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God and science

God and science

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Published by WesleyChong
Is God real? What does science have to say about God?
Is God real? What does science have to say about God?

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Published by: WesleyChong on Dec 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is God Real? Does Science Answer "Is There aGod?"byRich Deem
Does God Exist?
The reality of God's existence is the most important question,since it has eternal consequences. The evidence for God'sexistence comes primarily from the design of the universe. It isvirtually impossible that
the physical laws would just happento be tightly constrained by chance in order for stars andgalaxies to exist.Rich Deem
Part 1 of the introduction for non-believers showed thatstrong atheism contradicts its own worldview bybelieving the universe has a natural cause despite thelack of observational evidence for such a belief.However, since there is no direct observationalevidence regarding the origin of the universe, whyshould one believe the equally unobserved hypothesisthat God created the universe? Although there is nodirect evidence for the cause of the universe, we nowhave a fair amount of knowledge about the earlyhistory of the universe and the laws that govern it,which provide us with indirect evidence that a super-intelligent Agent designed the universe. In order tokeep this essay brief, much of the supportinginformation will not be included. However, you can clickthe links to the full-length articles for the details.
Detecting the non-physical
Atheists tend to fall into one of two camps. First, arethe atheists who say that science cannot have anything
to say about the existence of God. However, recently,the "new atheists" think that they can prove the non-existence of God through science. Although sciencecannot directly detect God, it can examine His creation.Consider the non-physical concept of love. We allaccept that love exists, although it cannot be directlymeasured by science. However, if we observe thosewho love each other, we can indirectly measure theaffect of love on these individuals' actions. Forexample, we might notice that they spend a lot of timetogether, they are constantly helping each other invarious ways, and they come to each other's defensewhen the other is threatened in some way. Althoughwe cannot measure love directly, we can measure theindirect effects of love. Likewise, although we cannotmeasure God directly, we can examine the universe todetect God's imprint on the physical world.
Evidence for design?
The best evidence for design can be seen in the natureof the universe and how it came to be. The process of discovery continues, since one of the fundamentalproperties of the universe, dark energy (or thecosmological constant), was discovered late in the lastcentury. New studies continue to add to our knowledgeabout the universe and its extremely unlikely makeup.
The Big Bang
The Big Bang theorystates that the universe arose
from a singularity of virtually no size, which gave riseto the dimensions of space and time, in addition to allmatter and energy. At the beginning of the Big Bang,the four fundamental forces began to separate fromeach other. Early in its history (10
to 10
the universe underwent a period of short, but dramatic,hyper-inflationary expansion. The cause of this inflationis unknown, but was required for life to be possible inthe universe.
Excess quarks
Quarks and antiquarks combined to annihilate eachother. Originally, it was expected that the ratio of quarks and antiquarks to be exactly equal to one, sinceneither would be expected to have been produced inpreference to the other. If the ratio were exactly equalto one,the universe would have consisted solely of 
energy- not very conducive to the existence of life.
However, recent research showed that thecharge�parity violation could have resulted naturallygiven the three known masses of quarkfamilies.
However, this just pushes fine tuning a leveldown to ask why quarks display the masses they have.Those masses must be fine tuned in order to achieve auniverse that contains any matter at all.
Large, just right-sized universe
Even so, the universe is enormous compared tothe size of our Solar System. Isn't the immensesize of the universe evidence that humans arereally insignificant, contradicting the idea that aGod concerned with humanity created the universe? Itturns out that the universe could not have been muchsmaller than it is in order for nuclear fusion to haveoccurred during the first 3 minutes after the Big Bang.Without this brief period of nucleosynthesis, the earlyuniverse would have consisted entirely of hydrogen.
Likewise, the universe could not have beenmuch larger than it is, or life would not have been

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