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Published by Nando Urang Tasik

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Published by: Nando Urang Tasik on Dec 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SEEING STARSYana is my mother.Tony is my father.My name is Sasha.We live in a red house.We have a blue car.We sit in the yard at night.We look at the stars.Father tells me the stars make him happy.Mother tells me the stars make her want to sing.I like to guess how many stars are in the sky.We hear a baby cry next door. My mother sings.
The baby stops crying. We think he heard my mother’s pretty song.
 We all smile.
Who is Yana?1.
Sasha's father2.
Sasha's mother3.
Tony's father4.
Tony's mother2.
What color is Sasha's house?3.
Who is telling the story?1.
the baby4.
When do they sit in the yard?
How do the stars make Sasha's father feel?1.
like counting4.
like singing6.
What happens when Mother sings?1.
A friend comes by.2.
Father gets sleepy.3.
Sasha counts stars.4.
The baby stops crying.7.
What does Sasha like to do when she sees the stars?1.
She likes to sit in the car.2.
She likes to hold the baby.3.
She likes to sing with her mother.4.
She likes to guess how many there are.8.
What do Mother, Father and Sasha do at the end of the story?1.
They cry.2.
They laugh.3.
They smile.4.
They talk.
I fly airplanes for work.I am a pilot.Sometimes, I take my little girl with me.Her name is Bristol.Bristol likes to look out the window of the airplane.She likes to look at the clouds.She thinks the clouds look like animals.She points at one with her finger."I see a giraffe!" she says.I also have a little boy.My little boy does not like to be up high.He does not come with me on the airplane.He likes to play airplane with me.We play airplane when I get home.We run around the yard. We wave our arms in the air. We make airplane noises.
Who is telling this story?1.
a little boy3.
a pilot4.
a friend2.
What does Bristol like to do in the airplane?1.
look out the window2.
run in the yard3.
sit in the back 4.
be the pilot3.
Bristol points at something outside the window. What does she point at?1.
a giraffe2.
her dad

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