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Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

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Published by Carla Wellborn

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Published by: Carla Wellborn on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Philosophy of Education
One of the most popular views of modern education seems to be the idea that it is onlynecessary for the purpose of job training. The majority of western citizens only go through schooling sothat they will be more marketable individuals in the career world. In fact, most avenues of study arechosen simply because they have been known to lead to the most lucrative employment opportunities.My personal philosophy on education calls for a shift in the overall view of learning in our society. Idesire for my students to see learning as an opportunity to grow into whole and effective human beingswho will contribute substantially and significantly to society.Education is more than merely job training. Education is an opportunity for human beings tointeract with the Creator in an intimate and more knowledgeable way. Even in a world that refuses toacknowledge His existence, a broadening and student centered education can allow for a more in depthinteraction with the world God has created, thereby allowing mankind to see more fully the glory of theLord.As an educator, my prayer is that I will be able to ignite a passion for learning within mystudents. I will not be satisfied to see academic measurable growth; instead, I desire to focus on thedevelopment of the holistic personhood of my students. I will do this through extensive reflective
assignments that allow plenty of room for my students to “explore the space” around them. Through
literature, I plan to emphasize the importance of interacting with the thoughts and expressions of otherpeople around the world. I will do this through targeting critical reading skills, critical writing skills,frequently instigating primarily student led discussions, and introducing the art of research.My prayer is that my students will learn to see artistic expression, social engagement, scientifictheory, and communication theory as equally important components of understanding the worldaround them. I plan to do this through integrating, as frequently as possible, the study of other contentareas into my own curriculum. While always using English as the main lesson, I want my students todevelop an appreciation for the way that everything they are learning is practical and connected.A large aspect of teaching the whole student is going to require me to spend much more energydifferentiating my lessons to target all learning styles within my classroom. I desire for students to takehold of their own learning and I understand that I must first aid them in finding their own intrinsic

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