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Evaluation Activity 1

Evaluation Activity 1

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Published by DorcasViela

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Published by: DorcasViela on Dec 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products? (i.e. Of film openings)Our media product consists of the typical forms and conventions of a thriller andthis is portrayed in many ways throughout the trailer. Examples of how theseconventions are shown are mise-en-scene, cinematography and sound. In order tocomplete the brief of the thriller production our group carried out research onthriller opening sequences and the codes and conventions they usually have. Wealso did research on sub-genres of thrillers to find that there are many differenttypes of thrillers. We decided to categorise our opening sequence to apsychological thriller as we had developed ideas that fall under this sub-genre.Figure one shows the title of our film,
we choose this as our title as it leaves ouraudience with unanswered question in their head e.g. who is seeking for revenge? ,What happens to cause the person to seek for revenge in the first place? And so on
This will lead our audience to watch the rest of the film so their questions can beanswered; we
chose the colour red for our film poster as it’s a common colour
which is used in the thriller genre. It is mostly associated with blood and connotesdanger and fear. The colours used in this title, are red and white, we chose thecolour red for our film
poster as it’s a common colour which is used in the thriller
genre. It is mostly associated with blood and connotes danger and fear. We alsochose these colours because we wanted to symbolise the character through thesignificance of the colour. The red represents Jake as being dangerous, deadly andcruel. The title is shown at the end to develop enigma, and create a dramaticeffect.
Figure 1
To ensure that our sequence was effective we wanted to find a location to filmthat gave the visual codes we were looking for. A convention of thriller films isusing realistic setting to allow the audience to be able to relate to the story and tokeep them in suspense. We applied this to our opening sequence by filming in afamily home where Bella was home alone. Our product challenged the forms andconventions of thriller films as we filmed during the daytime in an open area, atypical location for a thriller would be in dark, atmosphereChoosing a family home would allow the target audience to relate better to thefilm itself, as we have chosen to target teens and young adults. The fact that thefilm was shot in a family home allows Elisha as the director to innovate thestereotypical conventions of a classic thriller film, and by setting the production ina home environment, this allowed the plot to become clear, and as an audience,we get to see Elisha in a natural environment familiarise with this type of environment as they spend every day at home, so an immediate relationship iscreated between the production and audience, as they are able to understandwhere the location is, and why it is set in such a way, e.g. props of remote control, TV ,cupboards , We also wanted to keep the location fairly simple, as we wantedto create suspense by introducing sudden movement unexpectedly in a completelynormal environment.I decided to show the costumes and props we used in order to comply with a realthriller opening sequence. Figure three shows what Bella wore ,we had Bella wearwhite plain top and black leggings to show her youthfulness, also Bella is wearingnormal casual clothes that a typical teenager would wear when relaxing at home,and this shows a sense of realism, which develops the conventions of a thriller.
Quite often the antagoni
st isn’t seen until later in the film, however, we decided
to show him in our film, but to keep his face covered, still keeping the mystery,which is often present in thriller films.
Figure 2
Figure 3
In a thriller the colour of a character’s costume is very important as
it tells a lotabout the personality of the character. For example we chose to dress ourantagonist, Jake in a black jacket; we did this as it connotes danger. However wedressed Bella in a white top and a black pair of leggings which proves that theaudie
nce can’t always rely on costumes to judge the characters.
 Our sequence uses camerawork and editing to support the stereotypicalconventions of a thriller and to frighten the audience. When filming Jessica we putthe audience in her shoes using a Point Of View shot. This is a convention used inthrillers to put the audience in the same position as the characterThe camera angles and shots used by our director were very carefully chosen, wedid this so the audience could feel very anxious about finding out who theantagonist was, we decided not to include any close ups of him to keep theaudience guessing, Yet if we compare it to Bella, they are shot in a very highangle, this shows her weakness towards him, and that he is overpowering her.Whilst editing, we made it look like it was just an ordinary day. Also the whole filmis a bit dark compared to how it was filmed. This is because it makes the film lookmore concealed, so people are left in a covert atmosphere.We used bold font for our titles as this would stand out more. We usedthe colour red as this is typical of thrillers. We wanted our audience to feel fearbefore the sequence even begun
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6

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