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My Funny Valentine Chapter 3 & 4

My Funny Valentine Chapter 3 & 4

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Published by Jennifer Ekeoba

What a way to spend a Saturday.....

My Funny Valentine is an African-American, Christian book series that looks into the world of two very different people but have pasts equally troubling and what becomes of their faithfulness to God or lack thereof.

What a way to spend a Saturday.....

My Funny Valentine is an African-American, Christian book series that looks into the world of two very different people but have pasts equally troubling and what becomes of their faithfulness to God or lack thereof.

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Published by: Jennifer Ekeoba on Dec 20, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 The Houston Galleria was always busy on Saturdays with shoppers and wannabes and
parking was especially a chore. But at eleven o’ clock, it was relatively empty. Kenya preferred it that
 way.Kenya parked her silver Honda Civic in the parking garage and checked her long jet black ponytail in the mirror to make sure her edges were smooth. Kenya was going for a minimalist look:grey and white layered Gap t-shirts, jeans, her geek chic eyeglasses, black and white Chucks and nomake-
up just Carmex. It was actually her usual look. Lately, Kenya hadn’t been up to wearing make
-up or dressing up. It was actually the true reason for the shopping trip. Lela and Nikki were tired of seeing Kenya in the same
depressing outfits. Kenya didn’t believe she was depressed. Well she was
but she why would a psychologist admit that to anyone.
“I don’t want to spend my whole life looking for a dress,” Kenya said.
“We won’t but you need to make sure you find a dress,” N
ikki answered.
“I’ll find something.”
“What?”“Don’t have that attitude.”
“I don’t have an attitude.”
“Sounds like you do. Can you do this one thing and at least try to be happy. It’s your ownbirthday for God’s sake.”
Kenya knew Nikki didn’t lik 
e seeing her big sister in a funk so she decided to compromise.
“Okay, I’ll try Nik.”
“You will?”
“I promise.”
 Kenya and Nikki walked into the garage entrance and into the Galleria food court where theother ladies were waiting, otherwise known as the Divas.
 The Divas were the special women in Paul and his boys’ lives. They gave them the name as a
joke but they took it and made it their own. The Divas were beautiful, powerful and confident women and were quick to check anyone that stepped out of line and had a strong sisterhood.Gina Simmons-Montgomery was a thirty-nine year old insurance agent and the seasoned
one. She was the wife of Paul and Lawrence’s former college football teammate and frat brother
Shawn. Gina was a bit hood and a feisty little thing at five-two but was perfect for her five-foot-ninehubby. Janelle Jackson, thirty-eight,
 was a hotel manager and Paul’s best friend Adonis’ wife…estranged wife. Janelle was a
s beautiful as she was difficult. Most men would pay any amountof money to be wit
h a woman of her caliber…perfect milk chocolate skin, delicate features and a
body that could stop traffic. The problem was she was insecure. Adonis could deal with jealous women every now and then but she bordered on being plain crazy.
Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Ekeoba. All rights reserved.
Stacy Roberson, twenty-nine,
 was the new wife of one Paul’s childhood friends, Tyrel. She
 was his golden trophy simply because she was the only woman that was actually willing to marry him. Stacy was a quiet and very sweet kindergarten teacher that could be a double for Meagan Good. Ashley St. James, thirty-three,
 was the ideal fiancée, Paul’s fiancée. A smart, beautiful
gynecologist dedicated to her man, her community, her family and God. Paul fell in love the firsttime she laughed at one of his corny jokes. Ashley was from an upper class family and Paul worried
she wouldn’t be interested in a lower class ex
jock. But she didn’t care about money, only about Paul
and has made him happy for the last five years.Nikki
 was the Diva also known as Lil Bit. Since she was Paul’s baby sister, she could get
 whatever she wanted when she wanted, especially from her sugar daddy Lawrence. And Kenya denied that she was a Diva. She believed it was nonsense but the girls stillconsidered her one by default. Kenya had the brains and beauty to do whatever she wanted in life
but just didn’t see it. She was a natural leader and could be intimidating…vastly intimidating. Paul
and his boys certainly found her to be and did their best not to incur her wrath. Today they were ona mission to teach her to accept her
rightful status of “Queen Diva”.
“Happy birthday Diva!” the ladies screamed as Kenya and Nikki walked over to their table.
“Wow, y’all are so ghetto,” Kenya said, a bit embarrassed f 
rom the attention they attracted.
“Oh shut up,” Janelle said. “We could sing “Happy Birthday” but we know you’d hate that.”
“And that’s the best gift you guys can ever give me.”
Kenya and Nikki hugged each of them and Lela put a “happy birthday” tiara on h
er head.
“Uh, what are you doing?” Kenya asked.
“It’s your birthday, so you get to wear the tiara,” Lela answered. “Don’t take it off.”
“I am not wearing this all day.”
“Come on, Ken. It’s so cute.”
Kenya caught the look Nikki gave her. She made a promise.
“Fine, I’ll wear it,” Kenya grumbled.
“So how does it feel to be twenty 
seven?” Stacy asked.
“No different than twenty 
“I can’t wait until I’m twenty 
six,” said Lela.
“Hush girl. I really don’t want to think about getting old.”
“Child, I’m th
, I’m getting old,” said Gina. “You’re still a youngster so have somefun.”
“Yes Miss Gina,” Kenya said.“Kenya, we just want you to be happy,” said Ashley.
“And that’s why we have a surprise for you.”
“Surprise? What kind of surprise?”
“A makeover!” they all exclaimed.
Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Ekeoba. All rights reserved.
Kenya felt like she shrunk down to two feet tall. It was a pity party. She didn’t know whether
to cry or scream.
“A what,” Kenya asked in disbelief.
“A makeover,”
Lela said.
“I don’t need a makeover.”
“Ken are you serious? You’ve been dressing like a bum since you started grad school and it’stime for a change.”
“I can’t believe y’all are doing this to me.”
“Before you get all upset, we did this because we love you and want you to be happy.”
 Kenya had nothing to say. She was so consumed with anger. They had no idea how low they 
made her feel, even if they had the best of intentions. Kenya’s natural reaction was to choke all of 
them but she made a promise to Nikki. She was just going to swallow her feelings and get through it.
“All right. I guess I don’t have a choice, six against one,” Kenya said, surrendering.
“Yay!” Lela exclaimed. “This will be so fun.”
hmm. So what’s first?”
“We have to find the perfect dress
and accessories. So we can go to Macy’s.”
“No, let’s go to
,” said Gina.
“Let’s go to Neiman’s,” said Ashley. They all rolled their eyes. Ashley always wanted to go to Neiman’s. She was the only one with Neiman’s money.
“I vote “let Kenya go”,”
Kenya said.
“I vote no,” Nikki rebutted. “We can work backwards, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s and if there’stime, Neiman’s. Is that cool with everyone?”
All but Kenya agreed.
“Well, let’s get a move on then” Nikki said. “We got a lot to do.”
  And Kenya wanted to run. All she could think was could this day get any worse.
Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Ekeoba. All rights reserved.

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