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Table Of Contents

Transverse Waves on a String
1.1 The Wave Equation for an Ideal Stretched String
1.2 A General Solution of the One-dimensional Wave Equation
1.3 Harmonic or Sinusoidal Waves
1.4 Standing Sinusoidal Waves
1.6 The General Motion ofa Finite String Segment
1.7 Fourier Series
1.8 Energy Carried by Waves on a String
*1.10 Another Derivation oj the Wave Equationjor Strings
*1.11 Momentum Carried by a Wave
Waves on a Membrane
2.1 The Wave Equation for a Stretched Membrane
2.2 Standing Waves on a Rectangular Membrane
2.3 Standing Waves on a Circular Membrane
2.4 Interference Phenomena with Plane Traveling Waves
Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity
3.1 The Elongation ofa Rod
3.2 Volume Changes in an Elastic Medium
3.3 Shear Distortion in a Plane
3.4 The Torsion of Round Tubes and Rods
3.5 The Statics ofa Simple Beam
3.6 The Bending ofa Simple Beam
One-dimensional Elastic Waves
4.1 Longitudinal Waves on a Slender Rod
(b) Standing Waves
(c) Energy and Power
(d) Momentum Transport
4.2 The Impedance Concept
4.3 Rods with Varying Cross-sectional Area
4.5 Torsionol Waves on a Round Rod
4.6 Transverse Waves on a Slender Rod
(a) The Wave Equation
(b) Solution oj the Wave Equation
(c) Traveling Waves
(d) Normal-mode Vibrations
4.7 Phase and Group Velocity
4.8 Waves on a Helical Spring
*4.9 Perturbation Calculations
(c) Equilibrium Theory of Tides
(d) The Dynamical Theory of Tides
6.5 Energy and Power Relations
*Elastic Waves in Solids
7.1 Tensors and Dyadics
7.2 Strain as a Dyadic
7.3 Stress as a Dyadic
7.4 Hooke's Law
7.5 Waves in an Isotropic Medium
(a) [rrotational Waves
(b) Solenoidal Waves
7.6 Energy Relations
*7.7 Momentum Transport by a Shear Wave
*Electromagnetic Waves
8.1 Two-conductor Transmission Line
(a) Circuit Equations
(b) Wave Equation
(c) Characteristic Impedance
(e) Impedance Measurement
8.2 Maxwell's Equations
8.3 Plane Waves
8.4 Electromagnetic Energy and Momentum
8.S Waves in a Conducting Medium
8.6 Reflection and Refraction at a Plane Interface
(0) Boundary Conditions
(b) Normal Incidence on a Conductor
(c) Oblique Incidence on a Nonconductor
8.7 Waveguides
(a) The Vector Wave Equation
(c) Rectangular Cross Section
8.8 Propagation in Ionized Gases
8.9 Spherical Waves
9.1 The WKB Approximation
9.2 Geometrical Optics
Fraunhofer Diffraction
10.1 The Paraxial Approximation
10.2 The Fraunhofer Limit
10.3 The Rectangular Aperture
10.4 The Single Slit
10.5 The Circular Aperture
10.7 Multiple Slits
*10.8 Practical Diffraction Gratings for Spectral Analysis
(a) Gratings of Arbitrary Periodic Structure
(b) The Grating Equation
(c) Dispersion
(d) Resolving Power
*10.9 Two-dimensionol Gratings
*10.10 Three-dimensional Gratings
11.1 Fresnel Zones
(a) Circular Zones
(b) Off-lUis Diffraction
(c) Linear Zones
11.2 The Rectangular Aperture
(a) Geometry and Notation
(b) The Cornu Spiral
11.3 The Linear Slit
11.4 The Straight Edge
12.1 Nonsinusoidal Periodic Waves
12.2 Nonrecurrent Waves
12.3 Amplitude-modulated Waves
12.4 Phase-modulated Waves
12.5 The Motion oja Wave Packet in a Dispersive Medium
12.6 The Fourier Trans/orm Method
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Physics of waves

Physics of waves

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Published by Polargento
fisica, ondas electromagneticas, ondas sonoras, acustica
fisica, ondas electromagneticas, ondas sonoras, acustica

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Published by: Polargento on Dec 15, 2012
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