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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Starting Word and Opening Documents
Starting Word from the Programs menu
Starting Word from a shortcut
Starting Word and opening documents
Starting Word with Windows
Opening a Document from Word
Opening documents automatically with Word
Controlling Word using startup switches
Opening the last document
Touring the Word Environment
The text area
The menu bar
The Task Pane
The ruler
The scroll bars
The status bar
Office Assistant
Dialog boxes and control settings
Using the Mouse and the Keyboard
Using the mouse
Using the keyboard
Right-click for shortcut menus
Undo and Repeat
Working with Document Views
Changing views
Normal view
Normal View
Web Layout view
Print Layout view
Reading Layout view
Outline view
Document Map view
Full Screen view
Print Preview
Adding Thumbnails
Creating a New Document
Starting a new document with a template
Using wizards to create a document
Saving a Document
Saving a document as a Web page
Getting Help in Word
Using the Office Assistant
Using the Microsoft Word Help task pane
Accessing Microsoft Office Help on the Web
Helping WordPerfect users
Closing a Word Document
Exiting Word
Editing Text
Displaying nonprinting characters
Inserting and overtyping text
Beginning a new paragraph
Adding a new line
Aligning text
Inserting the date and time
Splitting a document window for easier editing
Navigating Through a Document
Scroll bars move the insertion point
Moving the insertion point with the scroll bar
Using the keyboard to move the insertion point
Returning to the location of your last edit
Navigating using the Go To tab
Selecting Text and Graphics
Selecting text and graphics using the mouse
Selecting text and graphics using the keyboard
Making multiple selections
Using the Extend Selection mode
Deleting Text and Graphics
Undoing Actions
Moving and Copying Text and Graphics
Using the Clipboard
Using the Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons
Paste Options and Paste Special
Moving and copying with commands and keyboard shortcuts
Moving and copying with the shortcut menu
Using the Office Clipboard
Cut and Paste options
Drag-and-drop editing
Document scraps and shortcuts
Using the Spike for multiple cut-and-paste operations
Pasting text into other documents
Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
Using the Symbol command
Entering a character code
Using the Symbol dialog box and shortcut keys
Using shortcut keys to insert a symbol
AutoCorrect and AutoText
Working with AutoCorrect
Saving time with AutoText
Finding Text Using the Find Command
Adding Find to the Standard toolbar
Find options
The act of searching
Refining Searches
Using wildcards
Sounds Like searches
The Search Browse Object Button
Finding and Replacing Text
Finding and replacing word forms
Replacing special characters
Automatically adding text to replacement text
Replacing with images and large text blocks using the Clipboard
Finding and replacing formats
Applying Character Formats
Applying character formatting
Boldfacing text
Italicizing text
Underlining text
Using superscripts and subscripts
Using All Caps and Small Caps
Adding a drop cap
Adding color to your text
Striking through text
Using other special effects
Text animation
Word’s Handy Character Formatting Tools
Displaying character formatting
Repeating character formatting
Copying character formatting
Undoing character formatting
Highlighting text
Changing Character Spacing
Expanding and condensing character spacing
Adjusting spacing in character pairs
Changing the Case of Characters
Changing Fonts and Font Sizes
Fonts in the Font list box
Displaying font names in their font
About font styles listed in the Font dialog box
Choosing a font
Changing fonts
Changing font sizes
Changing Default Character Formatting
Hiding Text in Your Document
Using Fonts with Shared Documents
Print/preview font embedding
Editable font embedding
Installable font embedding
Substituting unavailable fonts
Managing Fonts in Windows
Applying Paragraph Formatting
Checking paragraph formats
Duplicating paragraph formats
Removing paragraph formats
Using line breaks
Aligning Paragraphs
Click and Type: Inserting Paragraphs
Adjusting Line and Paragraph Spacing
Adjusting paragraph spacing
Adjusting line spacing
Setting Tabs
Setting tabs using the ruler
Changing or clearing a tab stop using the ruler
Setting tabs using the Tabs dialog box
Changing and clearing tabs using the Tabs dialog box
Changing the default tab stops
Setting Indents
Setting indents using the Formatting toolbar
Setting indents using the ruler
Setting indents using keyboard shortcuts
Setting indents using the Paragraph dialog box
Bordering and Shading Paragraphs and Pages
Adding borders using the Borders toolbar
Adding borders using the Borders and Shading dialog box
Spacing between text and border
Placing borders around individual lines
Fitting a border within margins
Removing or changing borders
Adding shading
Adding horizontal lines
Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists
Creating bulleted lists
Customizing a bulleted list
Creating numbered lists
Customizing numbered lists
Restarting and continuing numbering
Adding unbulleted or unnumbered paragraphs to a list
Ending bulleted or numbered lists
Creating outline numbered lists
Customizing outline numbered lists
Creating list styles
Paragraphs and Pagination
Using automatic hyphenation
Using manual hyphenation
Using nonbreaking and optional hyphens
Printing Basics
Printing selected text or pages
Printing more than one document at a time
Printing multiple, collated copies
Printing in reverse order
Printing other document information
Drag-and-drop printing
Printing a document using different printers
Printing in Color
Previewing Documents Before Printing
Changing the Print Preview appearance
Editing in Print Preview mode
Adjusting margins in Print Preview
Automatic pagination adjustment
Changing Your Printing Options
Printing to a File
Document Image Writer Files
Printing to a Fax Modem
Printing Envelopes and Labels
Printing envelopes
Including barcodes with addresses
Adding graphics and logos
Adding postage
Printing labels
Customizing labels
Printing Data from a Form in Word
Changing Printer Properties
Printing Documents on a Network
Managing Documents in Word
Opening Document Files
Managing documents in Word
Opening a document
Opening recently used documents
Using My Recent Documents to open documents
Using Windows documents lists
Adding a document to the desktop
Thumbnails, Previews, and Properties
Managing documents using the Open dialog box
Managing Folders
Creating new folders with Word
Changing the default folder
Creating a new folder and making it the default folder
Saving Documents
Saving a document with a new name
Saving a document in a different format
Using Batch Conversion
Saving documents as Web pages
Saving different versions of a document
Sharing documents across different versions of Word
Using Fast Save
Backing Up and Recovering Files
Using AutoRecover
Recovering from a crash
Creating backup files
Creating Document Properties
Using Word Count
Using AutoSummarize
Finding Files
Using File Search
Using file indexes
Advanced searches
Searching through the File Open dialog box
Correcting Spelling and Grammar While Working
Correcting Spelling and Grammar After Working
Skipping selected text
Checking spelling in other languages
Spelling options
Using Custom Dictionaries
Managing custom dictionaries
Creating a new custom dictionary
Adding new words to a dictionary
Selecting dictionaries
Creating exclude dictionaries
Using the Word Grammar Tool
Changing grammar options
Changing grammar and writing style rules
Viewing document and readability statistics
Rechecking Documents
Proofing with AutoCorrect
Working with AutoCorrect entries
AutoCorrect options
Adding AutoCorrect entries
Editing and deleting AutoCorrect entries
Adding AutoCorrect exceptions
Correcting AutoCorrections
Using Research Tools
The Research pane
Using the thesaurus
Using the dictionary
Translating words
Other information sources
Research Options
Understanding Tables
Understanding tables
Adding Tables to Documents
Using the Insert Table button
Using the Insert Table command
Using Table AutoFormatting
Drawing a table
Creating a table within a table
Positioning tables in documents
Navigating within Tables and Adding Text
Getting around in a table
Adding text to a table
Selecting Parts of a Table
Selecting with the mouse or keyboard
Extending the selection
Modifying a Table Layout
Resizing tables
Inserting and deleting cells, rows, and columns
Moving and copying cells, rows, and columns
Column width and row height
Splitting a table
Fine-tuning a Table
Formatting text in a table
Changing text alignment
Changing text direction
Aligning a table on the page
Preventing page breaks
Merging and splitting cells
Table headings on each page
Borders and shading
Table gridlines
Using Tabs in Tables
Using Tables to Position Text and Graphics
Converting Text into Tables, and Vice Versa
Sorting Table Data and Numbering Cells
Sorting in a table
Numbering cells in a table
Table Calculations
Calculating in a table
Creating your own formula
Number formats
Placing Captions on Tables
Formatting Sections of a Document
Formatting sections of a document
Inserting section breaks
Copying section breaks
Removing section breaks
Working with Columns
Applying column formatting
Calculating the number of columns
Typing and editing text in columns
Adding a line between columns
Changing column widths and spacing between columns
Removing columns
Breaking a column
Balancing column lengths
Formatting Your Pages
Setting page margins
Setting margins in the Page Setup dialog box
Setting margins using the ruler
Creating facing pages and gutters
Changing paper size and orientation
Changing pagination
Inserting hard page breaks
Turning off background pagination
Aligning text vertically on a page
Inserting line numbers
Controlling line numbers
Adding Page Borders
Creating Headers and Footers
Inserting page numbers
Removing page numbers
Changing the position of a page number
Formatting page numbers
Numbering pages for sections of a document
Including sections and total page numbers
Adding header and footer text
Hiding text while working with headers and footers
Adding headers and footers to sections
Creating different first-page headers and footers
Creating headers and footers for odd and even pages
Positioning headers and footers
Backgrounds and Watermarks
Adding background color
Adding a pattern or image
Adding a text watermark
Introducing Fields
Working with Bookmarks
Inserting bookmarks
Viewing bookmarks
Moving to bookmarks
Marking index entries automatically
Marking index entries manually
Using page ranges in index entries
Cross-referencing index entries
Creating multilevel indexes
Formatting index entries
Modifying index entry fields
Formatting and compiling an index
Customizing your index style
Updating an index
Editing the INDEX field
Deleting an index
Adding Tables of Contents to Your Documents
Preparing your document for adding a table of contents
Compiling a table of contents
Assembling a table of contents using custom styles
Assembling a table of contents using TC entry fields
Creating tables of contents from Outline levels
Updating a table of contents
Creating Tables of Figures and Other Tables
Marking table entries with a TC field
Compiling a table of figures
Creating Tables of Authorities
Marking citation entries
Compiling a table of authorities
Updating a table of authorities
Creating and editing citation categories
Styles Defined
Four style types
Styles and formatting together
Styles, templates, and themes
Viewing and Using Styles
Selecting a custom view
Applying styles to paragraphs and text
Viewing style information
Selecting styles throughout your document
Creating and Modifying Styles
Creating new styles
Modifying and deleting styles
Using shortcut keys
Automatic style application
Copying Styles Between Documents
Using the Organizer
Copying text from another document
Using the Style Gallery
Displaying style names in the Style Area
Renaming styles
Printing a list of the styles in a document
Word’s AutoFormat Tool
Applying styles using AutoFormat
Reviewing AutoFormat changes
Setting AutoFormat options
Introducing Templates, Wizards, and Themes
Working with Templates
Template components
Local and global templates
Naming and finding templates
Creating a new document
Saving a document based on a template
Previewing the styles in a template
Creating your own templates
Template attachments
Linking a different template to a document
Using components from different templates
Conjuring Up Documents with Word’s Wizards
Using the Letter Wizard
Using Word’s other wizards
Using Themes
Word Processor or Desktop Publishing Program?
The Number One Rule: Don’t Be Too Clever
Function over form, or form over function?
Templates are not always good
Paragraph Formatting
Working with paragraph alignment
Indenting and adjusting margins
Using white space
Typeface combinations
Using typesetting characters
Font size
Bold, italic, underline, and color
Adding Images
Avoiding the Weird Stuff
Checking Your Work
Setting Up Speech Recognition
Adjusting the microphone
Training the speech system
Taking Dictation
Fixing problems
Continued training
Voice commands
More Voice Settings
Understanding Bitmap Pictures and Vector Drawings
Graphics File Formats Supported by Word
Table 17-1: Graphics File Formats Supported by Word
Where to Get Graphic Images
Commercial clip art and photographs
Free clip art
Inserting Pictures into Documents
Inserting clip art and pictures
Working with Microsoft Clip Organizer
Microsoft’s online clip-art gallery
Scanning and digital cameras
Copying pictures into documents
Resizing and Cropping Pictures
Resizing and cropping using the mouse
Resizing and cropping using the Format Picture dialog box
Adding Borders to Pictures
Adding Shadow Borders
Adjusting Picture Characteristics
Adjusting the contrast and brightness of an image
Creating a transparent background for an image
Hiding Pictures
Object Layout and Position
Choosing a layout
High-resolution wrapping
Positioning the object
Using anchors
Positioning with the Drawing toolbar
Selecting objects
Aligning objects using the Drawing Grid dialog box
Aligning objects
Drawing in Word
Beginning a drawing
Working with the drawing canvas
Using the Drawing Toolbar
Drawing lines and shapes
Editing drawing objects
Positioning drawing objects
Layering drawing objects
Laying Out Text and Graphics with Text Boxes
Inserting a Text Box
Formatting text in a text box
Changing between text boxes and frames
Text boxes and publishing techniques
Adding Special Effects to Graphics with WordArt
Editing WordArt graphics
Shaping text
Lengthening text and stretching letters
Aligning WordArt text
Kerning and adjusting spacing between characters
Using the Organization Chart Tool
Changing layouts
Changing formats
Adding Callouts to Objects
Attaching Captions to Objects
Entering captions directly
Adding captions with AutoCaption
Updating your captions
Editing caption labels
Deleting labels and captions
Changing the caption style
Changing the caption numbering style
Using chapter numbers in a caption
Image Editing Tools
Image editors
Image editor filters or plug-ins
Optimizing Images
Choosing the right file format
Changing your monitor resolution and color settings
Changing the resolution of an image
Avoiding the jaggies
Compressing images
Interlacing images
Adding tiled and transparent backgrounds
Converting pictures to Word Picture format
Protecting Your Images
Adding Animation, Sound, and Video
Adding animated GIFs
Sounding off with audio clips
Inserting video clips
Linking and Embedding Objects in Word
Linked versus embedded objects
Embedding and linking objects in Word
OLE, COM, and ActiveX
Embedding Objects in Word Documents
Embedding an object
Embedding while working in another application
Using drag-and-drop
Editing embedded objects
Converting embedded objects to different file formats
Converting embedded objects to graphics
Linking Objects in Word
Creating links
Updating links
Editing linked objects
Breaking links
Locking and unlocking links
Shading Linked and Embedded Objects
Inserting Data from Access
Inserting a PowerPoint Slide or Presentation
Using Graph
Starting and quitting Graph
Working in the Datasheet window
Working with charts
Getting data and charts from other sources
Working with Microsoft Equation
Positioning the insertion point
Building a sample equation
Adjusting spacing and alignment
Merging Letter and Address Files
What Is Merging?
The main document
The database
Putting the two documents together
Writing Form Letters
Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Working with existing documents directly
Using an Address Book
Creating Envelopes, Mailing Labels, and Lists
Using Mail Merge to print envelopes
Merging labels
Merging catalogs and directories
Merging E-mails and Faxes
Editing Main Documents
Deleting, inserting, and formatting merge fields
Editing merge codes
Merging Specific Records
Selecting records for one state
Using other comparison operators
Selecting with two rules
Selecting with more than two rules
Adding ranges to rules
Removing rules
Setting the Record Order
Adding Special Word Fields to a Main Document
Specifying text to appear in merged documents
Using Fill-in fields in merged documents
What Are Field Codes?
Working with Field Codes
Finding fields
Displaying field codes
Updating fields
Unlinking fields
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Word 2003 Bible

Word 2003 Bible



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Includes the latest information on security problems in Word and how to prevent them. Offers tips for formatting for black and white versus color printers Explains when to use Word for publishing to the Web and when to depend on FrontPage.
Includes the latest information on security problems in Word and how to prevent them. Offers tips for formatting for black and white versus color printers Explains when to use Word for publishing to the Web and when to depend on FrontPage.

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