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Published by Nam Sanchun

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Published by: Nam Sanchun on Dec 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Plant Automation and SCADA Solutions
for the Water & Wastewater Industries
Experts in Water and Wastewater Treatment
Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, Inc. is the premier source of proven control technology and application expertise for the water and wastewater industries.We are known and trusted throughout the world for delivering superior control and operational solutions for water and wastewater facilities of all sizes. As part of Emerson Process Management, we combine our technology and experience with a broad range of instrumentation, valves, actuators, and other products and services to offer our customers the most comprehensive,knowledge-driven approach to improving performance.
Go with the ow
Is your current process flooded with inefficiency?
By choosing Emerson, you are selecting innovative plant instrumentation and control solutions that ease the ow of information for efcient plant operation.
Solutions Overview
Install an Emerson controlsystem at the center of yourwater or wastewater treatmentprocess, and you’ll achieve theindustry’s most reliable andcost-saving process control.Emerson offers system-widesolutions for water and waste-water infrastructures that includeindustry-specic capabilitiessuch as Ovation
remoteSCADA applications, embeddedadvanced control, predictivemaintenance, and optimizationsolutions.With Emerson, you won’t justmeet regulations and achieveenvironmental compliance— youwill achieve a cost-effective, dis-trict- wide solution that ensuresreliable, efcient control todayand into the future. Moreover,your control network will beexpandable, so you can meet theincreasing demand for a cleanwater supply. With Emerson’slong-term support programs,you can ensure that the installedsystem is maintained andupgraded as needed for con-tinued maximum reliabilityand efciency.
Solutions from Emerson managemore than 12 billion gallons per dayof treatment capacity.
It Works Better Together
Emerson stands out among thecompetition because of ourcomplete, plant-wide automa-tion solution. We’re comprisedof the most widely implementedinstrumentation and controlproducts and solutions, in-cluding Rosemount
, Fisher
,Mobrey, Bristol
, and DeltaV
.Realize the full potential of yourplant automation technologiesby standardizing on Emersonproducts and services. Ourprocess management brands aredesigned to work together forsuperior results. Our award-win-ning Ovation and DeltaV controltechnologies, in combinationwith AMS Suite and Emerson’sdigital instrumentation, makeup the heart of the PlantWeb
 digital plant network.PlantWeb enables superior diag-nostic capabilities through theintegration of predictive main-tenance practices. Ultimately,PlantWeb’s network of predic-tive intelligence enables you todetect process and equipmentproblems even before they occur,so you can move from reactiveto proactive and protable man-agement. That’s something noone else can promise.
A Digital PlantWebArchitecture
Emerson’s PlantWeb digital net-work delivers reduced projectrisk and better operations. Froma centralized workstation, you’llhave access to comprehensivedata and real-time predictiveand preventative informationconcerning measurement andprocess devices and mechanicalequipment. A PlantWeb solutiondoesn’t just provide more data— it offers actionable informa-tion, validated at its source toensure reliability.
Data Management andReporting
Emerson’s data managementand reporting capabilitiesoffer effective monitoring andcontrol to detect and isolatesystem leaks better. We provideintegrated information ow tomonitoring systems such asLIMS (laboratory informationsystems), FIS (nancial informa-tion systems), and GIS (geo-graphical information systems).

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