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3rd grade

3rd grade

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Published by Kamolpan Areevijit

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Published by: Kamolpan Areevijit on Dec 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reading Comprehension Name: _________________________Grade 3 - Reading
The Lion and the Mouse
A lion was awakened from sleep by a mouserunning over his face. Rising up with anger, he caughtthe mouse and was about to kill him. Then, the mouseinterrupted saying, "If you would only spare my life, Iwould be sure to repay your kindness." The lionlaughed and let him go.It happened shortlyafter this that the lionwas caught by somehunters, who bound him by strong ropes to theground. The mouse,recognizing the lion’sroar, came and gnawed the rope with his teeth, and sethim free!The mouse then told the lion, "Youridiculed the idea that I would ever beable to help you. You didn’t expect toreceive from me any repayment of your favor. Now you know that it is possiblefor even a mouse to help out a lion."
Reading Comprehension Name: _________________________Grade 3 - Reading
The Lion and the Mouse
Aesop’s Fables
Read the story. Use the information in the story to answer thequestions below.1. What caused the lion to wake up from his sleep?
A. He was hungryB. He was angryC. A mouse ran over his faceD. He wasn’t tired anymore
2. Why did the lion laugh at the mouse?
A. The mouse was telling funny jokesB. He didn’t think the mouse could ever repay himC. He wanted to let him goD. He knew that the mouse would save his life
3. “The mouse, recognizing the lion’s roar, came and
therope with his teeth, and set him free.” What does the word gnawedmean in this sentence?
A. ChewedB. HungryC. QuicklyD. Pinched
4. What lesson did the lion learn from the mouse?
A. Even a lion can help a mouseB. It is possible for even a mouse to eat cheeseC. The lion could have eaten the mouseD. It is possible for even a mouse to help out a lion
5. Based on the events that happened in the story, what would mostlikely happen next?
A. The lion would thank the mouseB. The lion would eat the mouseC. The mouse would eat the lionD. The lion would be angry with the mouse

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