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Published by Jacob
Short screenplay about one man exacting revenge upon the person who took everything from him.
Short screenplay about one man exacting revenge upon the person who took everything from him.

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Published by: Jacob on Feb 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Defrayal”Written by Jacob VerlinghieriEXT. OPEN TRUNK – DAYPOV TRUNK SHOTWe see the trunk open, and standing there is a man,MICHAEL, observing over the contents of the TrunkMichael appears to be average in appearance – no visiblescars, no odd deformities, no bulging muscles; other thanthe massive five-o-clock shadow, he is plainHe speaksMICHAEL(After some slight laughter) BeautifulHe reaches into the TrunkMICHAELUp we goFADE TO BLACKFADE IN:INT. WAREHOUSE - DAYSoon enough we are given the blurry image of what lookslike a MAN, CF, sitting cross-legged in a wooden CHAIR.FADE TO BLACKINT. WAREHOUSE - DAYPicture comes back on again only this time clarity increasesThe camera is also doing a sort of sway now to simulate therotation of a man’s head and neck. The camera pans to findThat we are set in a warehouse and a pretty empty warehouseat that; only EMPTY SHELVES and misc. BOXES and HARDWARE
FADE TO BLACKINT. WAREHOUSE - DAYPicture comes on again, only this time the clarity isperfect, everything is clear.The MAN we saw sitting earlier has now RISEN to his feet.He is standing DEAD CENTER FRAME looking towards thecamera, almost studying itWe notice the man is of average build, not too tall, notoverweight, nothing very unique about his physicalfeatures, he is just a plain man dressed in some darkershaded clothes.The man now moves closer to the camera, he lowers himselfand his head is almost FULL FRAME nowHe speaks in a rather normal speaking tone, albeit deepMICHAELOh good, you’re waking up...now we can have some fun...Fade To BlackEXT. UNKNOWN – DAY (or night)Picture fades back on, only this time we are not in thewarehouse. Our whereabouts are relatively unknown at thispoint butWe see a couple, a man and a woman sharing a soft dancewith one anotherPicture moves in slow motion as some light piano keys areplayed softly over themThe lighting is rather bright and the colors seem to bealmost vividCU of the couple dancing and we noticeThe man bares the striking resemblance of...MichaelVO begins, it is a very groggily voice of someone who hasjust awoken from a state of unconsciousness
VOICEWho...who are you?CUT TO:INT. WAREHOUSE - DAYBack at the Warehouse againMichael speaksMICHAELWhat was that? Who am I?CU of the Michael’s hands, he is ripping some duct tapeHe begins to walk over towards the cameraMICHAELYou don’t recognize me? (After a beat) hmmThe man places the duct tape below frameThe voice of the POV begins to speak questioninglyVOICE(Groggily) Wait, whatThe duct tape then muffles his voice and cuts off hisspeechMichael speaksMICHAELDon’t worry...you willThe camera pulls back to reveal a man, John, tied and boundto a chair (your average aluminum or wooden folding chair)he is totally incapacitatedThe man, once again almost normal in appearance, noabstract facial hairs, not a body builder, just anotheraverage man in appearanceThe man in the chair, now coming to, begins to pan around

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