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Year 13 Production Project Plotline

Year 13 Production Project Plotline

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Published by Jack Ayers

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Published by: Jack Ayers on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 13 Production Project
Country inMourning
Wholegroup-Film, empty eerie hospital corridors,horror film feel (flashes of still images?)-How the country deals with another terrorist attack-Mourning the loss of hundreds of Brits....
Wholegroup-Busy hospital corridors-We see the aftermath of a terrorist attack-Small scenes scattered across the stage, patients, doctors,nurses, families-Audience do not know that it is the result of a terrorist attack-Scene ends with doctors rushing towards the bed of the goodtwin in a panic.
 Group-Twitter feeds/FB updates betweentwins-Filming of the two twins (shay andRyan)-Introduction to the twins-Follow them as they grow up-Begins humorous and playful-Introduce social media, tv, internet, laptops, ipad, i phone,bbm – show how both twins use it in di
erent ways.-They get split into di
erent tutor groups at school and havedi
erent set of friends/follow di
erent paths
Bad Twin
SmallGroup-Twitter feeds between twins and alsoShay and ‘bad’ group-social media, friend requests,retweets, events organised from cultgroup etc-ending with quote/speech fromOsama Bin laden (you tube clip)-Follows the bad twin through late teens early twenties.-Is enticed and encouraged to join an anti royalist/cult/extremist group.-Drawn in by social media – becomes “friends” with anti royalistfacebook.-Obsession which leads to terrorism
Good Twin
Smallgroup-Twitter feeds between twins-social media, friend requests, eventsorganised relating to graduation party,studying at uni, joining police force etc-Follows the good twin through late teens early twenties-Graduates from university-Stable group of friends-Joins police academy – passing out ceremony
Build aBomb
Smallgroup-live projection filmed from above-abstract film footage, close ups of substances, liquids, bottles being used.-Preparation of suicide bombings
Smallgroupn/a-Exploration of the Muslim faith and their beliefs.-Look at why you would sacrifice your life for religion.
 Group-Texts between police, family andfriends warning that something mayhappen....undercover knowledge of aterrorist attack.-Undercover metropolitan police-Explores what the police know but don’t/cant disclose-Detectives-Preparing and planning-One o
cer contacts a friend to tell them not to go into centralLondon tomorrow but doesn’t say why.
Wholegroup-All royal footage, as well as tweets,updates etc, to fit to typically ‘British’music (1-1
mins, playing underneaththe news footage)-News bulletin of the terror attack incentral London-Muslim cult/youth group montage of still images-Positive Royal media coverage which turns negativethroughout the piece-Lots of media coverage of Kate & Wills possibly a baby?-Street party celebrating jubilee or birth of Kate & Wills baby.-We see the e
ects of a terrorist attack-Chaos/running/screaming/injured/trapped/bleeding/bungee/sirens-Audience is unsure if Kate & Wills have been e
ected-Flashes of bad twin and his involvement in the attack-Good twin is seriously injured and rushed to hospital
Wholegroup-Repeat busy hospital corridors-Repeat of opening scene – audience will now become awarethat opening hospital scene was a result of the terrorist attack-Piece starts with doctors rushing to good twin’s bed. Cardiacarrest. Flatline.-Good twin dies as a result of terrorist attack which bad twinwas involved in.
Bad twinremorse
Smallgroupn/a-Bad twin remorseful tries to come to terms with death of hisbrother.-Reaction to death and monologue explain what he has beeninvolved with and his regeret/remorse.
Smallgroup-Family response to death of one son knowing that the otherwas involved in the attack-Ending with response to ShayRewind
Selectgroup-Twitter feeds/FB updates-What if?-Twins stay together, same friendship groups, same life etc
Good twin(and badtwin)
Selectgroup-Both graduating, both police o
cers etc
SelectgroupREPEAT of some royal footage, as wellas tweets, updates etc.News bulletin of the terror attack incentral London-Repeat police line and both dead at the end.
SmallgroupBusy hospital corridors, repeat fromearlier but slow motion.-Family response to death of both sons.-Ending with response to both sons being dead.

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