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Nestle_Roadmap to Good Food

Nestle_Roadmap to Good Food

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Published by shahin317

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Published by: shahin317 on Dec 20, 2012
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Nestlé Annual Report 2011
The Nestlé Roadmap toGood Food, Good Lie
Four competitive advantages
Nestlé’s product and brand portolioranges rom global icons to localavourites. It is supported by anunmatched research and developmentcapability, with clear priorities, ocusedon driving innovation and renovationthat is relevant and attractive orconsumers. Our Company has anunmatched geographic presence,due to the number o countries wherewe are present, but also due to thedepth o our roots in those countries.We have operated in most o ourlocations or generations. This hascreated strong relationships betweenour brands and their consumers aswell as an unrivalled understandingo consumers. This enables us toanticipate their needs and improvethe quality o their lives. Our people,culture, values and attitude are ourgreatest strength. The Nestlé culturebinds our people together all over theworld with a shared set o behavioursand values into a single way o doingbusiness. Our culture combines along-term mindset with short-termaction. It encompasses a passion orquality – in products, in relationships,in everything we do. It is ocused oncompetitiveness, calculated risk-takingand an unswerving determination todeliver our goals, while creating valueor society as a whole.
Four growth drivers
A Nutrition, Health and Wellnessmindset means oering tastier andhealthier choices in all our categories toconsumers throughout the day. But weare also addressing specic nutritionalneeds through Nestlé Nutrition and arepioneering ways to use nutrition toaddress critical illness through NestléHealth Science. The trust thatconsumers place in Nestlé is refectedin the hundreds o millions o purchasedecisions that they make everyday when they choose Nestléproducts. Many consumers withlower incomes are consuming ourPopularly Positioned Products (PPP),mainly in emerging markets. We bringthe same nutritional know-howto these consumers, the same brandpromise and quality, and we striveto add the extra plus – such asortication targeted to specicnutritional deciencies. With premiumproducts, consumers look to us to givethem an aordable, indulgent momento pleasure, an everyday reward. Ourpremiumisation strategy, incorporatingsystems and services, as well aspremium products, is enhancingconsumers’ lives, whilst creatingadditional value per consumptionmoment: many consumers are notlooking to eat and drink more; they arelooking to eat and drink better. Theourth o our growth drivers is out-o-home consumption, a ast growing parto our industry. This covers leisure,rom roadside kiosks in Asia togourmet restaurants in the capitals othe world, and institutional catering,rom schools to hospitals. Our ocus ison added-value branded ood andbeverage solutions and services.
In recent years the Nestlé4x4x4 Roadmap has helpedus build both a very strongalignment within ourCompany and a deepunderstanding o what wewant to achieve and howwe want to go about it.Our people are now betterable than ever to achieveour ambition to be therecognised and trustedleader in Nutrition, Healthand Wellness, as wellas to deliver our nancialobjectives.We enhance lives by oeringtastier and healthier oodand beverage choices or allstages o lie and at any timeo the day. True to ourvalues and principles, we alsoenhance lives by CreatingShared Value throughsustainable growth, andour commitment toenvironmental sustainabilityand compliance along everystep o the value chain.Our commitment isto provide Good Food,Good Lie.

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