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Project Proposal for activity based German learning

Project Proposal for activity based German learning

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Published by Anchal Batra Kapoor
Project Proposal for activity based German learning
Project Proposal for activity based German learning

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Published by: Anchal Batra Kapoor on Dec 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Proposal for activity based German learningTheme Activity Aim TargetGroupRemarksReading Club Reading the availableadditional Germanshort novels,newspaper etcfollowed by Groupdiscussions, Bookreviews andpresentations on thesameStudents willgain interestin German,extraknowledgeandconfidenceVI- X Resource-VI, VII-Reader books by
Felix and Theo 
level IVIII, IX-Reader books by
Felix and Theo 
level II
 Reader Books by
Felix and Theo 
level III,German Magazine-
Deutsch Perfekt 
Visual aids-learning withhelp of seeingvideos,short moviesetcVideos from You tube,short movies and shortvideos will be shownto students followedby discussions,activities likeenactments etc basedon sameIt will help thestudents toadaptthemselves tothe fluency ofGermansbetter, willhelp them toknow theculture ofGermany andalso willincrease theirinterest inGermanlanguageVI- X Resource-Following CDs and DVDs-
Wir live
Politi BongoOral activities Activities such asenactments, Roleplays, DialogueMaking, Partner work,Team workStudents willgain interestin thelanguage,such activitiesVI- X Resource-Resource books-
SpielendDeutsch lernen
Resource book
will also helpthe studentsin improvingtheir fluencyin Germanand studentswill be able toadaptthemselves toreal lifesituations inGermanyAhlcon InternationalGeography-Learning aboutGeography andCulture ofGermany andGermanlearningcountriesReading Articles aboutGermany and Germanlearning countries,watching Videos,reading updates fromInternet and e-newspaperStudents willget a broaderidea aboutGermany andits culturewhich canhelp them infuture oncethey go toGermanyVI- X Resource-
German Cities
Karlchen und Adler
Politi bongoExtra practiceof listeningexersicesStudents will beprovided with extraexersices based onlistening GermanIt will help thestudents toadaptthemselves tothe fluency ofGermansbetter, willhelp them toknow theculture ofGermany andwill makethem capableof interactingwith GermansVI- X Resource-
Wir plus
Alles Klar
Planet II and IIIE-learning-being active onpaschnetwebsiteStudents will be activeon the paschnetwebsite and will readmore, post theirwritings andcomments on thewebsite and stayconnected withIt will help thestudents to goglobal- theywill gainconfidence inthe languageand will alsoget a chanceVI- X Resource-Website: paschnet.deA Newsmaker group will beformed by students wherestudents will make news ofall the German activities inschool and the best will beposted on paschnet
German learnersaround the globeto interactwith Germanlearners allover the worldwebsiteLocal Visits toplaces relatedto GermanyVisit to local placesrelated to Germany foreg. Showrooms inDelhi of variousGerman brands,international bookfairs, Max MuellerBhavan etcStudents willgain interestin German,extraknowledgeandconfidenceVI- X VI, VII-Annual visit to Max MuellerBhavan, interaction withteachers and tour of maxMueller Bhavan libraryVIII-Annual Visit to InternationalBook FairIX, X-Visit to GermanCompanies/German brandshowroomsPreparation ofInternationalExams ofGermanParticipation inInternational Exams ofGermanGoodstudents shallbe given extrapractice fortheinternationalexams whichwill serve as agood platformfor themVI- X VII,VIII-Fit in Deutsch IIX, X-Fit in Deutsch IICreativelearning,learning withPPTs etcMaking of Germancharts, German PPtsetcStudents willget a chanceto club theirknowledge ofGerman withcreativity andshowcasetheircapabilities.VI- X
Topics like Germany-its Culture , Famouspersonalities ofGermany etc
Topics related toacademicsInterviewtrainingTaking and appearingin mock interviews inGermanStudents willdevelopconfidence inspeakingGerman andfacing outsideinterviews andwill gain extraknowledge.VI- X Taking up situations like
Interview for aScholarship
Interview foradmission in college
Interview for a job
Interview for schoolheadgirl/head boyEnacting acultural play inStudents will in-act acultural play inStudents willdevelopVI- X Previously performedcultural plays-

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