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Objecitve Question on Labour Laws and Acts India, multiple choice question, human resources

Objecitve Question on Labour Laws and Acts India, multiple choice question, human resources



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Published by ashoosaini2002
For more questions and tests visit my blog
I will be updating this from time to time
For more questions and tests visit my blog
I will be updating this from time to time

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: ashoosaini2002 on Feb 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1, The first Factories Act was enacted ina),1881 b),1895c),1897d),1885Answer- a), 18812, Who is an adult as per Factories Act, 1948?a.
Who has completed 18 years of age b. who is less than 18 yearsc. who is more than 14 yearsd. who is more than 15 yearsAnswer-
Who has completed 18 years of age3, A person who has ultimate control over the affairs of the factory under Factories Act,1948 is called as _________ a. Occupier  b. Manager c. Chairmand. Managing Director.Answer - a. Occupier 4, The space for every worker employed inthe Factory after the commencement of Factories Act, 1948 should be ________ Cubic Meters.a. 9.9 b. 10.2c. 14.2 d. 13.2Answer- c. 14.25,The provision for cooling water during hotweather should be made by the organizationif it employees _______ or more employees.a. 200b. 250c. 300 d. 150Answer- b. 2506,Who is an Adolescent as per FactoriesAct, 1948 ?a. Who has completed 17 years of age b. who is less than 18 yearsc. who has completed 15 years but less than18 years.d. None of theseAnswer- c. who has completed 15 years butless than 18 years.7, Which one of the following is not awelfare provision under Factories Act, 1948a.Canteen b. Crechesc.First Aid d.Drinkingwater.Answer- d. Drinking water.8, First Aid Boxes is to be provided for  ______ of personsa. 125 b. 135c. 150 d. 160Answer- c. 1509,Safety Officers are to be appointed if Organisation is engaging ______ or moreemployees.a. 1000 b. 2000c. 500 d. 750Answer- a. 100010, Canteen is to be provided if engagingemployees more than ______ persons.a. 250 b. 230c. 300 d. 275Answer- a. 25011, Leave with wages is allowed foemployees if they work for _______ days ina month.a. 15 b. 25c. 20 d. 28Answer- c. 20
12,Welfare Officers are to be appointed if Organisation is engaging ______ or moreemployees.a. 500 b. 250 c. 600d. 750Answer- a. 50013, The Ambulance Room is to be providedif engaging employees more than______ a. 400 b. 350c. 500 d. 450Answer- c. 50014, Creche is to be provided if ______ or more lady employees are engaged.a. 25 b. 32c. 30 d. 40Answer- c. 3015, An adult worker can upto ____ hrs in aday as per factories Act, 1948a. 8 b. 9c. 10 d. 12Answer-.
b. 9
 16, Obligations of Workers under theFactories Act 1947 was discussed in section-----a) 78b) 101c) 111d) 99Answer - Sec.11117, The term Sabbatical is connected witha) Paid leave for study b) Paternity leavec) Maternity leaved) Quarantine leaveAnswer- Paid leave for study18, Section 49 of the Factories Act 1947Says abouta) Welfare officer  b) Canteenc) Rest roomd) CrècheAnswer is - Welfare officer 19, Section 2 ( K )of the Factories Act 1947says abouta) Manufacturing Process b) Factoryc) Worker d) None of theseAnswer : Manufacturing Process20, Mention the types of Leave facilitiesavailable to a worker under the FactoriesAct 1947 ?Annual Leave with wages as per Factories ActCasual leave as per Standingorders National & Festival HolidayMaternity leave21, If the factory employs more than 1000workers, they should appoint qualified------------- to carry out the prescribeddutiesa) Safety Officer  b) Welfare officer c) Security officer d) None of theseAnswer : a) Safety Officer 22, For contravention of provisions of Factories Act or Rules, the occupier shallliable for punishment up toa)2 years or fine up to Rs.1,00,000 or both b) 6 months or fine upto 10, 000 or bothc) 3 three years or fine 10, 000 or bothd) None of theseAnswer – a)2 years or fine up to Rs.1,00,000 or both.23, In case of fatal accident occurred insidethe factory , a separate accident report shall
 be sent to the District magistrate in Form No ---- within 12 hoursa) Form No:16 b) Form No:18 Ac) Form No :18 Bd) Form No:1824, Manager of every factory should sent aannual report to the Inspectorate of factoriescontaining details like numbers of workersemployed , leave with wages, safety officers,ambulance room, canteen, shelter, accidentsin form no --- on or before 31 st Januarya) Form No : 22 b) Form No: 21c) Form No: 25 Ad) Form No: 25 BAnswer:a) Form No: 2225, If any employee found violating thesection 20 of Factories Act 1947 shall befine up toa)Rs. 10 b) Rs. 5c) Rs. 15d) Rs.20Answer :b ) Rs. 526, Section 41- G of the Factories Act1948 says abouta) Fencing of machineries b) Facing of machineriesc) Work on near machinery in motiond) Workers participation in safety mgt.Answer-d) Workers participation insafety management27, Who is responsible for payment to a person employed by him in a Factory under the Payment of wages Act 1936a) Accounts Manager  b) HR manager c) Manager d) Owner Answer-Manager of a factory nominatedunder the section 7 (f) of Factories Act28, The applicant / occupier who propose tostart the factory should submit thea).Form No-1 b)Form No-.2c) Form No- 2Ad) Form No.1 AAnswer- b)Form No-.229, The license fee can be paid to get alicense for a factory maximum uptoa).One Year only b).Two Years onlyc).Three Years onlyd)Five years only.Answer- d)Five years only.30, The occupier has to submit the documenton or before------- of every year to renewalof a license for a factory.Answer- 31
October of every year.31, The renewal application for a licensesubmitted after December 31st of the everyyear shall paid the fine amount.a) 10 % of the license fee b) 20% of the license feec) 30 % of the license feed) none of these.Answer- b) 20% of the license fee32, The Section 20 of the Factories actdiscusses about1,Drininkin Water 2, Lighting3, Spittoonsd) Latrines and UrinalsAnswer-3, Spittoons

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