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Planning Brief

Planning Brief

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Published by alexandermasha

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Published by: alexandermasha on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Project Name: Green Light Medium Format/Length: The opening sequence of a chosengenre thriller or horror in our groupscase it is a thrillerDeadline: 9
December 2012Group Members: Alexander Masha, Raja Kavaiya,Vishoswastik RavindranTarget Audience: 15+(15-35)This age group is our target audiencebecause we feel they would be most interested to watch our product.The films content might not be suitablefor audiences because the film depictsan execution.The product is not gender specific as it appeals to both genders.Publishing Suggestions: Our product could possibly bepublished on television for examplechannels like Sky Thriller, Film 4 BBCand the Cannes film festivalComparable products: When beginning planning our product we looked at a wide range of thrillersbut we decided to base our product onThe Bourne Supremacy and Quantumof Solace as it was a close comparisonto our own product. We liked the rolesof the main character in both films andwanted to model our own character onthem. The 90 minute synopsis what inspired by two major parts in the plot of both films. Revenge and Identity.Overview of content A man standing against a wall in anunknown location waiting for a text from an anonymous source. Before hecan start smoking a cigarette hereceives the text. He is stunned andbegins to walk towards the warehousethere is another man tied with is headcovered up in a chair. The man walksup to a person and shoots him. He thenstumbles outside, while standing aMercedes CLS drives up towards him.The window of the Mercedes roll downand in the confusion the man pulls out his gun and the screens cuts to the titleRepresentations in the final product: The protagonist in our product isstereotypical has he is very tall andover bearing so he creates a presence
Planning Brief 
 on screen. We wanted a main characterto be modelled on James Bond andJason Bourne a rugged man withfighting ability but also dresses smartlyso we chose for the main character towear a suit.Rationale Behind the product: Our product is there to attract andentertain the audience. The audiencewill be kept entertained by our product because we kept to the thrillerconventions adding and creatingsuspense with tense moments that theaudience will not expect. Non-genericHow will you test if the product issuccessful:To find out if our product is successfuland keeps with the conventions of athriller. We will get together are target audience and get their opinion of ourproduct. We will do this by askinggeneral questions for example did it meet their expectations. We will alsofollow this up with a questionnairewith less general questions but précised and controlled onesGeneral Codes and Convention will beoperating:The main codes that we will be usingare the location which is an abandonedwarehouse this sets the scene has thelocation is a realistic place for anexecution to happen with drawing anyattention.We will be using atmospheric sound toadd and to create suspense and tensionin our production this is becausethriller are constantly filled withsuspense and we want this to be amajor part of our production.The audience does not know if themain character is good or bad so arestill left with a dilemma trying to placehim.Identify and Resource Constraints that may affect the production:We will heavily depend on our actorsturning up to the location on timegiving us more time to film due to thefact that it is getting darker a lot quicker so we will need as much timeas possible to get all the filming done.We will also need the actors to work at the best of their ability this will ensure
we don’t waste time by having to film
parts again. We will have to work 

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