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Christmas Best Gift in Prints

Christmas Best Gift in Prints

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Published by CuteEdge

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Published by: CuteEdge on Dec 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRISTMAS BEST GIFT IN PRINTS!I bring you Christmas greetings as I connect with you in the spirit of the season.Christmas is a period to remember and remind ourselves that no matter what is going on inthe world today; God still loves and wants the best for us. He demonstrated this by
 us His only begotten son Jesus.Jesus came and in demonstration of His love for us walked and lived amongst us not as anaccuser and condemner but as our saviour and friend; even to the worst of us. One majorreminder of who He is, why He was born and how He lived and wants us to live is how Hewent out of His way to connect with the Samaritan woman at the well.
Jesus deliberately went to the city of Sychar in Samaria so that He could bring healing to a woman who had been caught in the crisis of life. It was this woman that Jesus went to make a worshipper of God, a woman without a name or no history or identity as any man would choose to call her. She was now better known as a woman who had married five husbands and living with a six man she was not married to by reputation. With no reputation and no class, is our salvation message drawn to people like these? Are you a woman whose past history needs to be rewritten by our Lord Jesus Christ? A new history began for this woman from the day she had an encounter with Jesus at the well.The Woman by the well found a different relationship from a man called Jesus; He was different from all the men she had ever known. She found pleasure in soaking with Jesus in a conversation that brought hope to her despair. It was a conversation that took away the  pressures of life and offered the warmth, understanding and affection of a father. It was a dialogue that gingered her to open her heart to listen to what she had never heard before about herself.
This woman who had no name, married five times and was living with a sixth man she wasnot legally married to
but instead of accusing her like we will do, Jesus saw God’s gift in
her and brought out treasure from her earthen vessel after their encounter. More aboutthis encounter that opened to us the best way to relate with one another and with
unbelievers around us is in the book titled “The Woman at the Well” by Pastor Mark
Osereme. If you have read a copy, you will agree with me that this is the best gift tocommemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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