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v22 Ar-15 22lr Dedicated Upper

v22 Ar-15 22lr Dedicated Upper

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Published by birds_eye

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Published by: birds_eye on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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V22 AR-15 22LR Dedicated Upper
1THE BASIC RULES OF SAFE FIREARMS HANDLINGLEARN THE MECHANICAL AND HANDLING CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FIREARM YOU AREUSING.Not all firearms are the same. The method of carrying and handling firearms varies in accordance with themechanical provisions for avoiding accidental discharge and the various proper procedures for loading andunloading. No person should handle any firearm without first having thoroughly familiarized himself with theparticular type of firearm he is using, and with safe gun handling in general.2. ALWAYS KEEP THE MUZZLE POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target, even when dry-firing. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point atany part of your body or at another person. This is particularly important when loading or unloading a firearm.In the event of an accidental discharge, no injury can occur as long as the muzzle is pointing in a safedirection. A safe direction means a direction which will not permit a discharged bullet to strike a person, or tostrike an object from which the bullet may ricochet. A safe direction must take into account the fact that abullet may penetrate a wall, ceiling, floor window, etc., and strike a person or damage property. Make it ahabit to know exactly where the muzzle of your gun is pointing whenever you handle it, and be sure that yourare always in control of the direction in which the muzzle is pointing, even if you fall or stumble. Keep youfinger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
V22 AR-15 22LR Dedicated Upper
23. FIREARMS SHOULD BE UNLOADED WHEN NOT IN USE.Firearms should be loaded only when you are in the field or on the target range or shooting area, ready toshoot. Firearms and ammunition should be securely locked in racks or cabinets when not in use. Ammunitionshould be safely stored separate from firearms. Store your firearms out of sight of visitors and children. It isthe gun owner’s responsibility to be certain that children and persons unfamiliar with firearms cannot gainaccess to firearms or ammunition.4. BE SURE THE BARREL IS CLEAR OF OBSTRUCTIONS BEFORE SHOOTING.Even a bit of mud, snow or excess lubrication oil or grease in the bore may cause the barrel to bulge, or evenburst on firing, and can cause serious injury to the shooter and bystanders. Be sure that you are usingammunition of the proper caliber and loading for the gun you are using. If the report or recoil on firing seemsweak, or doesn’t seem quite right, CEASE FIRING IMMEDIATELY, unload your firearm, and check to besure that no obstruction has become lodged in the barrel.5. BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET BEFORE YOU SHOOT.Don’t shoot unless you know exactly where your bullet is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind ourtarget, even when dry-firing with an unloaded gun. If you are in the field hunting, do not fire at a movement ornoise- Take the time to be absolutely certain of your target before you pull the trigger.6. WEAR SHOOTING GLASSES AND HEARING PROTECTORS WHEN YOU SHOOT.All shooters should wear protective shooting glasses and adequate hearing protectors when shooting. Exposureto shooting noise can damage hearing and adequate eye protection when shooting is essential.7. NEVER CLIMB A TREE OR FENCE WITH A LOADED FIREARM.Put the firearm down carefully before climbing a fence, and unload it before climbing or descending a tree or jumping over a ditch or other obstruction. Never pull or push a loaded firearm toward yourself or antherperson. When in doubt, or whenever you are about to do anything awkward, unload your gun.8. DON’T SHOOT AT A HARD SURFACE, OR AT WATER.Bullets can glance off many surfaces like rocks or the surface of water and travel in unpredictable directionswith considerable velocity.9. NEVER TRANSPORT A LOADED FIREARM.Firearms should always be unloaded before being placed in a vehicle. A suitable carrying case or scabbardshould be used to early an unloaded firearm to and from the shooting area.10. AVOID ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHEN SHOOTING.Don’t drink until the day’s shooting is over. Handling firearms while under the influence of alcohol in anyform, or medications that could affect your judgment or co-ordination, constitutes a criminal disregard forsafety of others.
Characteristics of Weapon
:Action: Blow back, air cooled, magazine fedLength (upper): 22.75 in.Length (on A2 fixed butt stock lower): 34 in.Caliber: 22 Long RifleBarrel: 16.5 in., 6 groove, right hand I in 16”
V22 AR-15 22LR Dedicated Upper
3Weight off upper unit w/o lower and ammunition: 4 lbs.Weight of Magazine (empty): .25 lbs.Weight of Magazine (full).4 lbs.Description:The V22 conversion unit is a dedicated upper receiver assembly used to convert the ARI5 family of rifles fromcenter fire ammunition to 22LR ammunition. The conversion unit operates with a simple blow back unlockedbolt. The bolt impacts on the buffer plunger at the rear of its stroke to dampen the recoil and smooth theoperation of the gun. The unit has been designed to be reliable, accurate, and easy to disassemble and clean.The standard V22 conversion unit contains one complete barreled upper receiver assembly without sights andone 10 round magazine.Installation:Remove the magazine and clear the weapon of ammunition. Check the chamber to ensure that it is clear of ammunition. Retract the bolt to cock the hammer. Place the selector on SAFE. Push out the rear take down pinfrom left to right. Push out the front take down pin from left to right. (note: on Colt model guns the front takedown pin may be a screw that needs to be removed) Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver. Noparts are required from the existing upper receiver with the V22 conversion kit.Align the front lug hole of the V22 upper: receiver unit with the lower receiver front take down pin. (note:early Colt guns with the large front screw take down will require an reverse offset adapter pin to use the V22upper. These can be found at most suppliers of ARl5 parts.) Close the upper V22 receiver and the lowerreceiver and push in the rear lower receiver take down pin.Test cycle the bolt by moving the bolt handle backwards and forwards to ensure it move to its limits. The V22conversion is now ready to be loaded and fired.Ammunition:The V22 Conversion unit is designed to fire 22LR high velocity ammunition reliably. Use of other than highvelocity ammunition might lead to functioning problems and is therefore discouraged.Loading and Firing:Insert up to 10 rounds of 22LR high velocity ammunition into the magazine. Insert the magazine into themagazine well of the gun until the magazine catch holds it in place. Retract the bolt handle fully to the rearand release to chamber a cartridge. The selector should remain on SAFE until you are aiming at your intendedtarget and are ready to fire.After each shot the bolt will cycle, eject the spent case and pick up a fresh cartridge from the magazine. Whenthe magazine is empty the bolt will not lock open as in the center fire version of the ARI5 family of rifles.Unloading:Unloading the V22 is identical to the AR family of rifles in center fire caliber. Remove the magazine and pullback the bolt handle to ensure the chamber is clear of ammunition. Close the bolt and set the selector onSAFE. The unit is now unloaded.Disassembly:Remove the magazine and unload the weapon as described above. Push out the rear lower receiver take downpin from left to right. Allow the upper receiver to pivot open on the front lower receiver take down pin.

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