilies will be pauperized by the costs o keeping their aged relativesin nursing homes. Unemployment benefts are already paying or ewer and ewer weeks, and the Ninety-Ninershave been betrayed and orgotten. Pell Grants, the only way low-income kids can hope to attend college, will beon the chopping block. Child nutrition programs like WIC and school lunches will also be targeted. Both partiesare targeting ood stamps, the only remaining program keeping 50 million Americans alive – Americans whohave no job, no unemployment benefts, no Welare (Clinton ended Welare in 1996), and no healthcare. I oodstamps are cut, some o these people will die.In the real world, between 30 and 40 million Americans who want and need to work have no jobs. Republicansand Democrats are cooperating to break the back o what remains o the labor movement. Romney and Ryandemand that all states be orced to institute union-busting right-to-work laws, o the kind that have just beenrammed through by Governor Mitch Daniels o Indiana. Obama’s approach to union-busting is more complex:along with education Secretary Arnie Duncan, he has ocused on busting the American Federation o Teachers,as or example in the recent Chicago teachers’ strike. The goal o both parties, backed up by Bill Gates, EliBroad, and other 1%ers, is to privatize and asset strip the public school systems o the United States, taking usback centuries to a time when schooling was the prerogative o the wealthy. Obama calculates that, since publicworkers are the vanguard o today’s union movement, and since teachers are the strongest o the public workersunions, smashing the teachers union will prepare the ultimate demise o labor in this country. We shouldadd that Obama’s much touted program or General Motors and Chrysler rescued the holders o bonds andderivatives, by orcing the once mighty United Auto Workers to reduce wages and benefts to the abysmal levelso the right to work sweatshop plants in the southern states.
Be The TW PART ssTem
The two-party system has obviously become an intolerable straitjacket or the political expression o theAmerican people. It is now necessary to create a mass movement outside o the two parties, a mass movement atleast strong enough to destabilize the existing power combinations in the direction o constructive and radicalreorm. Each party is a colossus with eet o clay. The Republican Party is demographically doomed because itscore constituency o white men is dwindling as a proportion o the society. The Democratic Party is increasingly a loose congeries o parochial interest groups, held together only by support o the New Deal reorms. I Obamawins the election, the Republican Party could well dwindle to a regional party o racists and reactionaries in thedeep South. In that case, the Democratic Party might split into a Wall Street action led by Obama and a populistaction around Sherrod Brown, Kaptur, Deazio, and others.I Romney becomes president, the Republicans will attempt to impose a permanent plutocratic austerity dictatorship. This will involve a restriction o the ranchise by voter ID laws, by repeated purges o the votingrolls, by limiting the hours o voting, and by harassment and intimidation. Citizens United has opened the doorto plutocratic and oligarchical domination o elections. I Romney can name one or two Supreme Court justiceso the Scalia type, the way will be clear or such a permanent dictatorship, most likely ronted by the RepublicanParty. Naturally, such a low-wage sweatshop economy with no public education, declining rates o collegeattendance, no child labor laws, and a general atmosphere o Dickensian cruelty will not be able to compete withChina and others. But the thoroughly incompetent US ruling class is unable to see beyond the prospect o short-term gain. Replacing this incompetent ruling class is perhaps the greatest historical necessity o all.
Wbtr Tarpy
Political Report to the United Front Against Austerity, New York City, October 27, 2012 3
A mAss mvemeT BUilT ARU ecmic emAs
The required mass movement must be built on the most basic issues o economic survival. We learned inthe 1960s and 1970s that a oreign war, unless the casualties mount to the millions, cannot be the basis ora movement able to contend or power. We learned during the last decade that even a oreign war combinedwith mass skepticism about a alse ag operation is also inadequate to the task. Process reorms like campaignfnance limitations will appeal to the good government wing o the petit bourgeoisie, but this is also notenough. Only the bedrock lie or death issues o individual and amily survival can impel working people toenter the political ray with all its risks.
Ui BUsTig A RAsTic AUsTeRiT ARe The essece F FAscism
So ar there are no black shirted or brown shirted storm troopers in American streets, and thus no classicalCentral European ascist movement, but this is beside the point. In a country with an entrenched tradition o elections and representative government, and a country which is so ar not reeling rom millions o war dead onthe scale o World War I, ascism will inevitably look dierent in modern America, but the essence is likely to bethe same.
The top priority for both Mussolini and Hitler was to smash the trade union movement
, and this issomething the United States is well on its way to achieving by more gradual means. And then came the austerity.In Fascist Italy, the Mussolini regime reduced wages between 1927 and 1935 by 60% to 75%, even as the cost o living was rising by 30%. In Nazi Germany, Hitler cut wages in his frst 2 ½ years in power ater 1933 by 25% to40%. Taxes and special contributions skimmed o another 20% to 30%. So, cutting the standard o living o working people by two thirds to three quarters appears as one o the essential eatures o ascism. Union bustingand austerity are ascism. We are here to fght that ascism.
AUsTeRiT Pschsis gAve hiTleR vicTR
We must also recall that it was austerity that gave Hitler political victory. Anton Erlekenz was a moderate tradeunion ofcial who campaigned against the austerity psychosis in Germany in 1930-1932, beore Hitler seizedpower. He saw clearly that as long as millions remained unemployed, the struggle against ascist ideology, nomatter how well intended and executed, was hopeless and doomed. Only by replacing austerity with the recovery program and creating millions o jobs could ascism be deeated.I a democratic government in Germany had orced the central bank to issue several billion marks o long-term, low-interest credit – as demanded by the trade unionist Woytinsky and the civil servant Lautenbach – theautobahns and superhighways could have been started in 1931 and 1932, putting millions o unemployed back to work. The loss o millions o desperate supporters could have cut Hitler o at the knees. Such a policy mighthave meant no Nazi dictatorship, and no World War II in Europe. In the era o nuclear weapons, we are playingor even bigger stakes today.The democratic orms o representative government in this country cannot and will not survive very long in theace o 30 to 40 million unemployed.
BReAk UT F The ThRee-sTeP PRcess F ePRessi, icTATRshiP, WRl WAR
Another word or austerity was and still is
, and Erlekenz was right to say that i you want to stopascism you must “put an end to deation, this immense destruction o labor, economic value, and capital.” Nopolemics against ascist ideology, no matter how brilliant, would do the job. No denunciation o ascist crimes,however graphic, could win the argument against the hunger and despair coming rom unemployment.In the 1930s, and they are relevant because we are now in a similar depression, the world was caught in a threestep process o economic depression, totalitarian dictatorship, and world war. The totalitarian dictatorship grew out o the collapse o representative government and also o older authoritarian regimes. And the world war grew out o depression scarcity as reected through the inner dynamics o the totalitarian governments.

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