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2010 Practice Test

2010 Practice Test

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Published by bugmenot540

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Published by: bugmenot540 on Dec 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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QUA2311 Practice Test #1 ______________ Q1.A random sample surveyof 80 Algonquin College students revealed the following on their weekly expenditure on foodon Campus.
Weekly expenses($)Number of students
$10 up to $2015$20 up to $3019$30 up to $4028$40 up to $5011$50 up to $60 7Total80
(a)Construct a frequency polygon for the given frequency distribution. (7 Marks).(b)Construct an “Less than” cumulative frequency distribution for the giveninformation. (4 Marks).(c)Based on the information in (b), construct an “Less than” Ogive. (6 Marks).(d)Estimate from the Ogive (i) the number of students who spent $37.50 or Less onfood on Campus; (ii) 42 students spent how many dollars or more on food onCampus? (2 Marks).(e)Find the mean weekly expenditure on food. Round to whole number.(5 Marks).(f)Find the median and interpret the value. (4 Marks).(g)Find the standard deviation using the direct formula. (7 Marks).(h)Calculate Pearson’s coefficient of skewness and describe the shape of thedistribution. (2 Marks).(i)Using Tchebsheff’s theorem, at least how many percent of the students’ weeklyexpenditure on food is within 1.8 standard deviations of the mean. Find theinterval and interpret. Verify the result. (6 Marks).Q2. We are informed by the rental office that the distribution of monthly rent for all two-bedroom apartments in your complex has SK of zero. The mean monthly is $960 and thestandard deviation is $190.(a)About how many percent of the apartments has monthly rent between $580 and$1340? (3 Marks). You must show detail calculation to support your answer. Nomark will be given for mere answer.(b)Approximately Ninety-nine of the two bedroom apartments have monthly rentbetween what two values? (3 Marks).Q3. You own a medium size trucking company delivering goods in Ontario. The average
(km) traveled by the truckers per week is 2900 km with a variance of 48400 km
.The average
the truckers spent on delivery is 43.5 hours per week with a standarddeviation of 5 hours. Which is
more variable
, distance traveled or time? You must use astatistical measure to justify your answer. No mark will be given for mere answer. (5 Marks)Q4. Which is more accurate, a mean calculated from 500 observations or the meancalculated from a frequency distribution constructed based on the 500 observations? Explain.(2 Marks).

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