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African Finale 1880

African Finale 1880

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Published by: Val Littlewolf(Heike) on Dec 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Professor R. Mtisi> Luther College> Val L Heike> 12/10/2012 1:36:41 PM> Finale Essay Fall 2012>>
I disagree that Shaka was or brought about Difaqane or ‘mfecane these words refers to a time
of unrest in Africa. The mfecane was a time of starvation, Shaka , a Zulu warrior not known for being'pleasant. Shaka came from this haesh backdrop of diversity. (Heike) Skaka utilized his countriescustoms and beliefs as well as challenged them to change. Shaka utilized the belief of other worldly
mystical mystics’ as well as the herbs that allowed Shake's inner strength to flourish and shine. In amanner of speaking Shake sized the day. (Heike) Shaka took the mfecana like then king’s old Egypt
took hold of her nations people and gave them purpose in a social system that replaced the disgraceof poverty with Unity (Heike).The difaqane had menace toward all and compassion for none like thestorm named 'Sandy as well as Shaka. (Heike) Both were responsible forwrecking havoc upon the economy, which caused death and destructionreducing thepopulation creating a nation destined to revert to a land of wanderingmigrant 'nomads'.The uncertainty and strife that was the mfedane resembles my ownnations lack of unity and desperation called the depression. Despairseems to walk hand in hand like a silent lover when all appears lost
no matter what nation people call home. (Heike) In America as in orrather on the continent of which Africa is it will and always will beviewed by those that finding nothing wrong from peopledown on their luck as the saying goes, even the mighty warrior Shakasaw wealth or strength in a multitude of humankind when creating aforce to be reckoned with,(strength in numbers plus tactics equalsvictories over his nations enemies, the Queen's men the mean redmachine of Great Britain. (Heike)Uprooting of culture begging for some kind, of relevant change be inrural America as they 'we', our ancestors appeared a chewed updown on its luck culture fallen upon hard times allowed to matter or countonce more with facing diversity of a common enemy that the axis forceswere for America in WWII. (Heike) Africa sought change also even internalstrive that brought unity after Shaka waged war as if rewriting oldwarn out ways of confrontation in hand to hand battle with the changeof war technology Shaka appear to strengthen his forces as conqueredfoe were as symbolized (my new word means to incorporate) into Shaka'swar machine.The Difaqane was the catalyst that evoked a disturbance causing thepeople to become nomads as if sheep wandering lost in need of aleader. It was also the wandering that caused the British to view
Africa as “Open Land”, which in turn made Africa as a ripe peach
 waiting colonializing. If you look long at all that was disturbing in

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