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Analysing the Opening of a Thriller Taken

Analysing the Opening of a Thriller Taken

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Published by Kayayleigh

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Published by: Kayayleigh on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kayleigh StevensAnalysing the opening of a thriller: TakenLocation/Time Period: America
est 1995 and 2007.
The beginning of the film is a dream from the main character. It’s a memory of a girls 5
birthdayparty. The effect on the camera shows that this is some time ago. The birthday is in a sunny garden,
this helps build the theme of happiness and freedom. The location then changes to the man who’s
dreaming; alone in a dark apartment. This instantly contrasts to the mood created in the previousscene. The next location is a small electronics store, followed by the return to the apartment. Thetype of equipment sold helps to define the time period by how advanced they are; the karaokemachine tells
us that the film isn’t quite set in any time after 2010. These scenes are set up to build
the sub story and develop our initial characters personality.Sound:The warm sounds and giggling accompanied by the piano build up an innocent effect in the dreammemory. The sound is almost sucked away when the candles are blown out, followed by the soundbeing completely removed when the time period changes. This represents the removal of innocence(the sound). The conversation in the electronics store, builds up our impression of the character; heis friendly, funny, and very thorough
he knows everything down to the last detail. We learn thatthe character has visited the store on numerous occasions; he has built a friendship with the owner.Camera Work:The camerawork in the dream:Handheld
this makes the shot look real, in the sense that it doesn’t look like it has been filmed by a
camera crew but instead actually by a dad making a home birthday movie. This is by the unstableshots, and constant moving of the cameras position.Close up
this shot emphasises the excitement and joy in the little girls face whilst she opens herpresents, it also shows the closeness she has with her mother. She is genuine and grateful.Cut away
to the birthday cake is for the audience to establish the girls age at the time, to make thechange of time and circumstances clear.The camerawork in the scene:Long shot
this shot helps to build the lonely feeling around the character, he is the only person inthe shot sitting in the dark.Medium shot
the photo frame of the girl next to the titles ‘Taken’. This shot instantly gives theaudience some idea into the story’s plan.
 Shot/reverse shot / over the shoulder
allows us to see reactions during conversations.Mise-en-Scene:-Lighting: Bright lighting when looking in the dream, although grainy due to the type of camera/effect used. This connotes happiness and joy. Then we change to the apartment where it isdark. This change of light represents the difference of the emotion in the two scenes. A small lamp
is turned on; this is to tell the audience ‘look at this photo on the desk’ it is
clearly important to thestory.

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