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Personality Change October Daimonion

Personality Change October Daimonion

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Published by Baldintza

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Published by: Baldintza on Dec 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Personality Change:
The destruction of the sacred, the creation of the ecstatic 
By October (Daimonion)
This document is intended to be read from the beginning to the end. Each technique described is doneso both in terms of an overarching metaphor and in relation to previously described techniques.
Forget who you were
Why struggle to adjust who you were, when you have the capacity to create who you will be?We are bound by our internal narrative. Our individual stories of who we have been, should be,and can be determine, to a great extent, the boundaries of our perception and action. When anindividual is completely identified with (strongly believes in) his story, attempts at ‘self-improvement’ which require behaviors alien to its protagonist are likely to be painstakinglyslow.In the self-help and seduction communities, much effort is wasted upon the attempt todeconstruct the success of ‘naturals’ and ‘winners’ into individual behaviors. The underlyingassumption of many is that such individual behaviors are ‘right’ and are ‘effective’ in producingthe desired results, while the old behaviors being replaced are ‘wrong’. There is a tendency tobelieve that an
can be found to, what they believe to be, the
of seduction andsuccess. This linear, analytical attitude is not conducive to rapid personality change; the gradualchanges that can occur by use of this method usually do so within the plotlines of theindividual’s singular story of who they are.Metaphorically, (and please do not interpret this as a hypothesis on the empirical realities of the human condition) the narrative, or personality, is a form. It is a structure. Little can be doneto alter a structure that has already been completed. In order to build a palace where a churchis standing, would it be effective to build around the church? No. It would be better to first teardown the church. Ground must be cleared for a new structure to be created. Destruction, andthen chaos, must precede the construction of an entirely new form.Much of the change attempted by individuals in the self-help and seduction communities, andrecommended by their respective gurus, involves a misguided attempt to build around andinside of the pre-established church of the personality. Their efforts are equivalent to replacingthe rotting church with a glorious palace brick-by-brick. Haven’t they heard of dynamite?You may well have lived your whole life in your church. You might even be a devout monk. Areyou a true believer in the dogmas of your religion of personality? Perhaps you worship theAngels and Demons of your individual mythology of identity?This document is a manual of heretical techniques designed to undermine the authority of yourpersonal religion. It will show you the way out the church of who you have been. It will give youdirections to other structures; to other personality forms. You can spend as much time in themas you like, and study their layout in as much detail as is helpful to you. When you return to
your old church, you will be armed with explosives, knowledgeable in the methods of variousschools of human architecture, and prepared to build the palace of your self-created identity.

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