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Restaurant Design project 353

Restaurant Design project 353

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Published by Bee Somporn
Restaurant Design project 353
Restaurant Design project 353

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Published by: Bee Somporn on Dec 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Business Proposal for The Swamp Sports Bar and Grill1
Business Proposal Overview
The Swamp Sports Bar and Grill has a goal of being the best sports bar near the campusof San Francisco State University (SFSU). As a restaurant, we will meet this goal by trying tocater to the well-being of our customers—the students of SFSU—while providing high qualityMexican food and an engaging atmosphere full of flat screen T.V.’s, billiard tables and other games. At The Swamp, we highly value our customers. We understand that in order to keeplong lasting relationships with our customers, we must reach the highest standards of excellencein our food production, sanitation and customer service. As a bar, we will provide a wide varietyof beverages. We want to make sure that the prices for both our food and drinks reflect the quali-ty of our food and the service we provide. Our prices will also take into account the budgets of the majority of our customers.
 The location of The Swamp serves as a key for our success. We will be located withinwalking distance of the SFSU campus. The street proposed for the Swamp is Cambon Avenuewhich is within the housing area Park Merced near the Park Plaza Market. Because of this loca-tion, college students will be our target customers. Currently, there are not any bars within walk-ing distance of the SFSU campus. Having a place that serves both food and alcohol until 2 amconveniently enhances the college lifestyle. Rather than having to drive miles away, look for  parking and designate a driver, college students can conveniently walk to their destination.
The size of The Swamp makes it exude comfort. The Swamp resides in a 2,000 squarefoot building. At its maximum capacity, The Swamp holds around 30 people in the dining area.
Business Proposal for The Swamp Sports Bar and Grill2
There will also be a section of The Swamp just for guests who would like to sit near the bar. Inthis area, guests can choose from either bar or table seating. Guests will have to be 21 or older tosit in this section. This section will be able to hold about 20-30 guests.
Although The Swamp serves Mexican cuisine, the décor will make it look more like asports bar. The Swamp will attract many students from SFSU. Because we will have a predomi-nantly college student customer base, we want to make the dining and drinking experience enter-taining. We want people to come and enjoy themselves after a long week of work or school.Customers will be able to watch television from any area of the restaurant on one of our manyHD flat screen TVs. On days when there are multiple sporting events on at one time, the cus-tomers will be able to choose what they want to see. If a customer does not want to watch TV,there will be a number of other attractions that he or she can use to pass the time. We are goingto have a billiards table. Also, after a certain time on Friday nights, we are going to turn our din-ing room area into beer pong tournament. At this time, people can still order food, but only fromthe bar.
Operating Hours
 Monday through Thursday, The Swamp will be open from 11 am until midnight. Fridayand Saturday, The Swamp will be open from 11 am until 2 am. On Sundays, the restaurant hourswill be from 2 pm until 6 pm. On Sundays, The Swamp will only offer the lunch menu to cus-tomers. There are only a few days of the year when The Swamp will close due to holidays:Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter and the Fourth of July.
Business Proposal for The Swamp Sports Bar and Grill3
In order to give the best quality service at The Swamp, each employee will have to beServSafe Certified. Along with being ServSafe Certified for alcohol, our bartenders will be certi-fied and licensed by the SF School of Bartending. Our head chef and other cooks within our kitchen will be well trained on all items on the menu and also be up to date on the importance of sanitation and safety in the kitchen. Our wait staff will all provide attentive service to ensure thatevery customer that enters The Swamp stays satisfied.
The food served at The Swamp will be Mexican-American bar food. The menu will pro-vide the following as main entrees: quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, chili rellenos, and fa- jitas. Each guest will be able to choose between pollo, carne asada, carnitas, chili verde, queso,fish (Tilapia) or fresh vegetables. For the tacos, the guests can choose either a hard or soft-shell.Unless the customer orders an item a la carte, each entrée will be served with rice and beans.The customer will also be able to choose between black beans, pinto beans and refried beans.All entrée items will also be served with a variety of fresh vegetables, sour cream and salsa. Asan appetizer to the meal, the guests may choose from a variety of starters like our taquitos, sopasor ensaladas. The primary sopas will be the pozole, menudo, tortilla and sweet corn. Before re-ceiving the main dish, our customers will enjoy chips and freshly made salsa. Chips can also bean appetizer before the main meal if the customer wants to eat them with guacamole. The menuis subject to change depending on the availability of the resources. We have to carry enoughkitchen staff to be able to ensure speedy and quality food service without getting orders backed

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