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Armour Attack

Armour Attack

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Published by Sterling Archer

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Published by: Sterling Archer on Dec 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Armour andInfantry Assault
Rules for Scaled World War 2 battles
First Edition
Peter Morffew
Armour and Infantry Attack World War 2 rules are easy to use and designed for games of all sizes,from company level up to divisional level with armour, infantry with artillery supportThe rules are designed to have the minimal amount of die rolling so that a game can be concluded withina afternoon or evening.The rules are meant to capture the atmosphere of a World War 2 battle rather than to emulate it in detail.These rules have been adapted from the Land and Airborne Assault Modern Rules which have been fullytested.Armour and Infantry Attack rules have been play tested several times to ensure playability.Aircraft are not included in this edition of the rules but a future edition might include aircraft support.Any comments can be sent to the author at the following e mail adddresspeter.wendy@talk21.comPeter MorffewCopy right 2006Other rules by Peter MorffewAge of Musket series. Rules covering the era of the musket from 1690 to 1866 athttp://ageofmusket.uuuq.com/index.htmLand and Airborne Assault. Rules for modern warfare from 1950 to the present day covering all aspectsof modern warfare including Special Forces athttp://landandairborne.uuuq.com/index.htmRorkes Drift. Rules specifically design for the battle at Rorked Drift. Either side can win athttp://ageofmusket.uuuq.com/rorkesdrift./index.htmlData for these rules is at http://landandairborne.uuuq.com/ww2/ 
These rules require the following. Two ordinary six sided dice, a ruler or tape measure, pen or a pencil,note paper, figures, the Armour and Infantry Attack data list from the internet and enthusiasm.
The time scale for each bound is one minute of combat, movement and relevant actions carried out byboth players simultaneously.The ground scales depend on the space available. A good working scale is 20 inches or 50 cm to akilometre. One inche or 1 cm to 50 metres.Figure scales are one to one for vehicles, bridges, buildings, etc.Two man support elements and three or four man assault elements can be represented by one figure basedon a suitably sized card i.e. three or four man element would cover a area 25 metres by 50 metres in acombat formation.
Dice rolling
To make the game faster and manageable a lot of dice rolling normally associated with a set of modernwarfare rules have been cut out, hence there is no dice rolling for the process of acquisition, achieving ahit and requests. A description of these actions are explained below.
It is considered that if a target is in direct line of sight of the firer it can be seen. Maximum visibility hasbeen imposed according to the weather, size of the target, terrain, time of day i.e. day or night, etc.
It is considered that all elements are in radio contact with each other.Limitations have been imposed for how many requests can be made per bound .There is a delay between making a request and the arrival of the support.
Achieving a hit
The hit probability of a weapon and the kill probability have been combined into a single die roll.There are factors that cover both sets of probabilities with spiralling resultsSome of the factors taken into consideration is the speed of the target, the target size, the armour class,Type of armour, firers speed, type of ammunition, etc.

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