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Sydney White

Sydney White

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Published by Khalid Yazit
Movie Review
Movie Review

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Published by: Khalid Yazit on Dec 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scene “Something for Sydney White’s” – Define Communication
“For Syd”.(man) “Syd”.“Yo, sign Syd's card”.“It's for Syd”.“Hey, Syd!. Got a little something for you”.“What's this?” “Just a little something”.“Aw, Guys”. (open the gifts with greedy)“From all of us”.
Before we understand the purpose of Interpersonal Communication, we first learnt about themeaning of the terms “communication”. According to the Interpersonal Communicationtextbook that is published by Steve A. Beebe, the word “communication” is the process of acting on information. In this scene, we can see how all the construction workers at Sydney’sworkplace interacting with each other into passing the gifts to Sydney’s. Through thescreaming of one another, “For Syd!”, they know to whom to give the gifts.
Scene “Sydney White’s Tells Her Story” – Define Intrapersonal Communication
(Sydney) “Know how people joke about being raised by wolves? I was raised by construction workers”.“What have you got?”.“Peanut butter. It's so good”.(man wolf whistles to a woman in streets) “Hey, mamacita!” (Sydney’s wolf whistles to a boy in streets) “Hey, sexy boy!” “Yeah!” (Sydney) “I was only nine when my mom died, which means my formative years wereleft up to my dad”.
“Being a plumber did give him a certain unique perspective...” “Now, these up here are your, um... your fall pian... That's not right. Uh... Fallopian.These are your... Let's just call them your lady tubes. All right? Every month, you...lay an egg. Like a chicken. Understand?”.“My dad always did his best. But sometimes, a girl just needs her mom”.
Sydney’s tells us all about her personal matters. How she is living as an orphan child, her mother has been passed away for so long and she is raised by her dad ever sincechildhood. She also tells us how her father was so responsible for herself. When Sydney’sdoing intrapersonal communication which is communication with herself, it giving the effectof various emotions and feelings to the audience.
Scene “Letter from Sydney’s Late Mother” – Improved Relationship with Colleagues
“(Mom) Dear Sydney,I love you so much.I'm so sorry I'm not there to see you off to college.But since I can't be, I've put some of my favorite memories in this box.Live every moment, Sydney.Grab every opportunity. And have fun in everything you do.The friends you meet in college will be your friends for life.Perhaps you'll fill this box with your own memories to pass on to your daughter someday. And know that though I can't be there with you now,I'm always right by your side every step of the way”.
By a letter from Sydney’s late mother, we can see how important is communication that islinked with a colleagues. Because she stated that college friends are friends forever. The
audience can comprehend that her late mother are actually hoping for Sydney’s to be able tointeract and socialize perfectly with her colleagues.
Scene “Sydney’s Roommates” – More Words Will Make The Meaning Clearer 
Well, hello there”.“Oh, Hi. I didn't even know anyone was in here”.“Oh, that's OK. People sometimes don't see me. I'm Dinky”.“Oh, no, you're not”.“No, silly, that's my name”.“Oh, Dinky? That's your real name?” “Of course not. My real name's Demetria Rosemead”.“Dinky it is. Hi, I'm Sydney White”.“Sydney White? The other Kappa legacy? Daughter of Paul White and Deborah Lee,Kappa pledge class 1980?” “Yeah”. (gasps)“I'm sorry, I feel bad I didn't order your background check”.“I'm the other Kappa legacy! Oh, my gosh! This is just so exciting! I should've knownthey would've roomed us together for rush. Don't get too comfortable. We're gonnamove to the Kappa house! Ah! We're gonna be sisters!” (squeals) Yay. We're jumping now.
Sometimes, when we less talk, we will be easily capture on what other people are saying. Inthis scene for example, we can see how Sydney is quite confused whether “Dinky” is meantby her roommates, Dementria Rosemead referring herself own attitudes, but it was actuallyher nickname. The way Dinky’s talked are too fast, because she was kind of like bubbly,lively and girlish girl, so she also made some a little uncomfortable impression to Sydney

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