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Neet Stuff

Neet Stuff

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Published by: Balasubrahmanya Bhat on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Small-blue-round-cell tumors:
The predominance of blue staining is due the fact that the cells consistpredominantly of nucleus, thus they have scant cytoplasm.
Desmoplastic small-round-cell tumour
Ewing's Sarcoma/PNET
Wilms' tumour
Small-cell lymphoma
Hepatoblastoma - only the anaplastic form has round blue cells.Endogenous chemoattractant- C5aepithelial granuloma caused by- CD4 helper T cells1st sign of wound injury- capillary dilatationmc site of metastatic calcification- lungscalcification begins in- mitochondria[ except in kidney- basement membrane ]Non-enzymatic antioxidants- Vit E- cysteine, glutathione- Albumin, ceruloplasmin, transferrin..most abundant glycoprotein in basemnt membrane- Lamininmost imp organelle in apoptosis- mitochondriasure sign of malignancy- metastasis
Tumor markers:
 Medullary ca thyroid- calcitoninLiver cell ca- AFPCa. colon, pancreas, lung- CEA, CA 19,9, p53, RAS mutationsProstate ca- prostatic spcfc Ag, prostatic acid phosphataseOvarian ca- CA 125Multiple myeloma- immunoglobulinsMelanoma- HMB 45
'popcorn' calcification- chondrosarcomaCD4 : CD8 ratio - 2:1CD45- leucocyte common antigenCD16 - NK cellsmost frequent gene in autoimmunity- PTPN 22Best method for diagnosing amyloidosis- rectal biopsysecondary amyloidosis mc a/w- rheumatoid arthritis [ also k/a reactive systemic amyloidosis ]''full house phenomenon'' seen in- SLE nephropathyMCC of intracranial metastasis- Ca lungMCC of hepatic metastasis - Bronchogenic carcinomaMCC of hepatic mets from GIT
Colonic caMCC of Intrauterine Growth retardation-C/c pyelonephritis?MCC of HTN in children-A/c GlomerulonephritisMC complication of CSOM- MASTOIDITISMost common extacranial complication of CSOM
Mastoiditis..Most common intracranial complication of CSOM
MeningitisMC ovarian tumour in pregnancy- Teratoma/Dermoid cystMC joint involved in Osteo Arthritis- Knee jointMCC of interstitial/atypical pneumonia- MycoplasmaMC Glycogen storage disease-
Gaucher’s disease
 MC porphyria-Porphyria cutanea tarda.MC cause of childhood nephritic syndrom-Minimal change diseaseMC cause of adult nephritic syndrome- FSGSMC cancer-Lung cancerMC cancer in females-Breast cancerMC cause of maternal deaths- Obstetric hemorrhage(PPH)MC cause of Blindness in India- CataractMC site of Gastrinoma- Duodenum.MC Paraneoplastic Syndrome- HypercalcemiaMC paraneoplastic endocrinopathy- Cushings syndromeMc presenta
tion of meckel’s
bleedingMc s/e of radiation on heart - pericardial effusion
M.c. Cause of cushing’s disease
- pituitary microadenomaMcc of primary hyperaldosteronism- b/ l cortical hyperplasiaMc aldosterone producing adrenal tumour- u/l adrenal adenoma
Mcc of post trauma vegetative state- diffuse axonal injuryMc asso anomaly with coarctation of aorta- bicuspid aortic valveMcc of vasculitis in child- henoch- schonlein purpuraMc feature of aortitis on x-ray- calcified ascending aortaMC intra-abdominal malignancy in children
Neuroblastoma2nd MC intra- abdominal malignancy in children
Wilm’s tumor
 MC hepatic malignancy in children
HepatoblastomaMC soft tissue sarcoma
RhabdomyosarcomaMC site for rhabdomyosarcoma
Head and neckMC Pediatric malignancy
ALL2nd MC Pediatric malignancy
Brain tumorMC brain tumor in children
AstrocytomaMC brain tumor in infancy
SupratentoriaMC brain tumor between 1-10 yrs of age
InfratentorialMC brain tumor after 10 yrs of age
SupratentorialMC embryonal brain tumor
MedulloblastomaMC renal mass in neonates
Multicystic renal dysplasiaMC malignant tumor of kidney
Wilm’s tumor
 MC TUMOURS IN PARTS OF MEDIASTINUM anterior- thymomasmid- cystposterior- neurogenic tumourMc tumour of mediastinum- neurogenic tumourmost malignant masses of mediastinum- lymphomasMC cause of renal artery stenosis Old age- atherosclerosisYoung(india)- Takayasu arteritisYoung( western world)- fibro muscular dysplasiaMC of eye in AIDS1.Lesion- microvasculopathy of conjunctiva and retina2. Infection- chorioretinitis3. Neoplasm- kaposi sarcoma4. Cause of chorioretinitis- CMV5. Finding in HIV retinopathy- cotton wool spots6. Rx of CMV retinitis- ganciclovir,foscarnetMOST COMMON site in GIT Small bowel carcinoid-ILEUMUlcerative colitis,hirsprung disease- RECTUMPolyps in peutz jegher syndrome,pneumatosiscystoids intestinale
JEJUNUMAmoebic colitis,volvulus- SIGMOID COLON

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