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21st of December 2012.pdf

21st of December 2012.pdf

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Published by Coincidence Cafe

Chris Thomas is a healer living in Wales, reader of the Akashic records and Author of 11 books. For a rich read on Chris’ observations on 12/21/12, ingest his delicious, four page article.

View Chris' books here: http://bit.ly/VK4FR3

Watch Chris' YouTube interview with Lisa M. Harriosn here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhE1aBSBzrc

Chris Thomas is a healer living in Wales, reader of the Akashic records and Author of 11 books. For a rich read on Chris’ observations on 12/21/12, ingest his delicious, four page article.

View Chris' books here: http://bit.ly/VK4FR3

Watch Chris' YouTube interview with Lisa M. Harriosn here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhE1aBSBzrc

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Coincidence Cafe on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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of December 2012
by Chris Thomas
© Chris Thomas 2012
First of all, I have to say that I am not anexpert on the Mayan Calendar. I am aware of the
of the Calendarbut not the workings of the
that make the Calendar work.Having said that, the only date within theMayan Calendar that seems to have capturedeveryone
s imagination, and concern, is thatof the 21
of December 2012 (21/12/12 or12/21/12 depending on which country youlive in).The Mayan Calendar is not the only ancientcalendar that exists on the planet.The ancient Egyptians had their own calendarform but this is largely lost to us as academicsand
, sorry Egyptologists, havekept it from non-specialist eyes. However, theEgyptian Calendar also notes a major shift inour existence towards the end of 2012.The Chinese also have their own calendarsystem going back at least 5,000 years. Theircalendar is known in the west but has beenreduced to a fortune telling tool
the I Ching.The I Ching also foretells of major changes atthe end of 2012.There are a number of other ancient calendarsystems from around the world but most havebeen lost or have been deliberately destroyedto hide their contents away from thewesternised world.As far as the Akashic is concerned, the mostimportant date occurred at the end of 2011.This was the completion of The Human Planwhich has been in operation for 7,000 years.
Our solar system is unique in that it is theonly place within our Universe where lifeexists at a level of energy compaction we call
.In all other parts of our Universe, life exists atenergy levels that are considered
. I am not goingto describe those states of being here as they are fully covered by my books and previousessays.Virtually all of the souls that exist in humanform have originated from the non-physicalor semi-physical regions of our Universe. Inother words, their
soul origins
are not of this solar system but have chosen to come toEarth to experience what it is to be physical.There are souls whose soul origin is Earth butthey are outside of the scope of this essay.Originally, every planet in our solar systemsupported physical life as well as a version of the life-forms we call human.3.6 million years ago, this situation changedand the only planet within our solar systemthat continued to support life since then hasbeen our Earth.Life has continued on one of Jupiter
s moonsbut that is outside of the scope of this essay.The primary purpose of our solar system is toexplore the possibility of developing andsustaining a form of life that is capable of containing the whole of a soul within it. OnEarth, this life-form we know as HumanBeings
please note the capitol letters.Again, I am not going into the complexities of Human existence in this essay as that history is detailed in my books and previous essays.The full state of being Human, we achievedon Atlantis but, for various reasons, wedestroyed that continent 65,000 years ago.Following the destruction, we returned toEarth 25,000 years ago and started again.At that time we were also a full Human
thewhole of the soul within the physical body 
 but we began to lose our
facultiesand so we developed a strategy for how wecould explore the possibilities and potentialthat Earth presented and also to find a way toachieve full Human status again.Essentially, the loss of our higher facultiesamounted to a loss of some elements of thesoul from the body; the strategy we developedwas designed to help us find a way of re-merging the whole of the soul back into thephysical.This strategy we named
The Human Plan
 and we began working with it 7,000 yearsago.
The Human Plan
The definition of a Human Being is a
being that contains the whole of the soul. By the time we put The Human Planinto operation, our souls were divided intotwo: - the
physical self 
and the
.This divided soul state meant that the Earthconsidered us to be
. That ishuman with a small
.The Human Plan was very simple: - we wouldlive a series of lifetimes experiencing all thatthere is to experience by being in a physicalbody living on a physical planet andcollectively we would pool our gainedknowledge until we found a way of returningthe whole of the soul back into the body 
 become Human again.In order to achieve this, the Earth
sconsciousness gave us a time limit of 7,000 years: that 7,000 year period finished on the29
of October 2011.At the same time as we set The Human Planinto action, all of the ancient calendarsystems were begun.Given that most of these ancient calendarshave been lost to us, in one way or another,the only one that remains is the MayanCalendar.
The Mayan Calendar 
The Mayan Calendar was actually begun7,000 years ago but it spans a time-frame of roughly 26,000 years.The basis of Mayan traditions is connectedwith the phases of development that our solarsystem underwent. Each stage requireddiffering energy potentials and thesepotentials were supplied by our sun.Therefore the Mayan Calendar records suncycles and, according to Mayan traditions, weare approaching the end of the
.This means that we are leaving the currentphase of energy requirements, supplied by our sun, and are about to enter into a new phase of development which requires adifferent combination of energy frequencies
.In comparison with The Human Plan, theMayan Calendar appears to be out of sync.The Human Plan came to its completion at theend of 2011 (according to the Akashic)whilst the Calendar comes to its completionon the 21
of December 2012.To understand this, we need to look at theCalendar as a whole.Again, I must state that I am no expert on theintricacies of the Calendar with only a basicunderstanding of its cycles. I am sure thatthere are many people reading this essay whohave greater knowledge of the full workingsof the Calendar and so I apologise in advanceif I have some of the detail wrong. My intention is to show some of the basicworkings and put it into context within TheHuman Plan in relation to the 21
December.We are used to using calendars in our daily lives as a means of counting off the days fromthe start of the year or of counting the daysuntil an event is due to occur.The Mayan Calendar is different. It doescount off the number of days but it alsocontains predictive elements in that itpredicts cycles and major events known as
.When the Calendar is worked backwards, itcan be used to go backwards for many thousands, if not millions, of years and it hasbeen shown to predict some events in thatthose events occur at the end of the cyclesbuilt into the Calendar.These ends of cycles, or the markers of majorevents, are even more pronounced when thecycle marks the end of an Epoch.As an example: I understand that the end of one Epoch coincided with the end of theRoman Empire. The ending of another Epochcoincided with the end of WW2 etc.etc.The Calendar also seems to predict events thatoccur in the galaxy beyond our solar systemsuch as the development or collapse of stars.The most recent, and
Epoch of theCalendar was the 29
of October 2011.At this point, the Calendar reset itself to aseries of 13
s. In other words all of thevarious wheels of the Calendar arrived at thenumber 13 at the same time.On the 21
of December 2012, the Calendarchanges again in that all of the wheels resetthemselves to zero.This
has never occurred before.
The Human Plan and the MayanCalendar 
For the past 7,000 years, we
havebeen existing in a sub-human state.By this I mean that we have been living withonly about 25 per cent of total soul within thebody. The remaining 75 per cent has beenoutside of the body forming the
higher self 
.We are used to living with only a limited partof the soul available to us; and this has madeus lazy.We could have completed The Human Plan atnumerous times throughout our sub-humanhistory: 2,000 years ago, 500 years ago, 100 years ago even 50 years ago, but we have not.At all of these times of potential change, wehave found an excuse or a reason not to putin the extra effort needed to prepareourselves for returning the greater part of thesoul back into the body.However, we have now reached our timelimit of 7,000 years and there cannot be any further prevarication.The Akashic records events, it does notpredict events.According to the Akashic, The Human Planneeded to be completed towards the end of 2011. What is meant by this is that weneeded to be
to re-merge the greaterpart of the soul back into the body.The Akashic does not specifically record adate on which this re-merging would takeplace.This means that this process of re-mergingwould
to happen sometime after the endof 2011. We could prevaricate no longer.Since 1996, we have been accumulating new energies into the solar system andconsequently on Earth. All of these new energies have been designed to help us fulfilour promise to the Earth that we wouldcomplete The Human Plan before the end of 2011.We did complete our part of The Human Planbefore the end of 2011. By that I mean wefound the answer that The Human Plan wasdesigned to find.This answer is all about energy frequencies:the frequencies with which the Earth worksand the frequencies that we needed to adjustourselves to in order to re-merge the soulback into the body and, most importantly of all, to maintain the whole of the soul withinthe physical body 
to become Human again.The Mayan Calendar predicted this event asthe last date of the final Epoch
of October 2011.By all of the cycles of the Calendar turning tothe number thirteen, the Calendar recordedthe Universal Number
everything withinthis Universe ultimately adds up to thenumber 13. By all of the cycles turning to thisnumber, they reflected the fact that we, andthe Earth, had achieved harmony with theUniverse and the Creator
s wishes.I can only speculate on the reason for theextra year following this date but it obviously has to do with the requirement that webrought ourselves to the point where we wereready to re-merge the soul back into the body but needed a little time to adjust ourselves tothis new situation.On the 21
of December 2012, the MayanCalendar cancels out the past and resets itself to zero.This zeroing represents not the end of theworld or the end of time but the end of thecurrent energy patterns supplied by our sun.This means that the sun
s energy patterns willchange on the 21
of December
 will emerge providing us with all of theenergy frequencies we need to match ournew Human state.This is where the problems begin in that wesub-humans cannot predict what our new requirements will be.It is known on a higher self level andobviously it is known by the consciousnessthat is the sun and the consciousness that isour Earth. But we sub-humans only able toaccess one quarter of our total soul energiesdo not know.One thing that is known is that sometime onthe 21
of December 2012, the sun entersinto an alignment with the centre of our galaxy. The sun will be in an exact alignmentbetween the Earth and galaxy centre.The centre of the galaxy is not a black holebut a sun and this sun is the centralconcentration of the consciousness that is the galaxy.This alignment means that the galaxy 
sconsciousness, our sun
s consciousness andthe Earth
s consciousness are in exactalignment with each other and this alignmentwill trigger change within our sun andwithin our Earth.

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