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Covetousness the Sin the Christian Church

Covetousness the Sin the Christian Church

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Dec 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COVETOUSNESS THE SIN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHBY REV. JOHN HARRISPUBLISHED BY THEAMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY180 NASSAU. STREET, NEW YORK.CONTENTS-PART I.SELFISHNESS THE ANTAGONIST OF THE GOSPEL.Page.SECT. 1. The universe designed to display and enjoythe love of God ...*.. 9SECT. 2. Sin, as selfishness, aims to frustrate the Di-vine plan. * ?.-i. -#':;; .T^i,;ka(.L '-. 11SECT. 3. Selfishness the prevailing form of sin. . 14SECT. 4. The Gospel, as a system of benevolence, op-posed to selfishness . . . . .17SECT. 5. Selfishness, the sin of the world, has longsince become the sin of the church . . 30SECT. 6. The forms of selfishness in the church . . 35PART II.COVETOUSNESS THE PRINCIPAL FORM OF SELFISHNESSIN ITS NATURE, FORMS, PREVALENCE ESPECIAL-LY IN BRITAIN, DISGUISES, TESTS, EVILS, DOOM,AND PLEAS.SECT. 1. The nature of co vetousness . . 53SECT. 2. Forms of covetousness 57SECT. 3. Prevalence of covetousness . . .616 CONTENTS.
Page.SECT. 4. The present predominance of covetousnessin Britain . >V. I*. ;* . - . 79SECT. 5. The disguises of covetousness . . .98SECT. 6. Tests of covetousness ..... 108SECT. 7. The guilt and evils of covetousness . ; 123SECT. 8. The doom of covetousness .... 166SECT. 9. -Excuse of covetousness for its want of libe-rality . ,. r ^ 180PART IILCHRISTIAN LIBERALITY EXPLAINED AND ENFORCED.SECT. 1. Christian liberality explained . . . 219SECT. 2. -Christian liberality enforced . . t .847PART THE FIRST.Selfishness the Antagonist of the Gospel*MAMMON;OR,E>TJj|&<JS>WJ538fSTHE SIN OF THECHRISTIAN CHURCH.SECTION LThe Universe designed to display and enjoy the Loveof God.' 1 sP5" God is love :" and the true theory of the uni-verse is, that it is a vehicle or medium constructedexpressly for the circulation and diffusion of hislove. Full of blessedness himself, his goodnessburst forth, at first, into a celestial creation, replen-ished with bright intelligences, invested with thehigh prerogative of approaching as near to theFountain of excellence as created natures can, toderive their happiness immediately from himself,fcnd to derive it to the full amount of their capa-city for enjoyment.But heaven, with all its amplitude, was too con-
10 MAMMON.fined for Infinite Love ; he must enlarge the sphereof his beneficence ; again his unconfined goodnessoverflowed, and this terrestrial creation appear-ed an enlargement of heaven. On that occasion,however, he chose to diversify the form of his lovein the production of man, a creature whose hap-piness, though equally with that of angels derivedfrom himself, should reach him through more indirect and circuitous channels. By creating, at first,one common father of the species, ne designedthat each individual should feel himself allied toall the rest, and pledged to promote their happiness. And by rendering us necessary to eachother's welfare, he sought to train us to an hum-ble imitation of his own goodness, to teach us theDivine art of benevolence to find and fabricateour own happiness from the happiness of others.Now, if the former, the angelic creation, wasmeant to exemplify how much his creatures couldenjoy, the latter was intended to show how muchthey could impart ; for he meant every heart andevery hand to be a consecrated channel for his loveto flow in. Had his great idea been realized, theworld would have exhibited the glorious spectacleof a whole race in family compact ; clothed in arobe of happiness, with charity for a girdle ; feast-SECTION II. 11ing at a perpetual banquet of beneficence ; hailingthe accession of every new-born member as theadvent of an angel, an addition to their commonfund of enjoyment ; and finding greater blessed-ness than that of passively receiving happiness inexercising the godlike prerogative of imparting it;a whole order of intelligent beings having one heartand one mind; a heart beating in concert withheaven, and diffusing, with every pulse, life, andhealth, and joy, to the remotest members of thebody. The mere outline of the scene, as sketchedby God in Paradise, called forth audible expres-sions of his Divine complacency ; on surveying itfrom the height of the excellent glory, he pro-nounced it good, and the light of his countenancefell full upon it.' ' 'j SECTION II.Sin, aft Selfishness, aims at the frustration of the

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