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Edward Scissorhands film review

Edward Scissorhands film review

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Published by petagaye1
Edward Scissorhands film review
Edward Scissorhands film review

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Published by: petagaye1 on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edward ScissorhandsThe gothic home of Edward is a strong contrast to the pastel suburban homesthat amplifies, that someone scary and different lives in the home at the top of the hill. Figure 1 shows a still from Edward Scissor hand, where his gothic styledhouse dominates the landscape of the little suburban town.Figure 1 Edward Scissorhands home.(1990)What this Image shows is a gothic castle at the top of hill where pastel colouredhomes are in the foreground . The Suburban homes lack individuality and are areflection of the people in this town. Who follow each others judgements andstick to the crowds ideas of what might be wrong or right instead of making theirown judgements. Ironically the real scary scene is the suburb while the castle is aplace of solitude and peace and loneliness.The poster art in figure2 depicts a really scary film but its not true the realmonsters in this film are the suburban house wives, especially the woman whotries to seduce Edward.
 Figure2 Edward Scissorhands (1990)The poster shows Edward looking solemn with his scissorhands in the picture.The poster makes Edward seem like a danger especially to himself, hisexpression is sad and he seems really lonely. And this is true in the movie he is
lonely and sad but he’s not an intentional danger, he just seems
to be missunderstood and timid compared to the loud house wives.Edward is embraced reluctantly by the town when they realise he has a gift but they then discard him when it appears like he is in the wrong . The Contact musicfilm review explains that the people in the down use Edward they stated that the
people give him a celebrity persona but this status, “turns negative and soonenough, pitchfork and torch sales are flying through the roof”(Contact music,s.d)
what Contact music seems to be saying is that after the people have taken what they wanted from Edward they are quick to take away the trust and love theyonce had for him.
Edward seems to have a need to make things beautiful even though he can’t 
make himself desirable. Baussat explains that the
The bored housewives in thecommunity are awed when Edward demonstrates marvelous creativity insculpting fantastic objects out of suburban hedges
” (Baussat,s.d)
It seems likethey are awed because Edward brings creativity and individuality to thecommunity.The movie is being told by an old lady to her grand daughter which turns thisfilm into a very unconventional fairytale. Ring from Sci fi Block explains that,
”The fact that th
is story is presented as a story creates a mythical
this notion is true because a man with fingers for hand could
only be told in a mythical setting because it doesn’t draw from reality in anyway.
Edward is a strange frankstein compilation, that the audience sympathises with.

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