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Builders Outlook 12.12

Builders Outlook 12.12

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Published by TedEscobedo
The official publication of the El Paso Association of Builders
The official publication of the El Paso Association of Builders

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Published by: TedEscobedo on Dec 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Builders utlook
www.elpasobuilders.com www.epbuilders.org
By Ray Adauto, EPAB 
The 2012 El Paso Association ofBuilders Awards Dinner and officerinstallation took place on December 6at the El Paso Country Club. Thesetting was selected by 2013President elect Edmundo Dena. Theevent was a sell out with requestscoming in to the very last minute forseats. This was due in large part tothe Installation Committee that tookthe event to new heights.Chairwoman for the InstallationCommittee was Lorraine Huit, ablyassisted by Kathy Carrillo, KathyParry, Kathy Rose, Claudia Dena andMargaret Adauto. The committeeprepared with help from the staff at theEPCC and the result was aspectacular evening.“I am blown away at the wonderfulresponse we had so quickly ensuringthat we would sell out,” Ms. Huit saidto the Outlook. “I want to thank mycommittee for the hours and hoursthey put in working on the dinner,” shecontinued. Guests were all dressedup for the occasion and the crowd waspleased with the results. “I canhonestly say that it was one of theclassiest installation dinners I’veattended and everyone looked sonice,” said Larry Patton, President ofWestStar Bank. His comments wereechoed by many others in the crowd.The evening saw presentations forvarious accomplishments during 2012and awards were presented to thefollowing:Builder Member of the Year went toFrank Arroyos, Cisco HomesAssociate Member of the Year, SamShallenberger of Western WholesaleSupply (his third win)Pat Cox Lifetime Award went toMike Santamaria, Mountain VistaBuilders;The John Schatzman CommunityAward was presented to HUNT andHUNT Family FoundationHonorary Life Membership wasawarded to Rudy Guel, GuelConstructionEmployee of the Year went toMargaret AdautoOthers receiving recognition at theevent were Bret Thompson, FoxworthGalbraith; Tony Mullen, MTI ReadyMix; Ken Wade, El Paso BuildingMaterials; Kathy Parry, HUNT; andJavier Ruiz, Border Solar. “I wasn’texpecting this but it is really nice to berecognized,” said Bret Thompson. Hewas as surprised as many of ouraward winners. Javier Ruiz tried tocontain his emotions saying that hewas humbled to be selected and felthe didn’t deserve the award. Mullen,president of MTI Ready Mix andPlatinum Sponsor for the eveninghesitatingly said a few words ofthanks. “I am not used to speaking atthese deals but tonight I just want tosay thanks,” he said to the crowd.It was a night at which 2012President Frank Arroyos,accompanied by his wife Ruth,saluted the accomplishments of theyear and reminded the incomingofficers and board to do all they canfor the association. “I feel that Godhas given me that rare opportunity toserve my industry and to bringsomething to the association,” hesaid. “I appreciate all that we havedone and look forward to my newposition as past president” he added.David Miller, Immediate PastPresident of the Texas Association ofBuilders installed the Board ofDirectors and offered commentary onthe state of building Texas. “I have totell the membership how special it is tocome to El Paso and to have theprivilege of installing the board,” Millertold us. “The event was really specialand beautiful. I appreciate thewelcome you have given,” hecontinued. Miller also said that issuesfrom water to tree ordinances will takeup a lot of the upcoming TexasLegislature agenda for TAB. Mr. Milleralso invited the attendees to Rally Dayin February. “I look forward to seeinga large delegation from El Paso,” hesaid.The evening saw Edmundo Denainstalled as 2013 President by PastPresident Mark Dyer. “I’m heretonight to install one of the nicestyoung men I’ve had the pleasure ofassociating with, Mundo Dena,” Dyertold the audience. Dyer then went onto tell the crowd how he and Denahave worked together atWinton/Flair/Accent Homes and theclose bond they have developed. Hespoke about Edmundo and his familyand then installed him. Dena toldMark that he thanked him for hismentoring and friendship and wasglad that he could install him asPresident.Additionally Dena told the audiencethat his upcoming administration wasgoing to be focused on ensuring thatthe association is around for a longtime. “One of my major goals this yearis to build a foundation of revenue thatwill assure future generations that theEl Paso Association of Builders will bearound,” he said from the podium.“We have a lot of work to do and weneed everyone to participate,” hecontinued.Installation partners were MTIReady Mix, Interceramic, Texas Gas,Western Wholesale Supply, Sun CityWinnelson, Foxworth Galbraith anddesert partner was Jobe Materials.“There are many people to thank formaking sure tonight was special, butmy appreciation extends to ourpartners because without theirfinancial commitment to the event wewouldn’t have been able to have hadsuch an elegant affair,” Ray Adautosaid. “This is one for the record booksnow,” he concluded.
EPAB installs 2013 leadership, recognizes outstanding members
Taking their offical oath, the 2013Executive Board of the El PasoAssociation of Builders are:Frank Arroyos, Immediate PastPresident, Cisco HomesRay Adauto, EVPGreg Bowling, Past President,Tropicana HomesEdgar Montiel, Secretary/Treasurer,Palo Verde HomesSam Shallenberger, AssociatesChairman, Western WholesaleSupplyFrank Torres, Vice President,GMF Homes
Dena familyMr. Mrs. Tony Mullen,MTI Ready Mix
Builders Outlook 2012/12
We sometimes feel that time goes by too fast; that technologyis both a blessing and a curse and that keeping track of all theinternal and external forces that impact our lives is a dauntingtask. We are not alone in thinking like this. It seems that in arather short period of time our world has undergone dramaticeconomic, social and political transformations. And that changewill not slow. For the foreseeable future instability andunpredictability will or is the new normal.Working with so many great people over the last year hashumbled me and given me hope for our industry and thewonderful work we do to house people. It is truly an honor to beable to do that for our fellow human beings and in particular forour folks here in El Paso. As I enter my next phase of service asyour past president I know that I am better for having been yourpresident.I have both enjoyed and learned a great deal from my turn asEPAB’s president. The people that I served with in this industryhave truly been a blessing to me and my family. My sincereregards for the incoming executive board and board members.May God continue to be the epicenter of our membership. Thankyou again for your support and prayers.
President’s Message |
El Paso Disposal
2012/12 Builders Outlook
President,El Paso Associationof Builders
6045 fax
Thomas R. Brown, Owner 

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