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Skyward - Modifying Student Roster Exports With Excel REV

Skyward - Modifying Student Roster Exports With Excel REV

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Published by jerthebear

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Published by: jerthebear on Dec 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modifying Skyward Student Roster Exports with Excel
(Developed by Jim Kelly, District Technology Specialist, Citrus County Schools)
Skyward affords teachers some flexibility with the ability to export student rosters and other data intoExcel. There are
a few different ways to “print 
or export rosters from Skyward into Excel; however, forthe purpose of this exercise, we are going to focus on one.
Exporting a Class Roster From Skyward:
Log into Skyward and from the left side, choose
“Post Daily Attendance,” select the class, andchoose “By Name.”
The window below will open. Click “Print Class Roster,” make a selection (Ichose the top choice, as this should be all a substitute should need), and click “Export to Excel” on
the right hand side.2.
You will be taken to another screen. Wait for the report to show as “Completed.” Click on “DisplayReport.”
Additionally, you cancustomize yourreport in Skywardprior to the extract.Add a new template,name it, and choosethe fields and format.
Excel will open. Accept all choices and ignore any warnings or messages that tell you the report isin a different format. (The file is actually an older version of an Excel file, but will displaycorrectly).
Click on the “Enable Editing” button to allow changes.
Notice all the columns are thesame width and some of the entries appear to be cut off.
Working with Excel:
Excel can be a little intimidating at first, but you will get more comfortable over time, I promise.
 That said, there are a few helpful shortcuts & commands that work in Excel, other Microsoft (MS)programs, and even some non-
Microsoft ones. I have included the key combinations so you don’t have to
dig around in the ribbon to find them.Ctrl + A =
Select All
. This key combination will select everything on a page.Ctrl + C =
. This combination will copy everything that is selected.Ctrl + X =
. This will “cut” everything that is selected and allow it to be pasted somewhere else.
 Ctrl + Z =
. This will “undo” the last action you performed allowing you to undo any changes or
mistakes. Clicking this multiple times
allow you to undo multiple changes.Ctrl = Y =
. The opposite of Ctrl+Z, this command allows tou to redo something you may haveundone by mistake.
- You can add several commandsto the Quick Access bar at the very topof the MS program window by right clicking on the drop down arrow andmaking your selections. Undo andRedo are located there.
 Adjusting Columns in Excel:
The data from Skyward is placed into cells in an Excel worksheet. In order to work with the fileeffectively, we will need to modify the worksheet.One of the first things you will want to do is widen the cells so you can see exactly what is in them. Theway to do this is to position your cursor on the line between A and B as in the example below. Yourcursor will change into a sign that looks like a + with a right and left arrow:Repeat the above process to make sure we can see everything in each of the columns. It should look something like the following:
Once you are between the two columns,you can eitherA)Hold down your left mousebutton and drag the column as farto the right as you like,
 B)Double click. This willautomatically make the column to
the left of the “+” sign as wide as
the widest entry in that column.Personally, I find this method tobe the easiest.As you can see, each piece of data is inits own cell, and if you double clicked(as in B above), each column is just aswide as its longest entry.

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