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Chapter 5test

Chapter 5test

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Published by atagg123

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Published by: atagg123 on Dec 14, 2012
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Civil Liberties
Ans:EPage:98Type:Factual10.The use of dogs to sniff high school lockers for drugs has beendetermined by the Supreme Court to bea0.unconstitutional. b0.constitutional under all circumstances.c0.constitutional if parental permission is obtained.d0.constitutional if supervised by a federal agent.e0.constitutional if incident to a reasonable search.Ans:EPage:98Type:Factual20.A person treating the U.S. flag contemptuously isa0.subject to conviction in federal court. b0.subject to conviction in state court.c0.subject to conviction in state and federal court.d0.protected by Fourth Amendment rights.e0.protected by the right to exercise free speech.Ans:APage:99Type:Factual30.The case of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard and Walter Winchell illustrateshow civil liberties issues arise whena0.the rights of different groups are in conflict. b0.the costs of enforcing rights are excessive.c0.passions are inflamed by entrepreneurs.d0.principles themselves are in conflict.e0.the costs of enforcement are moderate.Ans:CPage:99Type:Conceptual40.Conflicts in civil liberties often arise becausea0.majoritarian politics is ineffective in resolving crises. b0.the U.S.
is vague on issues of individual rights.c0.the
 Bill of Rights
lists several competing rights.d0.policy entrepreneurs rarely operate in the civil rights area.e0.the Supreme Court has refused to play a leading role in theinterpretation of the First Amendment.Ans:EPage:99Type:Conceptual50.Civil liberties conflicts between the Fraternal Order of Police and theAmerican Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are
likely to beexamples of a0.majoritarian politics. b0.neo-institutional politics.c0.entrepreneurial politics.d0.client politics.e0.interest group politics.
Ans:APage:100Type:Factual60.The Espionage and Sedition Acts were largely stimulated by fears of a0.Germans and radicals. b0.radicals and blacks.c0.blacks and communists.d0.Japanese and Germans.e0.socialists and steel workers.Ans:APage:100Type:Conceptual70.An example of how entrepreneurial politics can enter the realm of civil liberties is that of a0.the so-called Red Scare during World War I. b0.Dr. Samuel Sheppard’s assertion of his right to a fair trial.c0.Jewish opposition to Christmas creches.d0.efforts to bring bilingual education into Hispanic districts.e0.All of the above.Ans:CPage:100Type:Factual80.Senator Joseph McCarthy became a powerful policy entrepreneur byclaiming thata0.the Japanese posed a West Coast security threat. b0.hippies were undermining Christianity.c0.communists had infiltrated the government.d0.homosexuals were transmitting AIDS to heterosexuals.e0.secular humanists were indoctrinating educators.Ans:APage:100Type:Factual90.Usually, the Supreme Court has reacted to wartime curtailments of civil liberties bya0.upholding them. b0.rejecting them.c0.upholding them at first, limiting them later.d0.rejecting them at first, reinstating them later.e0.avoiding rulings on constitutionality and consigning suchissues to the lower federal courts.Ans:CPage:100Type:Factual100.The earliest immigrant group to arrive in large numbers and thusalter the scope of civil rights issues consisted of a0.Mexican Hispanics. b0.Hispanics from other Latin American countries.c0.Irish Catholics.d0.Southeast Asians.e0.German Protestants.Ans:BPage:101Type:Factual110.The immigrant group usually associated with the drive for bilingualeducation is composed of a0.Southeast Asians. b0.Hispanics.c0.Africans.d0.Eastern Europeans.e0.Germans.
Ans:CPage:101Type:Conceptual120.The balance between community sensitivities and personal self-expression is
likely to be challenged whena0.rights conflict (e.g., the
 New York Times
and Pentagon Papers). b0.policy entrepreneurs become involved (e.g., the McCarthy era).c0.cultures conflict (e.g., Jewish versus Christian symbols).d0.minorities are repressed (e.g., sedition acts).e0.a and d.Ans:EPage:102Type:Conceptual130.A good example of how community sensitivities and personal self-expression can sometimes conflict is that of a0.sedition acts. b0.the
case.c0.the blacklisting of suspected communists.d0.incitement statutes.e0.nude dancing.Ans:CPage:101Type:Factual140.In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of whatorganization to refuse membership to homosexual men?a0.National Football League b0.Fraternal Order of Policec0.Boy Scouts of Americad0.Boston Rotary Clube0.Pensacola JayceesAns:EPage:102Type:Factual150.Which of the following statements concerning the
 Bill of Rights
andstate power is
 Bill of Rights
originally applied only to the federalgovernment. b0.The Supreme Court clearly held that
 Bill of Rights
applied onlyto the federal government in an 1833 case.c0.The
was generally silent on what states could notdo to their residents.d0.The interpretation and application of the
 Bill of Rights
began tochange after the Civil War.e0.None of the above.Ans:APage:102Type:Factual160.The
 Bill of Rights
has come to apply to the states through theinterpretation of a0.the Fourteenth Amendment. b0.the Tenth Amendment.c0.the commerce clause.d0.Article III.e0.the necessary and proper clause.Ans:DPage:102Type:Factual170.The earliest incorporations of portions of the
 Bill of Rights
reliedupona0.the notion of a reasonable person. b0.the shock the conscience test.c0.a rational basis standard.d0.the due process and equal protection clauses.e0.the notions of ordered liberty and fundamental rights.

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