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84 lakh juun

84 lakh juun

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Published by hardeep

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Published by: hardeep on Feb 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 tkfjr[o{ih eh |fsj..
 nktkrtD O84 bZy i'Bh 
 gq'H fJzdo f;zx xZrk 
 gq ekPe 
 cfsj gpbhe/PBI 
91^ftfdnk Bro, ;kjwD/ gzikph :{ Bhtof;Nh, gfNnkbk (gzikp). w' pH L 98144^55582
 fuso r[gs 
 Xow oki dh n;bhns 
(r[opkDh dh soe e;tZNh s/)
 w[Zb L 40$^
 nktkrtD O 84 bZy i'Bh 
(r[opkDh dh soe e;tZNh s/)
 gq'H fJzdo f;zx xZrk 
(fJz No B?;a Bb f;Zy fw;aBoh)(w'pH 98551^51699)
 ;G jZe b/ye d/ okyt/A jB 
 ezfgT{No NkJhfgzr 
 ewb ezfgT{No, ;kjwD/ gzikph :{Bhtof;Nh, gfNnkbk.
 v?c'fvb fgqz fNzr gq?;  fJzv;Noh J/ohnk  gfNnkbk. w[Zb L 40 o[g? gfjbh n?vh;aB nr;s 2007 d{ih ;' Xh j'Jh n?vh;B Btzpo 2007
 feskpK, feskpu/ ns/ ;hHvhH gqkgs eoB bJh gsk 
 cfsj gpbhe/ PBI 
91^ftfdnk Bro, ;kjwD/ gzikph :{Bhtof;Nh, gfNnkbk (gz ikp). w'pH L 98144^55582
 g[;seK fwbD bJh gs/
1Hcafsj gpbhe/PBI ftZfdnk Bro, B/V/ gzikph :{Bhtof;Nh, gfNnkbk ^ (w'L 98144^55582)Hbkj"o p[Ze Pkg, bkigs okJ/ wkoehN, b[fXnkDk ^(0161^2740738)3Hpkpk nkswk f;zx Xkofwe g[;se Gzvko, r[od[nkok f;zx  ;Gk, pfmzvk ^ (0164^2215252)4He/jo f;zx uzvhrVQ ^ (9815906213)5HnikfJp f;zx ;[Bkw ^ (94171^06555)6HGkJh i'X f;zx, eowihs f;zx, ndkbs pkIko, gfNnkb^ (0175^2216092)7HUAeko f;zx izw{ ^ (094691^41230)8H;qL pbftzdo f;zx wkB;k ^ (01652^228911)98725491059HGkJh uso f;zx, ihtB f;zx pkIko wkJh ;/tk, B/V/ ;q dopko ;kfjp, nzfwqs;o.10H;H pbftzdo f;zx okwg[ok (d'okjk) 01628^687017
 b/ye dhnK j'o ouBktK 
1H Xow d/ BK s/HHH.2H ;kvk p/Vk fJT[A rofenkHHH.3H g"okDe eEktK dk nzs.4H fet/A ehsk ik foj? f;ZyK dk ;opBk;.5H e;{otko eT[D<6H 25000 bk;aK dk ;Zu (SgkJh nXhB)
1H d;tzX gqzgok 2H w?B{z f;Z yh s/ wkD j?3H r[o{ noi[B ;kfjp ih 4H wkbk dh eokwks 5H f;Zy f;XKs 6H ro[V uV/ r'fpzd nkfJbk 7H fdB[o?fD ;G ;[jktD/ fgnko/8H ;G s/ tvk ;fsr[o[BkBe[
 nkvhU ;hHvhI 
1H f;Zy f;XksK dk fBy/Vk(18 xz N/d'Gkr eEk 
)2H fJfsjk; dk r"ot(10 xzN/eEk 
)3H eh fJj f;ZyK d/ fsT[jko jB<(10 xzN/eEk 
)4H r[oT[gd/;a eh j?<(10 xzN/eEk 
)5H pBko; d/mZr(10 xzN/eEk 
)6H tfjw Gow feT[A<(10 xzN/eEk 
)7H r[opkDh dk ukBD(10 xzN/eEk 
)8H r[opkDh d/52 j[ ew(26 xz N/d'  'Gkr eEk 
)9H f;Zyh s/wkD(10 xzN/eEk 
)10H r[ opkDh dk ;Zu(10 xzN/eEk 
)11H r[ o wkor(10 xzN/ eE
 thvhU ;hHvhia
10H f;Zyh dk wkD(thvhU ;hvh eEk)11H r[o{ nwodk; ih(thvhU ;hvh eEk)12H nodk; eh j?<(thvhU ;hvh eEk)13H uVQdh ebk fet/A j't/(thvhU ;hvh d' Gk ;[ nkb i[ nkp)14H eh Boe ;[ or j?<(thvhU ;hvh eEk)15H Xow ftfdnk dh b'V(thvhU ;hvh eEk)

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