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Ee Tnfeb2007

Ee Tnfeb2007

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Published by Anwar Mohmed

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Published by: Anwar Mohmed on Dec 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edmonton 440-3722Outside Edmonton 1-877-440-3722
English ExpressBox 38028 CapilanoEdmonton AB T6A 3Y6 
Subscriptions—contact Maureen Day Content—contact Bev Burke
Edmonton 440-9833Outside Edmonton 1-877-440-9822
The Family Literacy series is available fromthe
 English Express
office on an ongoing basis.The eight issues include:#1: What is Family Literacy?#2: How do young children develop?#3: Helping babies learn#4: Helping toddlers learn#5: Helping preschoolers learn#6: Children between 4
& 7—helping them learn#7: Starting Grade One#8: Tell a story, read a story
English Express
Teaching Notes
 Art: Guy Parsons
Bad weather 
If you have access to a computer orcomputer lab, have your student(s) use Yahoo! Weather at
<ca.weather.yahoo.com>. Y 
our student(s) can find out the weather inplaces around the world. Make a worksheetwith a list of locations and blank lines to fillin. Start by showing the student(s) how tofind the site and practice finding weatherconditions in a few locations. Make sureeveryone has Celsius selected. The student(s)can then fill in the worksheet.
Have a discussion about gestures. Whathand gestures do your students use? Doesanyone know some American Sign Language?
Two men saved seniors from fire
The City of Edmonton website has severalbrochures about fire prevention and safetythat can be downloaded. Go to:
<www.edmonton.ca/portal/server.pt/gateway/ PTARGS_0_2_1659277_0_0_18/>
Reader’s story
Have any of your students tried to quitsmoking? Was it difficult for them? Did theyuse nicotine gum or the patch? Did they quit“cold turkey”?
Bowling wordsTrue or false
1. F 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. F 6. T 7. F 8. F
Cheesy potato soup
2 . peel, cut, cook, drain, mash3 . melt6 . stir
Find the words—answersAnswers for exercises
Please photocopy these notes. February 2007t
2 . lane5 . score sheet8 . computer11 . hand, hands3 . pins6 . spare9 . strike4 . rent7 . gutter ball 10 . turn4 . chop, cook7 . chop
m a s h z s p a r e fp g n d r a i n r f ii k a m p l n g p r rg l p u r n s u o y eh y f g j u c t w h bs w k k r r o t e a sb o w l d s r e r g of r u i t e e r u r cs t r i k e r k d a ch e r o e s x z e t ea l l e y p e a c e r
5 . open
Family Literacy special issues
Cheesy potato soup
Answers on page TN-1
Past tense verbs
1 . freeze2 . lose3 . quit4 . go5 . fall6 . win
Fill in the blanks with the past tense of the verb.
1 . What do you do to the cheese? You ______ the cheese.2 . What do you do to the potatoes? You ______________, ___________,___________, ___________ and _________ them.3 . What do you do with the margarine? You ___________ it in a pan.4 . What do you do to the onion? You __________ it and __________ it in a pan.5 . What do you do with the cans of corn? You ___________ them.6 . What do you do to the soup while it’s heating up? You __________ it often.7 . What do you do with the parsley? You ___________ it. You serve the soupwith some parsley on top.
Page TN-2 • Teaching Notes for English Express • February 2007
 Answer these questions. Use the verbs in the box.
gratepeelopenchopcutmeltcook drainmashstir chopcook 
7 . take8 . get9 . lead10 . meet11 . put12 . am
Pretend you made the soup recipe on page 3 yesterday.Tell what you did. Use the past tense. For example:
I made some potato soup. I followed the steps in the recipe.I peeled the potatoes. I cut them into pieces . . .”
__ __ __ __ ____ __ __ ____ __ __ ____ __ __ ____ __ __ ____ __ ____ __ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ ____ __ __
 Art: Nola JohnstonGP
lanegutter ballalleyFill in the blanks with a word from the box below.
1 . Go to a bowling _____________ with friends.2 . Roll bowling balls down the _____________ .3 . Try to knock down the ______________ .4 . You can ___________ bowling shoes.5 . You write down the score on a __________ ___________.6 . If all 5 balls fall down with your first 2 balls, you have a ______________ .7 . A ___________ ____________ rolls into the gutter.8 . You keep score, or a _____________ keeps score for you.9 . If all 5 pins fall down with your first ball, you have a _____________ .10 . You roll 1 to 3 balls on each ___________ .11 . Most people bowl with 1 __________ . Some people bowl with 2 _____________.
1 . Mine was a teacher in her country.2 . Fabio Cannavaro played for Spain in the World Cup.3 . The Year of the Pig will begin on February 18 for some people.4 . A spare is when all 5 pins fall down on the first ball.5 . Fruit growers use water to protect fruit from insects.6 . Mine decided to give up smoking on August 11, 2006.7 . Long uses the same gesture to mean “come here” for bothadults and very young children.8 . Everyone uses just one hand when they bowl.
Bowling words
Answers on page TN-1
score sheetpinsrent
Write T if the sentence is true. Write F if the sentence is false.
 Art: Government Information Office, Republic of China, Taiwan
February 2007 • Teaching Notes for English Express • Page TN-3
computer handsturn
 Art: Nola Johnston
True or false
Answers on page TN-1

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