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Published by Erin Fuchs

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Published by: Erin Fuchs on Dec 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Updated Assessment of the Federal AssaultWeapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets andGun Violence, 1994-2003
Report to the National Institute of Justice,United States Department of Justice
Christopher S. Koper
(Principal Investigator)WithDaniel J. Woods and Jeffrey A. Roth
June 2004
Jerry Lee Center of CriminologyUniversity of Pennsylvania3814 Walnut StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19104
Preface iAcknowledgments ii1. Impacts of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, 1994-2003: Key Findings andConclusions 12. Provisions of the Assault Weapons Ban 42.1. Assault Weapons 42.2. Large Capacity Magazines 62.3. Foreign Rifles Capable of Accepting Large Capacity Magazines for Military Rifles 82.4. Ban Exemptions 102.5. Summary 113. Criminal Use of Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines Before theBan 143.1. Criminal Use of Assault Weapons 153.2. Criminal Use of Large Capacity Magazines 183.3. Summary 194. Overview of Study Design, Hypotheses, and Prior Findings 204.1. Logical Framework for Research on the Ban 204.2. Hypothesized Market Effects 214.3. Prior Research on the Ban’s Effects 235. Market Indicators for Assault Weapons: Prices and Production 255.1. Price Trends for Assault Weapons and Other Firearms 255.2. Production Trends for Assault Weapons and Other Firearms 335.3. Summary and Interpretations 366. Criminal Use of Assault Weapons After the Ban 396.1. Measuring Criminal Use of Assault Weapons: A Methodological Note 396.2. National Analysis of Guns Reported By Police to the FederalBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 406.3. Local Analyses of Guns Recovered By Police 466.4. Summary 517. Market Indicators for Large Capacity Magazines: Prices and Importation 617.1. Price Trends for Large Capacity Magazines 617.2. Post-Ban Importation of Large Capacity Magazines 657.3. Summary and Interpretations 65
8. Criminal Use of Large Capacity Magazines After the Ban 688.1. Baltimore 698.2. Anchorage 738.3. Milwaukee 758.4. Louisville 778.5. Summary 789. The Consequences of Crimes With Assault Weapons and Large CapacityMagazines 809.1. The Spread of Semiautomatic Weaponry and Trends in Lethal andInjurious Gun Violence Prior to the Ban 819.2. Shots Fired in Gun Attacks and the Effects of Weaponry on Attack Outcomes 839.3. Post-Ban Trends in Lethal and Injurious Gun Violence 919.4. Summary 9610. Looking to the Future: Research Recommendations and Speculation Aboutthe Possible Consequences of Reauthorizing, Modifying, or Lifting the AssaultWeapons Ban 9810.1. Research Recommendations and Data Requirements 9810.2. Potential Consequences of Reauthorizing, Modifying, or Liftingthe Assault Weapons Ban 100References 102

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