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Ee Tnmar08

Ee Tnmar08

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Published by Anwar Mohmed

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Published by: Anwar Mohmed on Dec 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English Express
Teaching Notes
Edmonton (780)440-3722Outside Edmonton 1-(877)440-3722
English ExpressBox 38028 CapilanoEdmonton AB T6A 3Y6 
Subscriptions—contact Maureen Day Content—contact Bev Burke
Edmonton (780)440-9833Outside Edmonton 1-(877)440-9822
Please photocopy these notes. March 2008t
Instruments of the world
 You can listen to many instruments of theworld at
<www.neng.usu.edu/ece/faculty/wheeler/ NIU/World.htm>
Provincial election
Free tours of the Legislature Building areoffered all year round. Tour outlines areavailable for visitors in 17 differentlanguages. During session, visitors can viewOral Question Period to see the MLAs atwork. Visiting groups who are learning English will also receive tour booklets. Youcan view these booklets at
. To book a tour, phone780-427-7362 or email
.If you are outside of Edmonton, you can takea virtual visit on-line at
. You may have to install Adobe Shockwave Player on your computer.
Reader submissions needed!
Feeling wordsMary plays the horn
(possible answers)
 Which word does not belong?
1 . left out2 . frustrated, confused3 . happier, confident2 . the horn3 . in Grade 74 . at university5 . 16 feet6 . inside the bell7 . the French horn2 . credit3 . levers4 . giraffe5 . bell6 . pay7 . award
Be careful with credit
2 . F3 . T4 . T8 . F9 . T 10 . TPlease send in your students’ stories for ourMay–June issue. Deadline: March 20, 20085 . T6 . F7 . F
These TeachingNotes accompanythe March 2008issue of
Contact Maureen Day regarding the content in the Teaching Notes <subscriptions@englishexpress.ca>
 Answers for exercisesCrosswordSigns of spring
In March, April or May, celebrate spring by taking a walk with your student(s). Canyou see any of the things listed on page 3?
Write a story about your walk.4 . proud5 . scared
Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
Page TN-2 • Teaching Notes for English Express • March 2008
Dave Chorney does many things to improve his reading. You can dothese things too. Fill in the blanks with the missing words.
Feeling words
Answers on page TN-1
1 . Dave felt ___________ ___________ when he couldn’t read.2 . He also felt _________________ and _________________.3 . Now Dave can read better than before.He is _________________ and more _________________.4 . Dave’s wife feels __________________ of him.5 . Dave is not _________________ to fill out forms now.1 . You can read ___________________ for adults who are learning to read.2 . You can ___________________
 English Express
.3 . You can read books written for __________________.4 . You can __________________ Scrabble.5 . _______________________________________________________________________6 . _______________________________________________________________________
How to improve your reading
 Art: Nola Johnston
confidentconfusedfrustratedhappier left outproudscaredCan you think of two more ways? Write your ideas on the lines.Now talk about your feelings. You can use words from the box or other words.
1 . I sometimes feel ____________________ when I have trouble reading.2 . I will feel _______________________ when I improve my reading.
1 . Lin didn’t ask any questions.2 . The agreement was easy to understand.3 . Lin made sure that she understood the credit agreement.4 . Lin signed the written credit agreement.5 . Lin’s car needed some repairs.6 . Lin paid the $900 on March 1, 2009.7 . Lin didn’t pay for the delivery of the sofa.8 . Lin will make payments of $60 a month.9 . Now the total cost of the sofa will be almost $1530. 10 . You can phone for help about credit.
March 2008 • Teaching Notes for English Express • Page TN-3
Read the article about credit on page 3 of
English Express
.Write a T on the line if the sentence is true. Write an F if the sentence is false.
Be careful with credit 
Answers on page TN-1
 t  N ol   a  J  on s  t   on
1 . frames2 . frustrated3 . mud4 . robin5 . legs6 . read7 . brass
One word in each line does not belong with the other words.Circle the word that does not belong.
Which word does not belong?
Answers on page TN-1

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